This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I Dream of "Gini" (Sam)

Alright now, first things first. Don't let your imagination fly with the title..... that's my best friend... the one closest to me. Though there are many whom I can term the same, she takes the cake... and by miles. The reason being she has never met me!! Intrigued?? Hmmm.......... guess i have to tell you a story.........

The story between Sam and Gini began around 7 months back, when they came across each other in the world of Orkut. Before that they knew about the other's existence through a common friend. So not really strangers to each other, they interacted pretending to be strangers, and before long realised that it was an effort in futility........ Long chat sessions.... fierce arguments..... and then a phone call!!

23rd December was the night. Sam was on his way back from Mumbai, and it was around midnight. Gini calls Sam up for the first time with certain doubts in her mind regarding the person she would be talking to over the phone. But she got more than she had bargained for...... What was supposed to be a 10 minute conversation, ended up being a 3hour long one..... And that remained the norm till the end of April. I mean that was like the minimum number of hours that they would speak.... Often they would touch 6-7 hours in a day.... To an extent they can't pass a single day today without speaking to each other for at least 5 minutes (thanks to professional commitments). The journey till today has been a joyous one... A lot of emotional upheavals.... Turbulent times.... testing times..... But Sam and Gini stayed together....

Here is what Sam has to say about Gini:

"They say all good things come in small packages, but after coming across this girl, I’d say the best things come in small packages. Guarantee humari kismat tumhari!! Lolzzz………… But seriously speaking this lady is a pint sized bomb. Energetic, full of life, very curious, very calm and stable minded…… except when it’s personal……then you’d get to see the fiercely passionate and possessive Gini. And trust me you’d love that sight. To be very honest this otherwise chilled out lady, can be very hot-tempered and god save your soul should you end up being in her wrong books. And from what I’ve heard and experienced…… it’s one hell of an experience. And now the icing on the cake…… she is very moody…… and her mood would swing faster than you can spell it out. Guess I am the only one who can handle that and calm her down to a more rationale frame of mind. Her curiosity knows no bounds. She can ask any damn question imaginable…… and I being the quintessential “Mr. Know-it-all” would go out of my way to answer her then and there. And the best part would be it would all be so logical, she accepts it. I can recall only one question of hers which I’m yet to answer: “How do you know so much??” The first time she had asked me this question was a few days into our friendship. It came around when I had to voice my opinion about her. As fate would have it…… it was more than just accurate…… it was perfect!! She reciprocated in the same manner but took her time (say a few months!! Lol……).
There are so many things about Gini, that either language is inadequate or time or space…… in fact, it’s really difficult to capture Gini’s essence in words. One has to experience her persona. It’s magnetic!! Hunterwali, cattie, dumbo… are just some of the names I refer her by…… At the end of the the day the way we can understand each other is nothing short of a “miracle”!! I’ve tried to sum her up often, coming up with names like Devilish-Angel or Angelic-Devil. While both are applicable to her yet something is always missing. Guess “Ananya” fits her to the T, for she is unlike any other lady you’ll ever come across.
Oh!! I forgot to add…… She hates sweets, loves spicy food, is simply in love with babies (not the bratty ones) and…………………… still loves to play with Barbies…… Sometimes I wonder, whether she is really 23 or is she actually a 3 yr old kid…… That’s how she’d behave when I catch her on the wrong foot!! But still at teh end of the day she's a sweetheart....."

That’s not all. Assume it to be just an insight to a wonderful person called Gini.
And to know what Gini has to say about Sam, ask her if you can find her… else checkout my Orkut profile.

Being the nice girl that she is Gini is always there for me whenever I’ve needed her comforting words…… and it ahs been duly reciprocated on quite a few occasions. It’s been a month that she started her 2nd innings in the professional world. While it has left us with little time to be the chatterboxes that we were, we still manage to catch up. Ummmm…… to an extent you can blame her for this blog bug…… I was happy blogging away in own domain, and never really bothered to venture out into this blog world as such. But, she made me read Tanuj’s blog and then there was no looking back.

So thanks to Gini basically, I’m blogging here today amidst all of you!! Thanks Gini… I owe you one!!

At the end of the day no matter how much we fight and quarrel, but we can't do without each other..... and to top it we are yet to meet... She stays in Delhi and yours truly in Pune.........

There are so many things I have skipped... She deserves a book not a single post!!

And so there you have an insight into my best friend.... my dear Gini... the Angel!!


  1. ur from pune too! *woot woot*!! and yes, its very sweet how someone uve never seen can understand u better than ppl u have met and interacted with on a daily basis...even ive found a lotta ppl tht ive never met, understand me better than others do :)

  2. hey sam... i wondr if u relly wana knw wt im thinkin rite nw... [:P] lolz... bt yeah... orkut holds a very special place in my life as well... and i find it rather ovrwhelming hw it all jst wrks out 4 d best [:D] wishin ya lifetimes f frendship...

  3. @michelle:
    it's really amazing.. in fact guess wot, am talking to her r8 now!! :D
    btw, wer from in pune??

    so u found ur way here.. cool!! ummm... i don't think i wanna knw, coz i guess i already knw... it's T right?? or is it..... :o
    hehe woteva it is i knw it beautiful!!

  4. am totally touched..dunno wat to say......!!!

  5. gini is here...... whoooooppeeeeeeee!!
    and she doesn't know wot to say..... dats saying sumthin sweetie... the chatterbox goin' quiet?? hehe.... luv this reaction of urs baby!!

  6. ahem ahem...rite on bro!!
    just wen i talked about my side of sad-ending story..boom there ya come and jagao the hope in me back again...i knw how true this can be...ive experienced it myself!

    gini's the bebe for ya mate..go get her before tis too late!

    cheers mate!

  7. there are many a slip between teh cup and teh lip dude... so let the frnd remain a frnd.. till fate takes a diff turn.... i'll cross teh bridge wen i come to it!! :)

  8. "Devilish-Angel" or "Angelic-Devil"??..........



    lol...have you been to my blog recently?

  9. Heh Sam your blog is tooooooooooooooo sweet and def it reminded me of the time i met my jaan....Cause yes we were telcon friends at first.... Sweet memories are back..All the best for ur friendship

  10. May Gini's and ur 'wishes' come true :)

    Lovely post.


  11. nice to hav a grp of frens bloggin together. get to know each other's daily life/updates.

  12. I was just about to say that you have totally mirrored Anshuman's post. :-)

    Beautiful Friendship dude! And the way you have presented both perspectives here ia again great!

    Cherish the friendship.


  13. lyk i said earlier namesake....

    choooooo chweeeeettt!!... :D
    i think tht was one of the cutest things u usual used ur USP and charm of being innocently honest ;)

    lolzzz....but really as usual done a gr8 job buddy.. :)

  14. lolzzz....... so many ppl on... and just wen i'm about to edit this post a lot!! yup.... kinda thought of putting in a lil punch!!

    @hershey: nopes... but am definitely going to now!! :)

    @jaan: o yaar!! am glad it brought back sweet memories for u....

    @white forest: i knw... one shud c her fan following... makes a presence everywhere!!

    @keshi: thnx!! :)

    @southpaw: kudos??? for wot being frnds... dats wot comes easily to both of us!!

    @johnny: def!! it's a fun concept!!

    @aakash: similar.. but not mirrored.... der r stuff which if iwrote u wud realise how different it is....

    @aashi: ah namesake!! i can't help but be honest.... and well thnx!!

    Now, for teh change for soemone liked it, but didn't love it... and i'm gonna make her love this post!!

    over and out!!

  15. Sam and Gini :)

    Life rewards us by granting us a marvelous gift, the precious gift of a Friend.

    TC Guys and let you friendship rock ;)

  16. wonderfully written good information about friends.....

  17. Kya re...?

    Mirrored bole toh dimaterically opposite tha (forgot the mirror inversion, kya?)

    Kaisa engineer hai? :p

  18. Hey Sam.....
    chooooooooooo chweet......[:D] now temme me ws i wrong in tellng u an intellect now ive sm1 to second me....or d othr way i second nevr mind,
    Gud going...n prayers for ur everlastng n lifetym fship..
    way 2 go...n indeed a vry touchy n sweet post...

  19. @poo
    thnx re... and don't worry we always rock.... others around us!! :P

    ummm..... info gather karne hi aaya sirf??

    abhi mere ko kya maloom physic ki bhasha mein baat kiya?? maine to literature wala liya!!
    anywyz, I was one of those fellows who never cleared physics and den never quite figured how they passed outta college!! :P

    i knw u seconded someone on dat... but den she also calls me duffer, idiot and stupid... to ab bol??

  20. haha......isme i wud teri tarah meri haalat kyunki if gini says duffer idiot stupid n wt else...add dodo dumbo..2 d list n u name it..meri best frnd mujhe bulati hai :p..she has her 4 D's for me it cho chweet 2 b clld so..wont u agree wid me on dt :D
    Oh btw fuggot to comment Gini ko kehna she shud wear sarees n more of it shez luks grt in thm...:D

  21. my god gogo..u can b so so wat word to use..:-s..ok!!lemme frame it..u can b so..aarrrgghhh..i still don get it..forget was really very sweeeeettttt..dats it...i hope u get wat i wann say

  22. @mads: ah well... no comments ;)
    abt teh saree, u tell her dat. wen i say dat she literally tosses it aside, coz according to her am always praising her...lolzzz... but yeah, i'll pass it on!!

    @cattie: oh yes anisha.. i knw exactly wot u wanna say.... and knwing u... u wud actually end up writing another poem on dat :P
    thnx buddy!! :)

  23. wel okiez Sam here it goes nt u now ok:P
    Hey Cattie...
    Way 2 go gal u luk sho pretty in saris u shud actly wear thm more often..u luk nice in them :D n indeed pray wid al my heart for u boths lifetym fship may it grow more n more...year by year :)


  24. errr........ mads u referring to gini right?? u may call her BMW ;)

    coz anisha here is also known by cattie!! :P

  25. wel okiez...wat ill do dis..ill cut paste the msg bas addressed to BMW..okiez so here goes..
    Hey BMW (i mean Gini)
    Way 2 go gal u luk sho pretty in saris u shud actly wear thm more often..u luk nice in them :D n indeed pray wid al my heart for u boths lifetym fship may it grow more n more...year by year :)