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Monday, June 11, 2007

Speaking of Memories (Puja)

It’s just bringing back all my childhood memories. Those were the days. That innocence, the simplicity, the joy, the stubbornness, the fights with Brothers and friends…its all lost today in this cruel and bad world.

I still remember I used to get up early on Sundays and sit before the TV to watch Jungle Book – One of my Fav Cartoon shows. And would fight with my brother bcoz he wanted to watch WWF - I hate this- sare nunge punge aate hai wahan pe (All naked) But since I was the youngest I would always win :) and happily watch Jungle Book.

I went to SAI- Sports Authority of India and learnt swimming. I can never forget. I was so excited always used to get up at 4.30 – the first batch people used to get to swim for one and half n hour that’s 5.00 to 6.30. I used to go with my child hood friends and my daddy. It was so much fun, the coach would make us run may be 5 rounds. (It was a long one) and then jump in the water. (splash splash)!!!

I used to go a Dance classes (Nothing classical or anything) it was a Time pass Dance classes. My mom’s friend was conducting those classes. And we were totally 6 students. My friend used to dance so well. I was so so so jealous. And when it was the time to show what we have learnt. She won the competition....OMG I was so jealous I dint talk to her may be for week ;) I was chottu na hota hai kabhi kabhi. But those swimming classes, Dances classes ...I miss those days.

School time – A gang of 3 girls. It always yummier and fun to eat what others get in there lunch boxes. And in our school everybody used to keeps there lunch boxes at the back side of the class. Me and my friends we would flick one or two boxes and finish it hahahahha in the middle of the class and the teacher would never come to know. We were always back benchers, and very silently will keep the lunch box back. (The food used to be so yummy).

The PT (Physical training) classes I used to always miss them, The PT classes were so boring the coach would make us do all the exercises in that HOT SUN. I used to always miss them. When ever we had these PT classes, I used to flick some money from my mom purse(sorry) bacchi thi na. We were not getting any pocket money. So the easiest way is to flick money from mom’s purse(50 paisa or 1 rupee). I used to go to the ice cream center and would happily have Orange lolly with my gang. (I got caught one day and got such nice beatings from mom …. Ouch it’s still paining) And now my mom flicks money from my purse heheheheh Me n my mommy :) (like – Wife taking all the money from her hubbies purse) hahahhahah and when ever my mom does that I fight with her.

I miss all my childhood memories. Childhood is just Faded away, to a far away land.
Simple, so simple was I, Days of Play, Coming back from school at 4.00 and meeting all the neighborhood friends and play Hide and seek for 2 hrs. And then Mom shouting.....Puja Ghar aao do your Home work. Then see the friends going away far for good. Having fun, no tension and just smile and smile and smile. Those Birthday parties and presents.

I miss all of them.


  1. That was pretty intersting getting to know ya childhood. A sporty child eh..;)

  2. hhehe.......... naughty girl der....
    wonderful childhood.... loved the smal sight into that wonderful world of yours!!

  3. hmm...quite an interesting and fun-filled childhood i must say

    btw, it was the same with me and my sisters regarding the wwf and jungle book thingy but the matter of fact being i won each and every time and yeah...i just laaaauvvv watching those half-naked men tearing apart each other :P not to mention those sexy divas too :D

  4. Heyy Poo!

    Where have you been? And this is such a cute post. Kitni baar maar ppadi hai aise? :p

  5. Coming back from school at 4.00 and meeting all the neighborhood friends and play Hide and seek for 2 hrs.

    those were fun days indeed...many of us have in common...

  6. wow u were quite the fitness freak eh? hehe i loved the stealing from ur mom's purse part the best :) and i think ur bro n i wudve got along great cuz im a WWE fan :P guilty :P

  7. Poo thats such a cute post just like you...great to know you had a great childhood....dont worry with friends like us around we will make life sweet for u again.........

  8. Poo sounds like u had a complete childhood with loads of FUN. Dancing, swimming, sneaking out with Orange lollies cute!

    I know...childhood fades away so quickly...and it's the only time that MOST ppl r truly HAPPY in their lives.


  9. fun reading through ur childhood memories puja :) ... mast carefree days many things to much fun to be had :)

  10. u masti khor!!! lol.. i was never mischievious when i was a kid...

  11. @ Amy :))

    @ Sam ....Thanks Sam

    @ Anshu(Wacko)
    You won each time ...:( sad I wish your sisters wud have won ;)

    @ Aakash How are you dear? I am really busy in offc ..I will be back. Thanks Miss ya

    @ Devil... Indeed those were the fun days :))

    @ Michelle...I actually loved flicking money from mum's purse..that's cool

    @ Seema .... Yes i am Glad you all are there :)) Thanks

    @ Keshi ....mmmuahhhh Howz you?yeah really fun filled ...i am sure you had more masti than me :))

    @ Rajbir... thanks

    @ Ishi....:))

    @ Messy ...a paka Masti khor :))

  12. hey puja..
    ya jungle book was a fav.. n also watching ramayan mahabharat n all on sundays was like a sp event!!! he he
    hey i used to eat during class too.. but not in school in college ;)