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Monday, June 4, 2007

Silhouette (Switchblade)

Sorrrry for not putting this up earlier…. Hope I’ve made it in time before the topic ends….

When the time had come to vote for the current topic I was furiously voting for ‘Introduce your best friend to us’ coz I have one dear friend whom I was dying to introduce to you guys. His name is Gagan and he’s perhaps the best friend I ever had…Since my choice of topic wasn’t chosen, I think I’ll bend the topic a bit and post a pic of Gags n Me :)

Short background on my friendship with ‘Gags’…we studied together from LKG uptil the 3rd in India…then I left for Bahrain to continue my studies and after I got back to do my engineering we happened to land up in the same college…Now we’re part of the same church and conduct bible studies together. A lot of people think we’re brothers coz we think alike…laugh at the same jokes…and quite often its only the both of us who understand each other while the rest of the world thinks we’re off our rocker! We’re planning on starting a 2-piece band and naming ourselves GnR…to heck with Guns & Roses!

Now for my favorite pic (this is just one of the many favorites I have)…its one of Gags and Me when we were on our trek to Ticona Fort near Pune way back in November 2005.

I know you can’t see much but that’s taken from the inside of a small cave. That's me on the left of the picture…Gagan like silhouettes :)

Cheers Gags!!
Friends are friends forever if the Lord is their God...


  1. :) .. he sure sounds like a gr8 guy:) & u're blessed to have a friend like that roy:)

    how abt gettin gagan to BUF...does he like the idea of blogging??:)

    u guys got into d same college..wz it like pre-planned or did that just happen? nice...

  2. Sadly Gagan isnt much of the blogging kind...

    Actually it was a coincidence that we landed up in the same college but theres a really cool story behind how we met after so many years...hopefully I can put it up as the next post.

    Ps - Kindly note the subtle hints :)

  3. hehe..i get d hint thinks u shud put the story in while this topic's still on!!! :) even if its a second post coz if d story's interesting, m sure a continuation is justified :)

    plus m curious already:P

  4. Isn't it always GREAT to have friends like that !!!!!

    And yes am curious too :D @ ur and ishi's convo above

  5. i liked da coinicidence of ya both landin up in da same college...

    u gotta frnd worth cherishin dude!!


  6. Best friends dun come easy...and dun happen all the time. Im glad u have a friend like Gagan. Lovely pic that is!


  7. hey nice pic... only hting we cant see what ur friend looks like... so whens the story coming up???

  8. Its so nice to have friends like them .... awww that something which i always wanted ... I dont have any best friend for such a long time ... Kudos to both of you.


  9. Kudos to both of u...

  10. ***Friends are friends forever cause the Lords the lord of them.:)

    Reminds me of the song by Michael W. Smith. Great post there despite the shadows..

    And Its wonderful to know u found someone you can rock with.


  11. superb pic buddy...

    lucky ppl..
    may you be the bestest of pals at least till you see each others grandchildren and cherish old times..(then you may fight)