This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Monday, June 4, 2007

Ergo Sum... (Aakash)

Flashback! Delhi, sometime in February circa 2006. Anxious faces, blue blazers, crisp white shirts, and a multitude of multihued ties. In front of a room across a sunlit corridor, one man awaits his turn. A signalling nod asks him to proceed. And then, Knock knock!

Good morning sirs.

Good morning, please take a

Thank you sir!

So Vyom, tell us something about yourself.

And here the sound fades away… and so does the light.

Cut to present. A flickering computer screen (not yet LCD), a black keyboard, a blog awaiting a long due introduction and fidgety fingers unsure of what keys to hit.

In the background the age old soundtrack of one of the vintage VIP ads (the suitcase and not the underwear) starts playing, Kal bhi aaj bhi, aaj bhi kal bhi…

Good morning / afternoon / evening (depending on the time when you end up reading this) Ladies and Gentlemen. Let me have the pleasure of introducing myself to this camaraderie.

As you would have figured by now, I am Vyom, and I exist in this realm as Aakash (which means the same as Vyom, and happens to be my nick for friends, who haven’t started calling me names :p). Currently I work in an FMCG at one of the most over-hyped suburbs in India, Gurgaon.

I am a sensualist. I love anything that appeals to the senses; reading, writing, cuisines, coffees, music, films, exploring new places, as well as psyches of people -known or unknown… et cetera et cetera.

Rest I am still trying to figure out, I hope in this journey together you will help me fit the remaining pieces in this ever evolving jigsaw.

I started with ladies and gentlemen. I am ending this piece with, looking forward to you Friends! And this doesn’t mean that I have started considering you un-ladylike, or un-gentlemanly.

Adios Amigos!

Trivia: F.R.I.E.N.D.S. happens to be one of the Author’s favorite TV Shows.
Trivia 2: Phew!

Favorite Childhood Memory
Now this is again really tough, but i'll try.
Okay picture this. There is curfew declared in this town on the foothills of Uttaranchal, so the school closes post lunch break. Instead of returning home 3 boys, decide to scale the hill behind the school. Thus in their Bata shoes and lead-heavy school bags, they start their ascent. An hour and a half later, they are on the top, the school lies like a small picture below, while the entire town is a centre-fold of a travel magazine with the river a silver ribbon sashaying around in a gentle curve. Enraptured they look, one of them picks up a sharp stone and marks the initials of all three on a gnarled tree trunk, and just below it they lodge that wedge shaped stone. Sun slowly continues on its sink, and its almost dark when they reach home. The parents have come to know about the school getting closed early through the other children in the neighborhood, so even before they could narrate the joy of what they had been upto, a few ears are twisted red.

Today I am not sure if those initials still remain, or whether the stone will be there or had it been dislodged by some other kids who decided one day to conquer the hills.

That is having said enough.


  1. welcome to the blog aakash...ummm...err...vyom!! :))

    nice read here and ur fav childhood memory stirred up memories of my teen years...where I lived in Assam and would go with my friends for longgg walk up the hills around our colony...the view of the sunset over the brahmaputra was breath taking...i cherish those memories..

    Hope u have a wunderful time here at BUF and happy blogging!! :)

  2. Thanks Ishita.

    You remind me of my first look at Brahmaputra! I was awestruck at the magnitude of the river, when teh Brahmaputra Express chugged over the bridge! Memories, ehh. :-)

    Thanks for the Wishes, you are awesome!

  3. welcome aakash!!! we have quite a few things in common...the best being im a crazy friends fanatic ;D hope to see more of u! cheers!

  4. That was a nice introduction...

  5. hey welcome there :) though I haven't blogged here in a while:)so don't know if Ishita has thrown me out yet or not :D

    Nice intro:) quite innovative, must say! also your childhood memory brought my childhood memories rushing back:) can't thank you enough for that! I now have a topic I can blog about:)

  6. Welcome Vyomji!!
    Nice lively introduction...I like your writing style...

  7. Welcome Aakash/Vyom!!!

    That's a very interesting intro by you ... loved the way you wrote about yourself .. and lookin forward to knowing more about ya!

    And am sure climbin that hill would have been fun ... and those red twisted ears .. even more! ;p

  8. You are the first BUF member i get to say this to.."WELCOME" :o)

    grt intro post... gentle-man ;o)

  9. that's a kicking start...
    awesome intro...
    welcome aboard... :)

  10. WC aboard Akaash, pleased to meet ya. :)


  11. nostalgia! sigh!

    welcome aboard :))

  12. this one was better than your interview...

  13. Interesting way of presenting a post there..

    Welcome Abroad Aakash.:)

  14. @Michelle: Really! Well then, How YOU doin? =)

    @Southpaw: Thankyou hai sir!

    @Yashita: I am sure Ishi has a heart that can accomodate such slight peccadilloes.
    I'll look forward to your post. BTW did you too climb a hill?

    @Switchblade: Thank you for the welcome and the appreciation. :-)

    @Loon Gal You bet the red ears were fun, but they were not as red as the tongue in your pic here. :p Nice pic btw!

    @Harjee: Yes sir, finally. =)

    @Rich: I am looking forward to say the same to another lucky fella. Thanks re.

    And tum aur tumhara gentle-man. ;)

    @DJ: *Pulling myself up*, thanks. :-)

    @Keshi: Thankyou Keshi. BTW if we attach the dictionary definition of WC, your comment takes a very funny note. :-)

    @Messy: Yes Nostalgia, always pleases with a tinge of pain, doesnt it?

    @Humbl Devil You bet! But which interview?

  15. @Jewel rays: Thank you senorita! Shine on!!

    PS: I am waiting for the part-2 of the promised dream. :-)

  16. lol Aakasah. If only i had the power to choose what u dream..haha


  17. you didnt mention much about the nestle interview...hehe
    i was talking about the tag...

  18. AAooo sambha...

    super post!
    ur pic shows the nottie ness!!

    I link ur name with the We-yom-kesh bakshi that used to come!!

  19. Hi Vyom

    Must say you have avery sweet smile :))

    few ears twisted red !!! LOL

    And i still dont get ur funda of un-ladylike or ungentlemanly ....

    Any Drinks are due from ur side ;)

    tc Hugzzzzz

  20. Welcome Aakash!

    Nice pic u have there :)


  21. welcome....nice post ...nice memory.....this is wa life is all abotu i guess..memories...wmoderful painful horrible sensual....memories

  22. ha ha well written.. so that adventure was one that was no more uh?? he he