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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Lifetime Investment (Suchi)

What I am writing here is something that has been on my mind for a while now. This post means no offence to any person on BUF and should be solely treated as my observation and feelings.

When we hear the term ‘investment’, things that come to our mind are mutual funds, flexi bonds, insurance, LIC, ICICI, HDFC, Franklin Templeton and the list is endless now-a-days. Do we ever think in terms of investing in our relationships and friendships so that they reap long term returns as well. Invest in people who always have been standing by us. No matter how sour our between people they continue to invest in their relationship so that they can still be secure emotionally as well. Investments are nothing but fall back plans and I have invested in one such relationship.

We have many photographs together but this one is very close to my heart.

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Many of you may have seen this picture in the past also but possible are not aware that we were having one of our worst fights, cold wars, series of misunderstandings and friendship lull during this time. I was also down with cold and fever on this day.

Nobody who looks at this photo would know all this as we do not show it. Of course our photographer Rajiv was aware of it. :)

Ishi and I are absolute different people with very different behavioural patterns, situation handling skills except outlook towards life and people. We seldom disagree on many things in life but we have similar approach towards our relationships. We may not invest so much in mutual funds and bonds but we do not believe in the school of thought which preaches to be practical and detached in friendships. We may be emotional fools to believe in people and expect from them and sit and cry later but yet we do not stop investing in friendships and relationships.

BUF is a place for meeting new friends and forging friendships. Let’s not forget the fact that this is about “between US friends” and not just few of us! For those who are reading this post, I urge you to know the creator/ admin of BUF, Ishita, as a sensitive and intelligent person, instead of stereo typing her. Give her, her due credit for the concept, activities, hours put in, keeping this place full of life and non-political. Have any of us ever received a harsh, rude and insulting email/ comment from her. Then why is she getting it back??? Terms you may think you used in jest also play on her mind. You joke may not be her idea of it! And what do I say to those who claim to know her and be her friend that they did not even know before a volcanic eruption what has been hurting her and why has she been upset for so long. For those who seem confused about special days in her life…her birthday is coming up on June 20, anniversary on 5th July and Vedant’s Birthday on 18th July. These are busy times for her and times in which she feels happy and excited. Pity that has not been the case of late.

Criticism is welcome but follow it up with a suggestion. The slogan is cliché but hey how many of us have actually contributed towards the slogan competition??? Don’t make it so late that one day this space loses her completely.

I really don’t care what you perceive me as but I would not take people walk over Ishi.

Well that just sums up two topics – my favourite picture and talking about my best friend.


  1. Hey Suchi ... that a very pretty pic .. and beautiful words for beautiful Ishi!!
    I have no idea what's going on ... but I hope I haven't done anything wrong that has hurt her.. and if I have ... it was unintentional and I would like to apologise to Ishita ..

    And Cheerio Ishita!! xx

  2. hey ur so absolutely correct when u say we should invest in relationships... i really dont know whats going on here but i hope this thing settles... n ishi is bak soon... people do make mistakes and mayb he/she is regretting it... every relationships have their hiccups... and buf as a whole is passing thru it.. n im sure we r strong enough as a whole to get over this problem and let go..

    hugs to ishi... and thanx to u for a beautiful post...

  3. i absoultely love and admire the way u put ur feelings across suchi :) and hey...uve shown wut its like to be a true frnd! such friends are very rare nowdays...and all i can say about the picture is WOW...u two look like such glam girls hehe awesome...keep tht bond strong girlies :P hug!

  4. " Have any of us ever received a harsh, rude and insulting email/ comment from her. Then why is she getting it back??? "

    (Totally Confused )
    Aing Aing aing!!!

  5. Certain things r getting out of the way for sure, disappointing!

  6. thats an amazingly honest post... n a strt frm the heart one too. i dont hav much idea about this... but i hope it settles down soon. im very new here, wud love to know ishii :o)for it takes a great deal to start something like BUF, n maintain it. thank god for such amazing friends. n touchwood to ur friendship. its the beauty of each individual relationship, that everyone feels, but nobody truly understands the others. very touching post! :o)

  7. Thanks for being honest with us Suchi...
    I too am clueless as to whats gotten Ishi down but I hope shes back to her cheerful self again...this place jus isnt the same when shes not around.

    "I really don’t care what you perceive me as but I would not take people walk over Ishi."
    Thats true friendship right there...Ishi is lucky to have you in her life.

  8. you don't mince words do u? *grin*

    fiercely loyal and brutally honest - that's you :)

    Fact remains I am my worst critic though I may have been upset with some stuff...(you know the finer details so not getting into that)...I was really analysing myself rather than judging others...can't change ppl around me baba and I shouldn't attempt to...what I can do is change myself and learn...

    won't write more about us...wl save it for a post :P

    ek baat hai lekin, I still maintain what should've stayed amonsgt a few people was sadly played out amongst many who had no part in things and no clue of what's been on with me....

    u know me...can't be the subject of unwanted attention...all I needed was time and some who know me better than most to stand by me...

    it's nice knowing people's better when the people we care about reciprocate the same :)

  9. Beautiful pic of both of u!

    I can imagine what a great investment Ishi is...and she's more than an investment. She's a rare treasure to keep forever. U 2 r very lucky to have each other.


  10. heyy..well to begin with, i hv no clue f either f ya two ppl...
    but newas f wht i cud perceive, i cud feel a sense f discomfort nd unrest among ppl dat rite??

    whtever it may be, i sincerely hope dat a beautiful place like dis sudnt be devoid f its charm n liveliness...


  11. awww thats a beautiful picture pf both of you :)))

    Ishi is lucky to have u dear :)

    Loads of love to both of you.

  12. I love this post Suchi and love ya for putting it up as well. For the personality you are. You are definitely a very admirable person. Its wonderful to know that u guys are two people who invest in relationships. :) And its amazing how u guys still stick by each other despite the challenges.

    Lovely photo i must say. And ishita...ya shawl rocks!!

    Lovely ladies.

    I can't take my eyes off the pics..:P

    ~Jewel Rays

  13. Thanks Loon Gal….dont hold yourself responsible, it’s not you at all……. I am pretty possessive about the few very important people in my life :) all is fine now. Had to be.

    Hi Messy Musings
    I am glad you agree with me. Ishi is and will be fine. Doesn’t really matter whether the responsible ones regret or not. Don’t worry BUF will not have any hiccups for a long long time now.

  14. Hi Michelle, I am so happy that you really liked the way I have put it across. There was much more which Ishi Madam censored. Thanks we plan to continue with our investments.

    Altering Abhishek, confusion helps at times a lot as it keeps us away from all kinds of controversies.

  15. Rajbir, “Certain things” did go much out of hand. I only followed Newton’s third law of motion. You know what triggered this all. But I am glad it is over now. We graduated to another level of learning some more human psycho :)

    Hi Rich, I know that was honest and straight from the heart. Thanks for all the good words!!

  16. Rajbir, “Certain things” did go much out of hand. I only followed Newton’s third law of motion. You know what triggered this all. But I am glad it is over now. We graduated to another level of learning some more human psycho :)

    Hi Rich, I know that was honest and straight from the heart. Thanks for all the good words!!

  17. Hi Roy, I will tell you all about this when we go out in Bombay :D Remember?

    I am lucky to have her in my life too.

    Hey Keshi Girl, how have you been? I knew you would definitely understand the feelings behind this post and not just be judgemental about it. Thanks!

  18. Hi Wacko, there is no discomfort or unrest here :) It is BUF which stands for Between Us Friends and there can never be unrest between us friends :):)


    Thanks a lot Poo, I am lucky to have her as well……I am glad you liked the pic.


    Hi Amy, thank you so much…… Oh yes not just that stole but that dress rocks and so does Ishi in it :)

    Thanks a lot for appreciating the post.

  19. Hey Ishi, chose to respond to you in the end….. You know me, mincing words is just not me. I know you are not an attention seeker and this post didn’t aim at that either. Had to even it out, had to pull out the sword. Sometimes that’s the last and best option. Now there will be only calm here :)

    I agree it should have stayed amonsgt a few people but what’s done is done. The harm at least. But have you noticed that most are clueless as to what happened, just wondering the source of a post that appeared some time ago……can you help me? I know I know don’t get mad at me now. I will follow all your rules as long as it doesn’t affect you. I don’t care what is said or thought about me.

  20. The bottomline is, it left a very bad taste.

  21. Do i smell smoke somewhere...girls quit is too short...Sort out everything and be friends again....Hope to hear soon u guys are back in....

    Heh btw the photo is really beautiful

  22. @ seema...ty fr d photo compliment. taking the liberty to reply on suchi's behalf coz she doesn't get here often.

    and fyi there was no fight .. just a misunderstanding.

    alls fine.