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Saturday, June 16, 2007

My Favourite Childhood Memory - With my Grandma (Thumbee)

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I have gotten so so busy with my new job until i hardly have time to write my blog. Anyway, here's my favourite childhood memory....

From young, i was brought up by my Grandma. She took care of me from baby til i was in primary school. I remembered how she first brought me to the kindergarten... For the first of the whole week, i cried every single day when i reached school. She would stand outside the school & look at me from the window grills. The more i see her standing there, the louder the cried. When my teacher told my Grandma to go home & come back for me after school, i cried even louder. My Grandma's god-son, who is only a year older than me was also studying in the same kindergarten. So whenever i wanted someone who i know to be around me, i would run to his class and sit behind him. HaHa! Until there was a time where one of my classmate actually patted me on my back and said, "Don't cry already. Your Grandma is waiting for you. She is not throwing you here and running away." Imagine first week of school for me at kindergarten.. LOL! Those were the days.....

Every morning, Grandma would buy/prepare breakfast for us (Me, Charmaine my cousin, & Jia Jie the god-son). On weekends, she would bring us out for morning walks or exercises with her. The 3 little ones will run off to play in the playground or play catching while she watches us from afar as she do little exercises. :) Grandma always cooks delicious foods for everyone she loves. She also loves to clean the house. Her house is always so clean tat from far it sort of "glitters". HaHa.. Every week, she would prepare herbal soups, bird nest soups or herbal tea for us to eat and drink. She is never stingy to the little ones. Always bringing us out to have fun. :) At times, i would follow Grandma into Malaysia for a little short trip. We would go there to visit some friends and have a meal together. Sometimes, i would follow her to Mount Faber to meditate. Although i don't meditate with her, i would seat in a corner & watch her meditate. With such nice surroundings, birds chirping, wind blowing against the trees, leaves rustling..... Its so relaxing over there even though I'm not mediating.

When i got older, i didn't stayed with Grandma. We would always visit her on weekends and sometimes stay over at her place :) Even when there's not enough beds, we would not mind at all. We would lay mattresses on the floor of the bedroom, even living room too if there are too many ppl staying over. (Tat's how much warmth & love the family felt & had - in the past...) When my mum wants to cane me, Grandma would stand up for me & tell her not to cane me. Sometimes, she would even scold my mum when she canes me. I love to snuggle into Grandma's arms and feel her body warmth & hear her heartbeat. I loved to hug her everytime i see her. :)

Sadly, Grandma got ill. She had cancer, cervical cancer. She had gone for operations but the tumours just kept coming back to her. To a point where she actually didn't want to go for any more operations cos she feels its useless. Wasting so much money & time, but can't get 100% healed. So she opted to take injections & medications regularly trying to slow down or stop the cancerous cells from multiplying. All these while, my uncle was the one forking out all the money to cure Grandma. He had spent so much but he didn't complaint at all. Instead, it was Grandma who told him not to continue to spend money on these medications & injections anymore. Grandma wanted him to save up for his own family for future use. (Tat's how much Grandma loved all of us)

No more injections. Her condition deteriorated. She turned from a healthy, bubbly, happy and active Grandma to a thin and weak Grandma. She knew her time was gonna end soon. Thus, she had made plans for each and everyone of us from her sisters and brothers to my uncles, aunts and even all the little ones she was going to leave behind. She has bought for the little ones a gold necklace each which will only be given to us when we get married. She gave away all her jewellery to my aunts and mum. She transferred the flat to my uncle who was not married at tat time. She did wat was deemed necessary and correctly for all of us.

Unfortunately, on 1 July 1994 evening, she left us. I didn't get to see her for the last time.


She has brought for me & my cousins loads of wonderful memories. Even until now when Maine & I tok abt Grandma, at times, my eyes get teary. We really missed Grandma so so much! At home, we have an altar for her. Sometimes when i'm feeling down, i would "talk" to Grandma & tears will flow.... I miss her smile. I miss her cuddles. I miss her smell. I miss her food. I MISS HER!

In my blog, i have also written a post abt Grandma before. In there, i wrote alot more.
U may wanna read abt it here :

I miss her so so much....


  1. "She had cancer, cervical cancer." ohh damn!

    "On 1 July 1994 evening, she left us"
    So sorry to hear that buddy!

    M sure you have loads of memories to cherish!

  2. hey girl.. hugs.. this is a beautiful dedication post... ur lucky u got to live with ur granma... i was just 8 months old when my granma passed away...

    now cheer up.. we should learn to cherish what we had... hugs once again...

  3. Hi White Forest,

    **M sure you have loads of memories to cherish!

    - Sure i do! It's always in my mind & heart. Never left me :)


    Hi messys musings,


    Aww.. Sorry abt ur grandma.

    **now cheer up.. we should learn to cherish what we had...

    - Yup! So true! i definitely will ^_^

    (((BIG HUG)))


  4. so sorry...but living on her memories makes u happy right..thinkin bout them...she knows she has someone special to look over :)

  5. very BEAUTIFUL AND TOUCHING post darling.... even my grandma died of cancer. I kept thinking of my grandma while I was reading your post.....

    she will always be with you....GOD bless


    Such lovely recollections of Grandma. Am sorry (in one way) that she has departed 'your' life; but if she's gone to where I think she's gone, she is SURELY in a much better place now. Was THAT her Destiny? She surely has united you and your extended family, into knowing what the meaningful things are in life while here!

    Towards THAT end...


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  7. Why ur written all these things about grandmaa???? Why u invoke my memories?....If she is in my life....I know...yes I know...I will be on the some other position in my business.....u r so lucky to had a grandmaa...yes...all of we people have grandmaa till our end of life....i is not possible...but atleast...i just imagine....imagine that my grandma is with me right 36 yrs old now...but i require my grandmaa...anybody do that...dear...salute to all grandmaa...who took care for their kids.....i wish god please do not take them to heaven....we badly require grandmaa....thanx for remembering my i feel im 6 yrs old....

  8. heyy thumbee..
    I wish i could live with my grandma after reading your post.
    Truly, the warmth and affection that one gets from grannies is sure something to be cherished upon.I never had that opportunity as I lived with my parents away from her. I am very sorry to hear bout her now.Hope to know more about you and your family.


  9. I re u wrote a post on her in ur blog long time ago..I cried reading that and this one too. HUGGGGGGGGGGGZ Thumbee!

    We miss u in this space...I miss chatting to u too.

    TC darlin!

  10. Very touchy!! I'm at a loss to say anything... having both my grandma's around me, guess am lucky enough!!
    life has to move on... i knw you have done so... they people whom we love may move on from this owrld, but it's their memroies which always remain with us... forever, perhaps to be told time and time again!!

  11. Cheerup thumbelina.

    Our grandparents shower us with love, I can understand your feelings of loss, even though a lot of time has passed since then.

    I hope you cherish the wonderful times you have spent with them.

    Take care.

  12. Thumbelina a very touchy post i almost cried..Read the other blog too...very touchy must say

  13. Hi thumbee how are you ??? You have become tooo busy now :((

    Aww that's a very cute and a sweet post :))

    Grandma .... I miss my Grandma too

  14. Hi Michelle,

    Living in those memories really do make me happy :) I'll keep thinking abt them.



    Hi Astral,



    Hi Rudy,

    Yup, i do agree my grandma has gone to a place which i much better than here. :)



    Hi Wacko,

    Living with grannies sure is a totally different experience and memories for all of us :)



    Hi Keshi,

    No matter wat happens, when i think of grandma & writing out my feelings, i always tear..

    I miss all of u too.. Miss chatting with u too. I guess we might haveto resort to emailing to keep in closer contact. :)

    Take Care! Miss ya!


    Hi Sam,

    Its great tat u still have both ur grandmas with u.

    True, we gotta move on. Gotta live a life vetter than before :)



    Hi Jaan,



    Hi Poo,

    I am doing well just a little stressed up lately. Having loads of mixed feelings lately. Cried a couple of times to release a little "tension"..

    Hope we can all keep in contact. Do email me ok?

    Miss ya!


    Dear friends,

    Thank you for all your comments here. I'm glad i've touched many hearts with this post & have also made some of u here realise how fortunate u have been to have grandma(s) by ur side.

    Take Care!

    Hope to be back soon.

    (((BIG HUG)))