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Friday, June 15, 2007

Childhood!( Abhishek)

Two in one..
What and how is 2-in-1.
The post is, It covers both the topics.

It covers, both My favourite Childhood memories and my best friends.

We used to have this tradition, all thru the years we have grown .. Summer holidays would mean the great dhamal and get together with all maternal aunts and cousins in delhi @ Nani'z ( maternal Granma and Granpa)
and every Diwali would be the great dhamal get-to with all paternal uncles and cousins @ Biji -Papaji ( Paternale Granparents)

( yes I do not have Maternal uncles and Paternal Aunts..)
So favourate memories have been way too many.
With more than one pair of twins in the famili, ( my mom and my Maternal aunt , and my cousins from my paternal uncles side) the fun was always a little more

You can imagine Six kids with a 2 odd years progressive age difference, no one could stop us from jumping on beds ( all together) and yelling, to Throwing water at each other in the verandas in the great Delhi Summers till all water gets over..

TO the amazing walks in the night with Nana treating all kids to ICE Cream!!( I miss my Nana big time, the amazing person he was, he could make the dullest statement into the biggest joke of the world)
He has made all laugh so so much!

And the Diwali's used to be a "BLAST" in a big way. We used to get the Huge Basket fulls of crackers and, the night used to fall short to blow all of them, till our folks would yell.."Goto sleep.. otherwise...."

And my best friends are all the members of our famili!!
I have ADORABLE sisters ( you can spot four in the pic )
amazing brothers, and my uncles and aunts are way tooo cool.!! It is usually difficult for my friends to absorb the kind of amazing understanding we all share with each other.

NOt to unmention a Special palce for my mom, dad and bro !! ( yeah now sister -in-law too) Bhabi
( touch wood)

Task for Amy/John/Wacko...... You have to locate more than one person you know in this pic?( Pssst dont comment, just tell me yes or no)

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  1. nice post..and brings back chilhood memories....i have cousins n even uncles who are same age or just 2-3 years older than me...and during summer holidays we used to go to kolkata...n oh the times v used to have when all family were at one plc..........i can totally get ur feeling dude........!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. oh i know how it is with so many cousin... with me it was so much fun too... im the oldest n the only daughter in my family... my cousins are all boys... n we were one mischievious lot!... i was their pet even though i wasnt included in any of their 'boys' game... i would cry n they would make me cry more... hehe.. it was fun.. now it so happens that most of us are married... n all of us (me including) get together n rag their wives... grins evilly :D

  3. ahem ahem...kya bey..task fo me ehh??

    anyways ive got a huge family too..only diff being, tis not a happy joint family now! :(

    i knw wht fun it can be when all the cousins n all gather durin the summer breaks and then have fun..i can vouch for dat! yeahh..

    pic mein toh as such i can only figure u out! 2nd row right most..baaki toh is it rich by anychance last row right most?? *wonders*

    nice post bro..

  4. what a nostalgic post! Lovely happy pic too.

    btw Abhi I have done ur tag in my blog :)


  5. ah!! you made me go nostalgic.... for i had a similar childhood.... summers at my paternal grandparents house.... and right since my childhood days, each summer, the number of cousins would increase by one... hehe.. till abt 1988... and since den it has been 2-2-3-3... 10 of us in total.... an absolute racket.... only now its a bit difficult for us to be together.... wot with my chachu moving out to US.. (2 gone)... me and rima teh eldest ones totally into our work.... and the next 4 in line r busy with their college life.... gosh!! those were the days... wen we kids ruled the house... and the elders would be silent spectators!! cool times!! :)

  6. Very nice picture abhi and i think you are the guy with the white shirt from right :)))

    Very nice picture