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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Down Memory Lane *sigh* (Ishita)

Wrote this post way back in my blog around December 2005.
This post is dedicated to old friends…from my days in Assam :-)

"My days in Maligaon Nambari Railway colony in Guwahati, Assam were undoubtedly my best growing up days. I have very vivid and happy memories of my time spent there. Be it home, school, the club, parties, picnics or those long walks to the hills behind the colony...all of these I remember and when I do, I can’t help but smile and think of the people who made my days there so special and fun.

Roopa, my then closest friend and the rest of the gang (too many names to mention here but I miss them all sooo much). The sad thing about railway life was that there was always someone moving away and the best thing was there was always someone moving in!! And the place was always happening! Fun filled activities…social dos, etc. And ironically, the best parties were the farewell parties!!!

I spent a total of 10 years in Assam but in parts coz I spent nursery to class 2 first (but mostly in a Shillong boarding school) and then in between we moved to Delhi for 4 years (hmmm…blogged about it here). Anyway, then dad got a posting back in Assam. I’m talking about this part - from class 7 to 10th.

I remember how I loved to bake chocolate cakes and all my friends would come over and we’d share cake and spend our time playing games, listening to music (crazy about some bands which have long disappeared!!)talking and we never seemed to tire of doing the same things over & over again! I remember secret crushes and heartbreaks and never ending phone calls, lonely walks, crazy bicycle rides, incessant rains…

Okk…there was this one time when we’d gone for a walk to the hills and it started pouring heavily. We’d split up into two groups. The group I was in took shelter in a small temple (more a shack with a local deity) and the priest there was kind enough to offer us sum tea. We sat there worried about the others coz for what seemed like ages there was no sign of them! When they did get back, they were all drenched and in a total mess :-) but poor Smita had the worst of it! Her foot had leaches…all over…eekks!! All of us sat there rubbing salt to get those leaches off her foot. Poor Mohit (Smita’s brother and one of my closest frenz) was all worked up!! Hmmm…those were lil adventures we had. I miss all that living in Delhi. No hills to walk to beyond my colony here! No lonely paths to walk through :-(

And roopsie if u ever read this blog, do u remember the time the guys formed that stupid “doodle club”??? Omg… it was like a NO GIRLS allowed club!! Duhhh!! And what did these guys do? They spent long boring afternoons organizing quizzes??!! I remember just to get back at them we girls (pathetically outnumbered) formed a group of our own! We called ourselves the GRIN gang…lolzz… (G for Gayatri…R for Roopa….I for Ishita….N for Nilanjana) and nooo…we had no purpose for making this group. All we wanted was to just irritate these guys…every time any of these guys passed by, we’d be grinning like hell!!! I was a step ahead, I’d just gate crash their so called quizzes (owing to my excellent social skills with all the mom’s) and sit there ploink in their midst, digging into all the goodies their mom’s supplied for their get together! :D

Or the time we kids were asked to help renovate the club library. That was a brilliant way to keep us occupied because we ended up reading like hell and it was fun! Some cute romances blossoming around that time… hmmmm… rly romances…*sigh*:-)

Yes...I do miss those days. I guess most of us have some nice growing up stories. I could go on & on … describing endless such stories… those were fun days. I skipped the school stories…that would take up too much space here! And now I must get back to the kid I got growing up here :-).It's been a nice trip back in time…"

I have many pics from those days but none scanned :( pity coz I'd have loved to share some here! Whenever I hear the song below play, it reminds me of "Assam Days"

Never say goodbye - Bon Jovi (Happy Listening!)
Never say goodbye ...


  1. I feel so jealous reading all these beautifull childhood memories.....

  2. ach!! time for nostalgia (including teh leeches :P)...... well... I spent 4 yrs in Sikkim ... adn dat too fairly can understand how must be feeling in Delhi after having spent so many years in those beautiful, calm and serene surroundings.........
    apart from dat ur childhood stuff snd amazing.... wud love to hear more of dat....

  3. Wow a memorable childhood indeedz Isihta.

    I love the part when you guys created a group to get back at them and how u guys form the name. Great stuff..:)

    and hahaa "a no girls allowed group" to form Quizzes?? :O Definitely Boring. Gee they were missing out. they have no idea the fun we girls can bring into their lives..


    A really great read.:)


  4. ooo i have an asamese read a lot bout assam never got a chance to go there tho...seems like a great place! i loved the rain part of the post...really made me imagine it all..sweet memories ishi!! good read :)

  5. What an absolutely enthralling post, I love childhood reminisces, thank you for sharing!

  6. thats a beautiful pic ishi.... the one of the woods... i so want to goto assam... but the sad state of politics there is heartbreaking!

  7. ahhh ha ... ""Those were the Best days of my Life""

    NO GIRLS Club LOL :))

  8. Assam is so beautiful! No wonder you have such fond memories.

    And you know that JBJ song, its an absolute smasher!

    'You and me and my old friends
    Hoping it would never end'

  9. Ish u spent 10yrs in! In my childhood I was always on the move cos dad transferred from time to time.

    Very cute post. I can imagine how sweet u must hv been bak then :):) awwwwwwww...

    **doodle club

    LOL serves them right that u gat-crashed em hahaha!


  10. @ vishesh... thnx :)

    @ rajbir... prayin u create and share (live) ur childhood through ur kids ... yep all four :))

  11. @ sam... yep sikkim is beautiful. speant a nice holiday there :). and i cld go on and on abt my childhood...BUF wld have to run this topic forever!!!

    @ amy... yeah... but u see collectively the guys were all acting like they didn't care much abt us girls... ummm but individually is a diff story :) ... enuff to make another post on that! Lol :D

  12. @ michelle.. ty :) and u shud go visit the plc... it's far but worth the travel time:) and plus u got ur fren to show u arnd na :)

    @ Lotus ... hey hi! weclome to BUF and thanks for reading and leaving this comment:)...keep visiting!

  13. @ messy ... don let the politics and so called insurgency stop u from exploring the north east... trust me it's worth a visit and u won't regret it :)

    @ poo... yep lovely days :) and yeah "doodle club" members wld always shoo us off :P

  14. @ aakash :)... yep assam is lovely! and thank God sumone mentioned the song :P! I luv it and m glad u do too :)

    @ white forest ... yep nice smile. the owner of the smile must be pretty too na :)! I wish i had a smile like that...

  15. @ kesh :)... yeah ditto here at moving from plc to plc... startin all over again every 4 years *sigh*

    lol like i said in my reply to amy above...collectively the "doodle" club may have been anti girls :P but individually it wz a diff story... ha ha

  16. ishi,
    such a sweet post.. ys school days were such that boys n gals were always fighting n irritating each other..
    "little gals hate little boys
    but last, they end up marrying each other" ;)
    i think this was an ad for some credit card company dont rem which one ;)