This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Blog Update - Topics, B'days & Announcements (Ishita)

3rd June, 2007 (Sunday) is the last day for the current topic(s) and the new topic(s) starting 4th June, 2007 (Monday) is,

Fav childhood memory

Introduce/Talk about your best friend

You can do either one or both. Last date for the above topics is 17th June, 2007 (Sunday).

Lots of birthday's in June :-) ... almost like a birthday month here at BUF!

Wishing the birthday girls and boy all the best and loads of happiness, success and everything they could wish for!!!

Amy (8th June) - She's a special person indeed who reaches out to everyone around her. With her infectious smile and spontaniety, she warms the hearts of all of us. Hope you have a fabulous b'day :)

Loon gal (13th June) - New to BUF but an old friend to many here. Also popularly known as "cheesy" of "cheesy termite" fame. Friendly, jovial, vivacious...she livens up the shoutbox :). Happy Birthday :)

Jitendra (14th June) - Now away for a while travelling across continents. Popular coz of his *ahem* looks :P and corny shayeri! But having known him for a while now, I have to say he's someone who can make good conversation and knows just how to make you break into a smile:) ... have a rockkingg b'day :)

BUFer of the Week - We want to thank some of you who have been active in the blog making it a truly FUN place to be. Every week we will pick one of you (among the most active bloggers here) as the face of the week and you get the chance to put up a post on any topic you want to blog about (besides the topic(s) of the week). This week the special BUFer is "Southpaw (Rajbir)" .. Thank you:) and here's wishing you continue making BUF ROCK!

Some last minute reminders for everyone,

1. Please send a reply to mails sent out to you all - be it personal or a common mail. A line or two will suffice. For instance, the response to the mail asking for a new slogan for BUF was very disappointing.

2. New BUFer's please read the rules before posting.

3. Those who've missed sending in your birthdays/anniv dates, please send them in asap.

4. If you have any personal updates to share with fellow BUFers, please send an email to us and we will include it in our weekly updates.

That's all ppl...Happy Blogging!


  1. Oh Ghost of the night!!

    What ye be doing at this unearthly hour updating blogs!!

  2. @ john - sunday chhutii hai na :P ..isliye sab kaam finishing now!!! :))

    u're not sleepin either? JD ke saath kya? :)

    btw wl reply to ur email on monday.. umm.. oh waise bhi we'll talk, so will tell u what u wanna know then ok?


  3. I fell asleep at 4PM... it's almost 9PM now :(

    My rest of the night is screwed.

  4. Awwwwwwwww thanks so much Ishita!!


  5. oops soo many bdays on this month? ^_~ happy birthday guys... muaahh!
    where's the party???? let me know na so i can take my flight as early as i can! :P

    ... surely a blast na! awwwwwwwww ^_~


  6. Good to see so many june babies...:), and that honour was a surprise, so now i get to post on whatever i feel like...:D, there's a series going on at unplugged, bow abt a sneak preview of that...:D

  7. hehe..:P Thanks for the little note you wrote abt me Ishita..:P haha..

    Thanks for the wishes.

    And HAPPY BDAY my fellow Junies!!! ROCK It GooD!


  8. hey there birthday gals and guy.....wish you all the best in life...

  9. heartfelt wishes to amy, loony and jitendra! and also, yayy for southpaw...whos so strong he can lift me wit one hand :P

  10. o! i love bir'dayss :o))
    **rubbing hands in glee**
    verry happy buddiee!!

  11. thanks for the budday wish ishi..but its not yet here.. advance booking mein wish nahi chalega.. :p

  12. wow lotsa bdays this month, including ur's Ish. :)

    Happy bday in advance to Amy, Cheesy and Jit! I will wish u guys on ur special day as well.


  13. Thanks for da wishes Shooting Star, Michelle and Keshi..


  14. Happy birthday Guys . Have loads of fun and tons n tons of love