This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Blurry Memories(Michelle)

Climbing a tree.Licking an ice candy.Playing dress up.Exchanging tazos(that disc like thing you used to get with Lays).Playing house.Collecting pretty rocks.Squeezing my eyes shut thinking that no one will see me if I do.Trying to give my Barbie a haircut.My mom making tiny dresses for my Barbies.Learning how to swim properly because my least favourite friend advanced from the 'baby pool' to the 'big pool'.Playing Little Mermaid.A tree house still in construction.Racing.Playing football in the rain.8 stitches.Tears.A dictionary I guarded with my life.Crayons strewn across the floor.Drawing on the walls(and getting spanked for it).UNO matches till 3 am.Cheating during hide and seek.Wondering why he always followed me around.A teddy bear with one button eye.Ghost stories.Laughter.Water balloons being hurled.My friend determined to help me get over my fear of crackers.A mickey mouse clip.Hair that would never stop being wavy.Seven stones.The ripping of my skirt while trying to climb a tree(Don't worry I was only 8 or something).Burying my pet fish.Catching butterflies and keeping them as pets.Cry to find them dead the next morning.Decorating a real Christmas tree.Feeding jam to my second pet(a fly).Skipping competitions.Carefree.Making a fort out of mud.Baking a cake.Receiving my first pair of ghungroos from my Kathak guru.Jumping on a bed.A half-smile.Suppandi jokes.

I don't have a particular childhood memory, there are countless memories.Thought I'd share a few that are at the back of my mind :-)


  1. Reminds me so much of my child hood when it comes to dress up and cutting barbie doll's hair..haha


  2. lol i pretty much ended up screwing the barbie's hair further...hehe

  3. Hahaaa we all have similar childhood ... don't we?

    Pretty post!

  4. lol..yeah we always screw them up don't we..:P remembered showering them and putting shampoo. It was so funny. there was a point i started believing their hair indeed don't grow..Too late by them. :)

  5. wat a delightful post! could identify with so many memories...

    just relived a lot of precious moments :o)

  6. took me bak down the memory lane Michi. A big fat tear-jerker.

    ty this is a very beautiful post!

  7. "Squeezing my eyes shut thinking that no one will see me if I do"

    You did that? Thats so adorable!

    And stones i still collect.

  8. For me u r still a cute lil fisshy...:)

  9. soooooooo sweet...that ounds excatly like my younger sis..

  10. =>loon - guess so lol..and thanks!

    =>jewel - haha yeah! i used to make one doll drown and then barbie wud save her hehehe

    =>rich - thanks rich...glad i got u to reminiscing :)

    =>keshi - hehe yeah even i got all nostalgic while writing it ;)

    =>aakash - haha yes i did...felt the same wit a blanket...i thot no one cud see me if im under my blanket :P

    =>southy - awww :)

    =>vishesh - haha really how old is she? :)

  11. soooooooooooooooo cute Michelle...I miss my childhood days .


    TC sweetie

  12. thanks for expressing all this so well. you drove me straight into my childhood :)

  13. =>abhishek - :)))

    =>poo - me too :( u take care too! ;D

    =>suchi - im glad i did =)

  14. UNO matches!!!
    those were the days...

  15. =>humble devil - *sigh* hehe

    =>messy - :)

  16. Hi Michelle,

    **Trying to give my Barbie a haircut

    - When i was small, I tried to "train" my barbie to be a better gymnast & i ended up breaking its neck.. LOL!!

    **My mom making tiny dresses for my Barbies.

    - So nice of her... My mum will keep & hide all my barbies cos i have destroyed a couple of them.. LOL!

    **Jumping on a bed

    - I love to jump on the bed too! In the end, i fell & had a few bruises all over... (Tat's when i was small...) LOL!!


  17. your post got a smile on my face... not just coz it reminded me of my childhood as it did with the others here too :) but also coz m going through the same experiences all over again with my lil one here...well, no barbie dolls but yes his days now will in future be his memories to cherish... much the same way u do urs :)

  18. =>thumbee- loll ive broken a barbie's head a lotta times but i fixed it back wit super glue hehe

    =>ishita - aww i can imagine..except it must be GI JOES for vedant hehe