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Friday, June 8, 2007

disappearing act :) (diya)

hiiiiiii all,

i put on one of my disappearing acts after my first intro post.. he he sorry abt that..

but i did peek-a-boo at my fav place the shout box n did some interesting chito-chat with few ppl too.. N in the midst of my act i missed out to post abt the most important picture.. i had drafted the post n decided the pic in my mind.. so i thought i wud just share it with u all..
that's a picture of mom dad n me.. :) It won't be a lie to say that my mom is the best on the world..She means really a lot to me.. N i love her the most.. she is my role model n a wonderful lady.. I wud say my dad is really gud too.. We r from a orthodox Brahman background.. however i never had to suffer the wrath of it.. i got my full share of freedom n boyfriends n fun ;) All cos my dad showed full faith in men gave me all the fredom in the world which im proud to say haven't misutilised(read not greatly misutilised he he ).. i simply adore them n wish sum day my kids will call me a gr8 mom too :D

Along with this topic we were given an opportunity to give suggestions about BUF.. my suggestion is that we start a column on the recent interesting happenings in India/world.. if any of us comes across sum gud site/news or movie reviews;-) or has their own opinion abt some event, lets pen it down.. or the links to thats one thing from my side..

Coming to the current topic of my favourite childhood memory, i have a sharp memory n hence remember many many things rt from say when i was as old as 2. I remember how i used to drink milk only in my bottle n not in a tumbler even when i was 4.. n my dad had to throw it away in the junkyard in front of me n the big scene i created there crying for my bottle ;-) how i used to love lying to my sister that she was adopted n make her cry ;-)

But all those r the naughty devilish me.. the favourite wud be the happy days may be the summer vacations spent at my grandparents place where i wud lead the pack of kids n we wud be playing out in the courtyard whole day long.. N me being the eldest one there in my generation also used to be the favourite among my uncles n aunts..those carefree days were really awesome.wish i never grew up ((sigh))

guess ive written too much abt myself now.. so will post in on the next topic some time later.. cya all..


  1. reminded of my days as a leader of a pack!!! :P
    but telling all those stuff to your sister??? :o
    bad girl!!!

  2. thats a nice pic diya... n yeah moms r the best :)))

  3. mommy's girl huh? ;) cool m more of a daddy's girl :P

  4. that was plain devilish...of ya...terrorizing your lil sis...
    it would have been forgivable if you were the younger one...

  5. sam,
    he he yeah moi a bad gal ;)
    Thanks charlie........:)
    yup moms r the best :)
    dads r cute too ;)
    humble devil, i'm a not so humble devil he he

  6. Hi Diya ...The picture is really sweet.

    And yes mom and dad are the best :))

  7. Heyy Diya,

    I have done the same tease with my sis too, telling her that she was adopted and all. :-)

    Devil inside. :p

    And nice reading about you. =)

  8. LOLLLL @ adopted story ... do all the sisters do that? esp the elder ones! my sis did tht to me too .. aargh lol u're all meanies ;p

    anyway .. nice knowing abt u :)

  9. awww wut an adorable pic! I love old pics like precious!!

    **n my dad had to throw it away in the junkyard in front of me n the big scene i created there crying for my bottle

    hahahaha! I was quite a big baby too...when I was like 6 I still wanted to sleep in the cot. Can u imagine that??!! rolling eyes here....

    u terrorised ur sis? u meanine baby LOL!

    such a cute n special post Diya (ur suggestions r good too) and WB here!


  10. luv d pic diya. I have a similar pic wid my mum, dad and brothers :) but in B&W !

    and oh i rem my bros tellin me too that i was picked up fromd rly crossing... i wld sobbb away .. he he.. :P


  11. poo,
    gr8 to find that u think just like me ;)
    ha ha isn't that fun ;)
    loon gal, he he its just plain fun.. :)
    keshi, thanks for acknowledging my suggessions.. only u did n so.. booo :(
    ishi he he ur just like my sis she was a real cry baby he he