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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Virtual to Real.

For me, the BUFer member list comprises two kinds of people: those I have met, and those I have never spoken with. So, it's a case of extremities, really.

Given the rules, I cannot choose a person I have already met, and that reduces my choices by almost 40% :P

Therefore, I choose Michelle. Because, among those I haven't yet met, Michelle is the only one I have at least spoken with on a one-to-one basis, even though for a brief while. I have known Michelle for almost 2-3 years now. It all started at Indiatimes chat room one night - and we got talking about the Pierce Brosnan-Julianne Moore starrer 'Laws of Attraction'. It's been funny that in so many years I have still not got to watch the movie. Michelle gave up on me, and promised to hand me the DVD :P And soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I want to meet her. hehehehehhehehehe

On a more serious note, having known Michelle for a while, I find her as someone who is sweet, honest, and yet have a spunk, an attitude about them. I really love such people - real people. So, Michelle, when should I drop by? :)


  1. you know so many people here personally..i don't know any one here except through their blogs ;)

  2. haha cheeekuuu ...i swear to god right now if u mail me ur address i will courier the dvd to u...seriously!! :P its like the coolest movie hehe and u can drop by anytime :P we'll watch the movie together :P

  3. Dangit - there is such thing where people meet because of their blog - this awsome :)

    I wannt it too where do i sign LOL

  4. now i hope u two do get to meet up sumtime soon:)...and not just watch the movie but hang out together and do lotsa other fun stuff:)...! and wen u do that I wanna tag along too!!! :P

    m still undecided about who I wanna pick for this post *sigh* ... there shud be an exception in my case and i shud be allowed to meet everyone! ...!!! :P

    he he...

    @ on the Join us link in the About section in the side bar :)...Thanks for dropping by and glad u liked what u saw!:)

  5. ... agreed to u Mala, Mich is such a sweet and beautiful doll... soo cute ^_~ even though we're not talkin' in private... she's always there leavin' comments on my blog.... sayin! hi on orkut!

    ... i simply luv her killing smile!^_~

    .. oops i still dunno who will i choose too awww... m just busy reading post and commenting here lol! hehe ^_^ can i break the rule?... wanna be w/ u all guys... at least once in my life!!

    sighh!!! ^_~

    enjoy weekend!


  6. Agree with you there is that spunk thingy about michelle. I need to know her more. I love it that she is so intune with music.:)

    And i watched tat movie!! haha.:P It was good.loved it!

    have a good weekend Mala.


  7. BUFer member list comprises two kinds of people: those I have met, and those I have never spoken with***Where do i fit?:)

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  9. Michelle is sweet, smart and yeah very REAL. She's a nice choice Mala. I'd like to meet her too. I love her music knowledge and also her writing skills...excellent! So I can imagine how interesting she'd be if I meet her in real.


  10. Michelle better keep the DVD handy :P

  11. malaji...

    aap humain kab mil rahe hain?? :D :D :D

    michyyy does sounds cute i too spoke to her twice till date..

    usse thoda fone karke poochti hu haal chaal kaisa hai :P