This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Monday, May 14, 2007

BUF BFF(That means Best Friends Forever lol)

Ok, this is really difficult for me because I don't know many of the BUFers personally-except a few.

Anyway, given a chance I'd love to meet

I think she is a very genuine person with a very vibrant personality and she seems like the type you always get positive vibes from.

I love the way she talks! Its so animated and cute! Shes been very helpful with my Japanese, she helps me improve my language and sends me links to cool songs.

I used to love her comments on my blog, really made me smile :-) not to forget her orkut scraps hehe.

I think if I got to know her better, I'd be lucky to have a good friend like her because she seems like the type you could get really attatched to.

I love her pictures, they really depict what a fun person she is! Her daughter is so cute...I think she must be a very cool mom! :P

I'd love to meet up with her soon and talk a lot about Japan over sushi (or prawn tempura ;-)

I love her posts on Japan! I really like learning about different cultures and it really helps me during class because my teacher loves me even more now after I read your post on Sakura(cherry blossom).

Stay the way you are Kathy!!


Anata wa kirei hito desu :-)

(your a beautiful person)


  1. Michi I totally agree. Kath is a very gentle, genuine, straightforward person...she's the kind of friend who will never hurt u...someone who will always be there for u. I truly admire her BEING. She's a lovely person.

    I too often dream of meeting Kath...she just has no idea how many times I've dreamt of eating sushi with her, shopping with her and going on Sakura-sighting with her :) She's a great gal with a golden heart!


  2. yep yep...the very rare type :)

  3. ... aww that's soo sweet of u Mich ^_~ was soo surprised to read ur post...i dun expect it! and i think i dun deserve the lovely words and compliments there ;) but still i wanna thank u from my heart! muaahh!.. i do appreciate ur friendship too, ur such a nice person... u have the beauty in-out!that i can say very rare to find!

    ... m dreamin' of spending time with u too so if u get chance to come here in Tokyo, grab it! ^_~ so we can spend some special time together!!! yeah i can teach u nihongo... just dun ask how to write kanji letters hehe m not good in that... ^_^

    ... stay as sweet, beautiful and as good-hearted as u are! promise kathy will always be around!


  4. @ Kesh

    .... aww m speechless sweetie thanxxx! i never thought that i can have a friend like u too! ur soo special... i can't even think of any beautiful word to describe u... and like many BUF'frs here, it wud be dream come true to spend some precious time u! muaahh...

    ... stay blessed and keep on smilin'! i'll be around... u know that! ^_~ luv ya!


  5. Hmmm, one day with Kathy would mean loads of Sushi, Duck roast with japanese rice and a tour around Tokyo.

  6. Kathy's close to my heart too :).. right from the day she sent me that first email wid that wunderful song:)...! She's special because she goes that extra mile to make others feel special. Truly a friend to cherish for a lifetime!:)

    m sure meeting up wid be wid her will be wunderful mich :)...

  7. =>kathy - haha u do deserve every word hun! and ud be the first person i'd meet the minute i came to japan :P oo i have a kanji test this week:P

    =>mr j - yum!

    =>ishita - She's special because she goes that extra mile to make others feel special. Truly a friend to cherish for a lifetime!:)
    yep, u said it!

  8. michelle that was a sweet way to express abt her.. n u r way too good with words :)

    she is a very humble person :)

  9. @ mr.j
    ... haan, that's for sure! so do come here in Tokyo ok?! ^_~

    @ ish
    ... awww ur closed to my heart too sweetie and i really appreciate the friendship we made here from the start between u, kesh, sudeep, puneet, mich and all new people i met here!!
    ... and i wud really luv meetin' u, rajiv and vedant in india... thats one of my dream!! muahhh...


    @ uttsy
    ... awww thanx sweetie!! i still remember that time when we chat on gmail ^_~ u sounds soo sweettttt!!!
    keep smilin'! muaahh!

  10. @ mich

    ... awww thanx! yeah, do come here babe ^_~ ... kanji no test gambatte kudasai ne!!!

    jaa matta!