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Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Day with Someone Special from BUF :)

Hey people!!! I am more than certain that this post will surprise many (definitely when it surprised Lady Ishita)..... ha ha ha...well Royston will be perplexed as to why I chose to write about him.

‘Switchblade’ as I have always known him, came across as a wonderful human being and has always given me reasons to frequent his blog in my good old blog hopping days. I like the candid way he explains things or addresses issues even as sensitive as religion.

Being a brutally frank person myself, I would like to meet someone who does not have traces of hypocrisy in his elucidation.

I would like to meet him in Bombay, take him out for lunch to Mahesh Lunch Home (Juhu) for seafood (hope he likes it too otherwise he can have whatever he pleases). Then we go to Mocha (Bandra) for coffee, snacks/ dessert (my favorite) and some chit chat about different things. From there we would go to St. Andrew’s Auditorium to watch a play. Finally a quick pizza dinner at Smoking Joes (Meat Feast pizza is what I will have) followed by ice-creams at Naturals and then a safe “see you again sometime Roy”.

And the entire treat would be on me Roy…… you can get your special someone along if you please.

The gift I would get for him will be The Bible.

GOD bless you boy! Ride safe. My dedication of song to you will be "Friends will be Friends" by Queen.....another of my all time favorite songs....


  1. haha! This is so fun. Seeing who everyone is picking.:) And we actually get to know the other person through another person's eyes.nice.

    Great stuff.


  2. so much of food around :)

    i like people with large appetites......

  3. yes i must say i was surprised and curious as hell...which is why i sat right here while u wrote this post

    anyway, this was done by 2am! and we were soooo sleepy na by that time...he he

    But yes, roy does come across just the way u've described him :)...and ur description of ur day with him sounds fun:)... maybe sumday this cld be a possibility too :)....!

    ohkk....m gonna call u in a bit now...wunderin if u're awake after such a late late night!:)

  4. ... that would be a rockin' date, surely a blast with lotsa foods whoaa!! can i go w/ u guys? ^_~ kiddin'!


  5. WOW! Its a done deal time Im in Bombay we are gonna do exactly what you've described here...including Smo Jo's Naturals (their tender coconut is to die for!)

    Thank you :)

  6. PS - I couldnt possibly let this treat be on you...since you've done the planning...ill handle the execution :)

  7. This is very interesting cos I havent known Switchblade outside this Suchi u now intro'd us to his wonderful personality n his other blog thru this post of ur's. Nice to know him and I'll be reading him soon.

    I hope u 2 really get to meet some day.


  8. Hi Amy,
    I know my post has pretty much surprised everyone even my best best friend Ishi. :)

    Hi Vishesh,
    The taste in food is large, the appetite particularly may not be. :) I like foodies as they dare to experiment with food, seems you are a foodie too.

    Hey Ishi,
    I know I surprised you and could read the curiosity written all over your face. But some people touch your heart somewhere with even a few words they say.
    I got up babe by 6:30 a.m. for my driving practice.

    Hello my dear Kathy,
    It would not be a date but time out with a friend and that’s much more fun. Yes Kath, you surely may come along if Roy is ok with it. Cheers!


    Hi Feminist,
    Not just interesting very, very interesting indeed! Thanks.


    Hey Roy,
    The sad part is that I live in Delhi now. However, whenever we can manage this we will.

    Tender Coconut!!!! That’s my all time fav ice-cream of Naturals!!!!!

    Please don’t thank me as I wrote what I felt. I have met or am in touch with many people from BUF. Also I wanted to write about someone who is no-nonsense. :)
    No Roy, the treat is on me. Maybe you can buy the ice-creams.
    Take care & GOD bless.


    Hi Keshi girl,

    How are you doing? even I have not known Switchblade out of the blogosphere and therefore I choose to know him.

    Someday I surely will meet him.
    I am looking forward to meet you also someday Keshi dear.

  9. And just when you get comfy at Mahesh Lunch Home, i'll butt in.. whoever said three's a crowd. :P

  10. John honey, you will be the 5th one......besides me and Roy there will be Roy's spl sm1 and Kathy also....ha ha ha....

    5 is party time dude!

  11. wow.. the chamakchallo is here at last :P ( kidding sweety)

    @ switchblade.. yet to know him more :)

    thank u...

    kaha par ho aap aaj kal?? btw i was busy wid my friends wedding.. :) sent the snaps to ishi check it out from her :)

    luv u..