This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Friday, May 11, 2007

this is burf

hi, i am burf

typically that would be all that would comprise of my introduction but a dear friend is watching my back with a whip in his pockets and request on his lips.

i guess i have already been introduced though... by ishita. thanks for the warm welcome people. i would be supporting all the lovely [girls] people here :D if in any case they are facing any blog related technical issues.

the old friend from over my shoulder is screaming hoarse that i should write about an ongoing topic, which i guess is "who would you want to go out with if you have to who is a member of BUF?" frankly speaking i don't know about much people so i would write the names of all [you all know who all] and put it in a bowl and pick one.

and yes, i would like to know the top 3 issues that you people face [if any, because john is surprisingly doing a better job at maintaining it] when you access BUF.


  1. surprisingly??? That should've been amazingly

  2. welcome:)))

    lukin forward to workin wid u here....and gettin to know u better but of course...

    rem chai ka invite open raha... :)

  3. psst... could i bribe u to change all the names on the chits to messy? :D :D :D... name ur price mister... winks

    n abt the issues... how about segragating people on the basis of their location... errr again im being selfish... coz im planning a fun meeting of all bufers from mumbai :D

  4. hi burf.
    john for you also
    one thing try get a neo temp or find some other way to make sure the full page doesn't need to reload....

    i heard the song playing now about 50 times since morning ...:)

    to go and pause it everytime becomes tiring :)

  5. Hey Bachcha! How are you doing? Long long long time and I know I am the defaulter SORRY :(

    Welcome on board here.....I am sure you will add lot of value to tech support here :)

    Your cakes are due and so are your treats......will talk to you and meet you also soon.

  6. Hello Burf.:)

    Welcome Abroad.


  7. ... nice name dear, welcome here!! hope to know u more!

    ... see ya around!


  8. j - o yea!?!

    ishita - tnx

    messy - he he... tnx

    michelle - tnx

    vishesh - point taken, and tnx

    suchi - lol, okie, tnx

    jewel - tnx

    kath - tnx

    :) tnk u all a lot ppl

  9. Hey Messy, check the new link at the site. That was made keeping your suggestion in mind.

  10. helloooo

    webby burf :D .. welcome onboard :)

    n where is your snap?? :P