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Friday, May 11, 2007

Blog Update (Ishita)

The past two weeks have been very interesting indeed here at BetweenFriends! We’ve had a good response to the two topics apart from the new members who joined.

There are some changes that need to be addressed here today but before that thank you all for the support you’ve given us through your post contributions, comments, suggestions and ideas. To say that it was overwhelming would be an understatement.

BetweenFriends is not just a common space to blog but also a place to make and meet new friends. The best way to do that is by getting here as often as possible and acknowledging fellow BUFers. You heard me right…BUFers :-) ….that’s a term ‘Mala’ came up with in one of her mails to us! We liked the sound of it too. The whole idea is to be interactive and keep the spirit of friendship alive here. So if you are a part of this blog and haven’t yet commented on other’s posts, it’s time you did.

We have several pending invites kept on hold till we finish the next round of topics. We’ve also requested them to visit Between Friends and interact with existing members via comments, suggestions before we finally send them invites to blog and be a part of our ever growing family!

Below is the list of Blogathon Posts put up by members in their respective blogs and here at Between Friends, do visit and share your thoughts…

1. Vipul - Between friends
2. Mala - Blogathon
3. Harjee - Yaaron ke darmiyaan
4. Poo - betweenusfriends
5. Amy - Between Us Friends
6. Ishita - "Between Friends" - it ROCKS!!!
7. Kathy - between us friends

Thanks Guys :-) and anyone left out can still take it up. We’d really like that! :-)

And these are the members whose blogs are flaunting the Between Friends Badge!!

John, Suchi, Ishita, Amy, Vipul, Mala, Harjee, Poo, Sush, DJ, Rajiv, Deepthi, Messy, Kathy, Abhishek, Keshi.

Please note that it is essential you have the badge up so as to give this space, your space more visibility. You can pick up the code from here.

Now for the changes we’ve come up with. Please note that we’ve come up with these after a lot of lengthy discussions.

Keeping in mind the growing number of members here, we’ve increased the number of posts to 4 posts in a day. We would still like everyone to keep a reasonable gap between posts.

For one topic chosen the running time would be 10 days and for two topics chosen the running time would be 3 weeks and to reiterate, 4 posts a day maximum.

We understand that many of you may want to post per your convenience and may not be around to post on particular day or particular time. Our suggestion to you is to format and save your post in drafts. The Admin Team frequently checks the posts and we will publish the post for you on a first come first served basis.

This way we can stick to 4 posts per day and maintain a sufficient time gap and you can write and format the post per your convenience. Please note that posts saved by you in drafts and published by us will show as published by you!

Before formally announcing the new topic, we want to introduce you to Burf. He is our new tech support who will be working along with John in managing the template and blog features. Please give him a warm BUFer welcome everyone! :-)

New Topic

Starts on: 12th May
Ends on: 22nd May

The new topic for the following 10 days starting 12th May, 2007 is:

One day with anyone from Between Friends!Please make a note that you have to pick just one person from Between Friends and that too someone you do not know personally out of the blog world. For e.g.: I cannot pick Rajiv (but of course!), Suchi, Uttara, Mala & Puneet because I have met them personally. I can however still pick John, Rajbir, Keshi, Amy and some others I know via chat, calls, etc in the blogworld but haven’t ever met up personally!

Hope I’ve made that clear enough :-)

OKKK now guys get out your party hats, brush up your greeting skills because we have two BUfers celebrating their birthday today 11th May, 2007!! YAYY!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Vipul & Switchblade (Royston)!!!

Wishing both of you a ROCKINGGG day and a year full of excitement and dreams fulfilled! Where’s the party guys?! :-)

The song playing is especially dedicated to both of you…3 Doors Down - Kryptonite! ENJOY! :-)


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  2. ty for this update Ish!

    I voted for that topic as well...Im so excited just thinking abt it :) Lets see...I have like 20+ ppl to choose thats gonna be hard.

    also the badge code..I didnt know that it existed...mebbe I should read all the emails properly ha. ok I'll add that to my blog. TY!

    yep the wonderful family is GRWOING!


  3. ooops I almost forgot...



  4. you will be sending more invites?

    can't wait to start.

    happy b'day people.

  5. Happy birthday vipul and royston...........keep rocking!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Welcome Burf!!:D

    And Once happy birthday Guys!:D

    And thanks for this post ishi.:)


  7. My dear Principal ma'am (I believe that's the term used to define u nowdays)

    I would like to state that thanks to BUF (thank God bf nahi hai :D), I am always at the recieving end when things here get you worked up but yes I also get to see your happiness and joy when everything is going fine.

    This post is a reflection of all the things you all have achieved in the past couple of months and an indicator of even better things that will follow soon...

    Wishing a Very Happy Birthday to Harry Potter...oops...Vipul :D (yaad hai tujhe?) and Roy (Switch)!

    and a big warm welcome to Burf (u're a brave man...coz u have to work with this "principal" ma'am!..hahaha)...

    Wishing you the best always...


  8. hey i love the badge people...pls add the new arrival photuu

    Also a ? - so i gotta pick one from the gang and write bout one day in my life with her/him.

    wait did i get that right...

    and huppy b'day boys...

  9. IN-FOUR-Mation - Overload!!

    1. Good you have In-Creased the number of posts..

    2. Happie Budday Guys!! Hva a fantabulous year a ahead..

    3. BUFers.. er.. ( i am sure some light about this will click in some time)

    4. Acha jee aisa hai ..( Ok so thing is that).. another suggestion ( soo-jhaav).. Please .. please Have a pop up window for comments, and if possible .. please publish the feed for the comments also. If will be of great help as I can better utilize my RSS reader and not strain the poor Firefox reader who loves to hang!!

    5. and When did this "voting" for topics happen... like where did they quite come from? Hee hee!! Please someone tell me..


    6. and for the very iun-initiated...about this is something i have not quite completely understood..
    One day bole toh??
    havent met anya-ppl!!

  10. AA: Here you go, rss feed for comments-

    Topics keep changing every week. The popular ones become the following week's topics to blog about.

    Pop Up.. will look into it.

    reg. the new topic: Just write how you would spend a day with anyone from the BUF group (someone you haven't met in real)

    Hope this helps...


  11. Shoot.. the alignment is gone

  12. Johno d u usually wish ppl 3 times?

    btw was it Jac Daniels doin it? :)


  13. @Keshi... haven't you heard?? wishing ppl thrice brings good luck :P

    JD at 9AM?? No way.

    The posts got a bit disaligned due to the comment widget, so had to comment a few times to get it back to normal :P

  14. ....
    Oh guruji!!
    this feed linkz not working yaar..

    @ Three times:
    Well it happends when I have my tooth cavity opened.. and people misunderstand the echo as if i am repeating!

    @ JD:

    Well ..boss, what is the earliest ( in the morning... after waking.. )that you have had.. JD or ..any liquer!

  15. AA: Updated the comments feed. Check the sidebar. Let me know if there are anymore problems.

  16. hmmm... looking forward to the new topic... will have to think a while before writing it...

    happy birthday vipul and roy...

  17. Happy Birthday Vipul & Roy!

    Hope u had a slpendid time celebrating ur birthday :)

    Got lots of presents? HeHe..

    May all ur wishes come true :)
    Stay happy alwayz!


  18. .... Happy Birthday Vipul & Roy!!! have a blast guys... enjoyyyyy!! Godbless!


  19. Thanks everyone for the wishes

    Wishing a Very Happy Birthday to Harry Potter...oops...Vipul :D (yaad hai tujhe?) hehe yup sab yaad hai lol

  20. hey vipul, wishing you a very happy now belated happy bday...

    sorry for being so late.

  21. Hey Roy,

    Wishing you a very happy now belated bday.....hope you had fun :)

  22. vipul/roy

    wish you a very happy b'day dudes :)

  23. @BUF: Thanks so much for the wishes guys...its great to have so many friends out here...Im truly blessed.