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Friday, May 11, 2007

hello people! (Vishesh)

me on a horse...can't find anything better. I one who usually takes photos.Oh ya i love photography too :)

ha,at last got the invite.I just did a full football style celebration.
Ok, i am vishesh, Vishesh Unni.(I still am trying to figure out why my father had to add that Unni to my name.) I live in chennai. I am 15 years old.(though my friends call me a 5 million year old.)

I am a football freak, and a 100% arsenal fan.

I love writing poetry and my blog this is vishesh
is mostly about that or about (ahem) spirituality. I do not like rules and have a craze for turning (or) breaking it.I usually managed to get away from trouble in school,since i was(hopefully still am) in the "worst class".

I have more hobbies than i can remember,but blogging come up there with footie,violin,poetry and reading.

I started to blog about 10 months ago and thanks to the blogosphere english has improved like hell(before you start coming up with ideas of how bad i was take a look at this and my latest post.)

I let my personality be felt in the comment sections more than in my posts.

I am a very very emotional person.I have the habit of becoming emotionally very close to people and will get hurt very easily.a typical cancerian to say the least.

My music taste keeps varying according to my moods,which is as rest less as a electron.

well here ends the talk about me.I can keep lamenting on any topic for many a pluto year.

here's a comment chat btw. me and keshi on her post losing it.i am putting up all the comments which went past,hopeful it would serve as an insight(keshi hope you don't mind this):

**I have lost faith in human beings due to some experiences in my life. Though the people involved are no longer in touch with me, the lasting effects can haunt me from time to time.

**I lost my sanity long time ago.

**I used to have a bad habit of going behind people to convince them and to make sure they are ok - people who really didn't care about my feelings at all.

it still goes on and on...people tell me i am a big bore and one understands that i follow them because i like hurts...esp.when they have acted like they understand you...

**Used to own something called innocence and it was very very precious. I lost it as I grew up and the world isn't really a very pretty place. Happiness never lasts cos darkness comes to kick your ass. The only way you can survive is by being the happiness yourself.

learnt that the hard way....

..... i think there is a song called so much for my happy ending by avril...i used to like that donno why...

keshi:Vishesh u share alot of the losses with me.

I used to be like even 200 times to make sure that other person is ok...but those ppl prolly laughed at me back then. Now I dun bother at all.


lol :) do you believe in coincidence??

keshi: :) or it may be the Cancerian thingy.

me:i am finding more cancerians and people of my age now..then ever in my life....something crabby is up...

think there it ends.

sorry about that being so short, but couldn't find any other interesting thing...

i forgot to add i hate telling "I this.. and I that...." usually my intro will only be "i am vishesh" and nothing more.

ha,and found this photo,this too was taken a year back.I surely grown a lot taller now and a moush is almost there :)

the light shines the brightest


  1. welcome aboard dude... :)

  2. welcome on board kid dude:) you look so so sweet in that pic. hope to see a close up pic sm time soon.

    I am Aries and not a Cancer sweetie.

  3. Hello Vishesh..:D

    U are finally in huh!!? AWESOME..A fellow Arsenal fan.

    That was a pretty intresting Intro. Its good to know u more.


  4. Hey Vishesh.....Welcome on board...i keep noticing u here and there in the blogoshere....gud that finally u have made it...keep making comments....have a nice day ahead

  5. @dj: thanks :)

    @astral:oh,lol! my mom is aries...

    @jewel ray:yupie!

    @rajiv: but this is the first time i am seeing you in the blogosphere...

  6. AAOooo CHote sarkaar!!

    though i ma not the kind of person who is usually able to appreciate poetry :(..
    but you have some very interesting perspectives to life!!

    and HEY me aries too

  7. AA

    poetry is very easy to write and understand man.....

    glad you like them....

    lol this place is filled with aries..:)

  8. welcome vishesh

    and hope u enjoy ur blogging experience here at BUF

    @ rajiv ... patiji agar mere tarah roz aaoge @ BUF tabhi na sab pehchaanenge aapko :P ...

    when u get the time Vishesh, do read up Rajiv (hubby's) posts in archives...he doesn't blog anywhere else cept' in BUF

    Have a good wkend! Enjoy!

  9. thanks ishi...i read one of his posts and commented also.....

  10. ... aww ur only 15?? gosshh! and ur cancerian... that explains all ^_~ smart, intelligent, sensitive and ya moody hehe! sorry was crazy about astrology and i live all my life w/ cancerian people like Mom, sis, Kesh ^_~ BF (lol before na coz m married now) ;) and oops im taurean...hehe!

    ... welcome here dear, hope to know u more! see ya around!


  11. hi lil kath

    we cancerians sure are real special...i have always found that people can never undersatnd us and we do many mad is in us to have a touch of craziness.....

    taruean..ha....i think you are the first taurean i know maybe i forgot someone...

  12. Heyhey... I may not be a cancerian - but I reckon I'm real special too... :D

    Have seen some of your pics... they were nice... I like photography too... :)

  13. WC Vishes!

    U look great in all the pics. awwww so sweet :)

    I can u'stand ur feelings cos Im such a mighty crab too LOL! We Crabs r emotional and sooo darn sensitive. In a way its good but it can also be bad...atleast for me...cos I tend to get hurt too soon and shut down completely for a long time. That has happened with few ppl in my life and I really dun think I can go back to what it was...

    Anyways nice to have u here. Stay in touch mate.


  14. thanks sunrise

    keshi..ya i know..th4e cancerian pride i think...once we get offended never to speak to them a ardent follower of that :)

  15. You must be tired of reading the 'welcome' word. So I say, hope to see more posts from you.


  16. thanks Mr.J (: :) am a blogging maniac so i will keep doing it....i read and comment is abt 50 blogs..:D

  17. hello visesh,
    i can get the teenager instincts from ur post.. it will be interesting to know more abt u..this is diya droping in to say hi..

  18. hey vishesh..

    finally u made it here huh?? :P

    welcome to the gang .. :)


  19. @diya: :)

    @uttra:yupiee!! :) ;)

  20. Everything unusual from the post well at least the introduction part of it (beating around the bush). For once you make sense to me as a teenager. Check out his blog (don't blame me later --- do it only if you have the spare time to visit the hospital) and you'll understand what I mean.
    Take the hint Vishesh -- You and science don't go together
    Compare your restlessness to an electron. I know a lot of electrons which are stable.
    Firstly a pluto year is 248 years long.
    What do you mean the worst class?
    It was better than the other divisons in the Tenth by a long shot. A really long shot.
    "Used to own something called innocence and it was very very precious. I lost it as I grew up and the world isn't really a very pretty place. Happiness never lasts cos darkness comes to kick your ass. The only way you can survive is by being the happiness yourself." is more like him.
    Sorry for the excessively Long COMMENT. Maybe not.

  21. lol harsha ..

    that shows you haven't been reading my blog recently...

    :) ;)

    thanks for the intro and giving ppl my class mates pt of view :D.....

  22. def a teenager... no doubt on dat!! hey i'll say just one thing to you... "life is beautiful"... so never lose the ability to trust.. always trust... just be careful!!
    cheerio and god bless!!