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Saturday, May 12, 2007

One day with someone from BUF (Shooting Star)

Hmm!!! nice topic….my pick is the one and only Keshi .

I just dig her blog. The posts oh my god!!!!!! I mean it’s like my thoughts are resonating thru her words. She seems to be a very outspoken person…with lots of guts and very straightforward.

I would like to meet her and share lotsa thoughts on lotsa issues. It would be a long and rocking conversation I think.

And one day wud be way too short time but still am all for a day with keshi….what say keshi??


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  2. Nice one Shooting Star!

    I agree wif u totally tat Keshi is someone with lots of guts :)

    I love her posts too! They are so full of inspiration.. The posts may seem simple at one glance but actually there are things hidden beneath if we read carefully with our heart..


  3. Hello Shooting Star,

    Indeeds!! The girls got the gift of writing!!

    Juz ROcks!


  4. yes I agree one day will not be enough to get to know her :)

    hope sumday u get the chance to meet up wid her face to face!

  5. ... woww!! agreed w/ u dear, Keshi ROCKS!!! she's also the one i'm dreamin' to meet at least once in my life!! she's simply unique!


  6. awwwww ty Star HUGGGGGGGGZ! And I'd love to meet u too. I find u very interesting (tho I've only known u for a short time), gutsy, honest, out-spoken and a very smart woman. I like having conversations with such ppl cos I always learn something from yeah we'd totally hit it off and it wud be a rocking meeting. So when when? ;-)

    And TY so much Thumbee, Amy, Ish n Kath! When r we meeting now? Im dying to see u all!


  7. hey SS!

    u have picked the most wanted person :P

    She is more than what u have said there :) .. may be a post is too less to describe her.. u need a seperate blog indeed :D

    rock on girl!!

  8. Uttsy lolz u make it sound like Im Paris Hilton of BUF.