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Saturday, May 12, 2007

One day with Keshi from Between Friends

Nice interesting topic!

The person whom i wanna spend a day with would be Keshi! She is such a wonderful lady with a wonderful soul. A person who speaks straight from her heart without hiding a single thing. She also have these wonderful eyes tat can "electrify" u if u noticed :) She's someone who never fails to encourage me at all times. She is a great friend, buddy, soul mate & blog mate to me :)

Every time after i have published a new post in my blog. I will always wait so eagerly for her to leave some comments. I love it when my frenz leave comments for me to think thru. It won't feel as if I'm blogging to a wall or something. Through Keshi, i have also made more frenz. Without her, i wouldn't be here to share with all of u.

Want to know how we got to "know" each other? Well....... I was the one who visited her blog first :) Her posts caught my eye & heart... Its all so raw... No editing at all.. Upon reading the posts, i could even tear.. The first post which brought us together is "Meaningful Phrases to Share" from my blog & "Life is a Melody" from her blog.. From then on, we visit each other's blog to keep ourselves updated on how we are doing & give advices to each other :)

Keshi, u know i m a greedy gal, one day might not be enough for us to get together & spend time. I wanna see ur lovely family.... I wanna go to the beach near your place. I wanna go shopping with u. I wanna just lie beside u & chat thru the night... I wanna go to the Blue Mountains & take lots of pics with u... I wanna climb the long stairs with u to get to Princess Rocks... I wanna do loads & loads of things together with u. ^o^

I'm really greedy huh?

It is never easy to find someone whom can speak to ur heart & understand truly how u actually feel. When u find one, u must treasure this person...

Once lost, we do not know whether it can be replaced......


  1. Hello Thumbelina,

    Have got to agree with ya. This lady has got a great heart.;)


  2. Hi Jewel,

    Thanks! She has too many good things which i cant list them all down at one shot.. LOL!


  3. hi thumbe

    keshi really writes well doesn't she....

    the best part is she is very sweet in putting her views....

  4. Hi Vishesh,

    i agree! She really writes very well. How i wish i could write like her...


  5. yes i guess Keshi's post reach out to people coz everyone can identify with the emotions and thot's expressed there...

    nice post thumbee..:)

  6. ... amen to that Thumbee ^_~ why dun we just go to Sydney and date her ;) hehe... i think now is the the best season coz they're heading for winter awww.... cool na! m gettin' crazy of the hot weather here in Tokyo... what say sweetie? ^_~

    hows u now? feelin' better?
    get well soon! muaahh....


  7. Ishita,

    Yup! Keshi's posts sure reach out to many ppl...



    Lil Kath,

    Go straight to Sydney & date her? Great idea!

    Crazy hot weather in Tokyo? Singapore too.. Very hot too..

    Btw, i m feeling better already. but i duno how come whenever i feel i m better, those symtoms come back to me again...

    Hope i get real better soon.



  8. aww Thumbee how sweet! I was touched...deeply touched reading this. Thank u so much n HUGGGGGGGGZ!

    Shows how much u really appreciate my friendship and also how well n truly u read all my posts. Princess Rock climb will be one u'd enjoy to the fullest...if ur ever here, I'll take u there. And I'd luv to spend more than just a day with u too Thumbee. It wud be soooooooo nice! I can imagine how much we'll eat LOL!

    Each of us r unique in our own ways...each of us write our hearts out the way that we can. And I like ur posts for the personal touch in em and also for all the yummy pics u attach :)

    ty Thumbee, Amy, Ish, Kath and Vishesh!


  9. a haa... thumbee u too for keshi?? :P

    cool now i wud say she is most happening n wanted woman :P

  10. lolz shuttup Uttsy Bootsy.