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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

LO! (Abhishek)

"..Silently, ..he, would enter the party. Little smile at the corners( lips), twinkle in the eyes.
"hello"- you say.. "hello" .. he would say and smile!

Would listen, absorb, quip-in once or so! thats it!

After the next few times, just around the time you are concluding he is Those SHY types, you will be awed to see him in the centre of this group and making everyone laugh their brains out!

Yes, That was ME , a few years ago! and that HE, wakes up pretty often.
( Usually now, I move to the second phase more quickly..

Better know to a few in Blog-sphere since 2005 as AlterinG Abhishek. From what started as forced blogger registeration on Xanga to comment on a blog, has now become a very interesting expression, in the form of a foto blog, a One Liner Repositary and My life's Interesting Phases

Brought up in the City Beautiful of Chandigarh, I am an electronics engineer and have been wrinkling my nose that I have become 27 as of last month!

After working in Delhi for two years, and having travelled to Singapore, hyd, blr, chennai, jaipur, orissa, gujarat and likes.. I have found how much I just love travelling.

moved to mumbai now since last two year( yeah AFter delhi), I fear, that despite not liking the City in parts, I am becoming Mumbaiya and maybe starting to like it ( in the balance parts)

PunjabBBi By NatuRe, and I just love to break into Gurmukhi ( punjabi).. unluckily that is not usually possible here in Mumbai!!!!

( as latest as i could get)

During my (un)usual Philosophical bouts, I firmly believe, it takes MORE than a lifetime to know a (ever-evolving) person!

And you expect me to tell you about myself in a post!!

अछा अब बहुत हुआ !!

I am rarely as patient as this.. and IF I were to hear all of this in a conversation, after the first few lines, I would have..."चल यार बाक़ी बाद में , अभी चलते है , कुछ खाते है !!"

and खाने से I recall that i gotta give a 10 things about me or a recipe!!

Considering की no-one has posted andthing मीठा ॥
तो कुछ मीठा हो जाये !
Here is my personal favourite, and yes I have managed to SUCCESSFULLY make the same॥more than just fluke वाला once

( just that i need to call ma, to confirm the recipe, every time i make it, अब i have an email from her to publish it here and remeber for the good)

Chocolate ( Walnut) Brownie!!

( closest Googled Pic)
- 230gms(1Cup)
- sugar,2eggs
-10 gms butter,
- 85gms sifted flour
-1/4 tsp salt
-1/2tsp vanilla essence
- 1/3cup chopped walnuts (optional)
- 6 tbsps cocoa( YES SIX)
- 1/2tsp baking powder


1. Sift flour,salt and baking powder together.
2. Preheat oven to 360 degree F.
3. Beat eggs and sugar until eggs are lemon coloured.
4. Melt butter and cocoa in a double boiler until it becomes paste.( if you dont know what a double boiler is then... उफ़ !! :P just google it or mail me)
5 .Take off heat.
6. Cool slightly.
7. And add egg mixture.
8. Gradually fold in the sifted ingredients and add vanilla essence. ( fold and sift is a cake batter preparing method)
9. Mix in the walnuts.
10. Grease a 20cm square pan and dust with flour.
11. Pour the cocoa matter into it and bake for 30 minutes.
12. Cut into squares about 5 cm.when cool.

(Real pic, you might just spot me and my camera)

गरम गरम with Vanilla ice-cream and Hot chocolate!!
( can anyone smell it!!)


  1. welcome to the blog abhi...! ok to call u that i hope? :)

    ok...not that i monitor this blog 24X7 but tdy i am here at this rather absurd hour (I don keep late nites on school/weekdays coz waking up in d mornings and then waking the brat is tough in d mornings!!!)

    but here I am...

    interesting post...kaafi ghoomein ho...sahi hai :)...just curious to know where in orissa were u?

    the recipe sounds yummm... m sure banane gaye toh yumm hi banega...will try it out for sure esp. when i know yaha ghar pe everyone's partial to brownies and in dis weather brownies wid ice cream's wunderful...

    thanks fr sharing!

    hope u enjoy ur blogging experience here at Between Friends! :)

    Ps: i was up this late waiting to put in a post...waiting because i set up a rule that said not more than two posts in day (and hopefully a decent gap between posts!)...but well tdy's been quite an exception i guess...three posts in one day...WOW...and now yours...!! I hope i get lucky tmrw...and get a chance to squeeze in the post sitting in drafts! :P

    waking up tmrw is gonna be pure hell for me now....*sigh*

    g'nite :) ...

  2. and oh title pe naam daalna maine kar diya for ya...! :) ...

  3. Finally you made it. Good to see you here.

    During my (un)usual Philosophical bouts, I firmly believe, it takes MORE than a lifetime to know a (ever-evolving) person!

    And you expect me to tell you about myself in a post!!

    I rest my case :P

    Hmm and a nice brownie you have there. The closest I can get to a Brownie, I reckon was stealing them off from Coffee Day ;)

  4. @ IshiTA:
    no probs u can call me abhi!!

    Uth gaye aap ab subah!!
    GOD!! you explained more than once that YOU were late..!!!

    Ghoomien toh abhi kaammm hi hai.. aur bahut ghoomne ki tamanna hai.

    orissa mein, there is a place near Balasore ( erstwhile Baleshwar)..
    there is a restricted defense establishment somewhere there!!
    Amazing Beach!!( the water recedes upto a few kilometeres into the sea.. just cannot be explained in words)

    ( title daal denge madam agli baar se,, but please do something about the Comments.. make them in a pop window.. they take a long time to open.. and one cannot read other entries when the comment box is open)

  5. @ Mr."J",

    yeah buddy!!
    Lo main Aa gaya!! types..
    ohthese brownies come out real good..
    just that i dont have any set-up here in mumbai for making them..

    oh Cafe coffe day!!
    well these can be better than those veen
    (err. chalo ab bahut bol iya main apne bronies ke barien mein!!)

  6. WC Abhi!

    Nice to know a guy can make delicious choc brownie..and that too w.o. burning the house down. now I need to find someone like that hehe.


  7. welcome aboard abhishek,

    btw where have you seen me? kumbh ke mele mein?

  8. Oye punjabi putar Bale bale :))welcome haiji, twade hal chal kaise hai??

    twadi smile badi acche hai, and off course that glass of beer :)

    The recipe is really cool, and my fav is Chocolate brownie with Vanilla Ice cream and loads of chocolate sauce :)) mmmmmm

    Welcome to b/wfrnds :))

  9. Hmmm...Brownies. I enjoy them. And with that little last line that mentioned ice cream as toppings is super

    Welcome Abhisek.:D

    *** you will be awed to see him in the centre of this group and making everyone laugh their brains out!

    lol..I would like that. It would be awesome. :D

    Its great to hear that u have been to singapore. :)


  10. @ Keshi~~:
    Hello ji
    WC sounds like Wester Ceat or something!! ( Aing.. what !!! ur offering me the WC>>???????)

    oh the broniew..
    From "yan can ccok"..
    to"Rajbir can cook"
    i think we should come out with


    @ Jitendra::

    Oh yeah Some MAY-la!!
    wassup pal!!

    @ POO: Oye hoye..
    someone speaky THY language!!
    gr8 to hear from u!!

    "twadi smile badi acche hai"
    ( Blush Blush***)

    We should try and get together make some or all the recipes that people are giving!!

    @@Jewel RAYS::

    Sure we should all catch up and we will create this BIG ruckus till we get thrown out of wherever we are!!

    Yeah S'pore was loong back.. poor me was in office all the time and got just some time to roam around on orchid road wagehra wagehra!!

  11. LO? lol

    wat is LO? hindi wala ? :p

    Welcome aboard and to Mumbai :) u becoming a mumbaiya?? OHH good thats nice... :D u talk like munna bhai now?? ha ha ha

    n coming to the recipe.. that brownie is awesome.. kabhi khana padega ;)


  12. @ Uttara::

    LO Ji!

    Well LO as in any and many that you can think of.

    LO: LOOK Out
    LO: Hindi wala
    LO: Let OFF
    LO: (interjection) used to draw attention to something( from Dict.)

    LO: Leaning Over
    I can really really go on!!

    well yeah

  13. **I am becoming Mumbaiya and maybe starting to like it

    ur wrong... absolutely wrong abhi!!!

    "चल यार बाक़ी बाद में , अभी चलते है , कुछ खाते है !!"

    this language is definitely from someone whos typically mumbaiya.. so u havent 'started' becoming a mumbaiya... u 'have' become one... hehe

    welcome on here abhi... was wondering when u would get in... fun reading ur post :)))

    aaah n a lovely pic... kya hain haath main???

  14. Abhishek..

    that was quite interesting.. :D

    mumbaiyah huh?? cool.. ab ruko aapka testing hoga then only u will be a confirmed mumbaiker :D

  15. PUnJABBI BY NaTuRE......hmmmmmmmm.......i just luv the food of that restaurant.....some of my bengali friends are shocked and think am a bengal traitor.....anyways nice comment on my blog....

  16. howdy !!

    the brownie looks here i go feeling hungry again....


    good to know you better....senor AA,i thought you were a tailor!my,my...

  17. @ Messy Musings:

    " Messey JI, mhhhea mumbhaiya nahi hoon Meessy JI..."
    that was dharam paaji style u know..
    sorry for the delay hai jee..
    how was matheran!!!

  18. @ Uttara

    mera taeshTT hoga!
    ( I just hope you are able to pronounce the word..TAESHT.. as a phonetic play of test.. else i will record in the shout box..)

    arrey ek baat bolo.. what is the meaning of your name By the way!!

  19. @ Shooting Star:

    ee na cholbey!!
    no machli!!
    hee hee just kidding again!!

    @ Vishvesh:
    Err..? ok!..

  20. Btw, did you spill beer on your tee?

  21. lol :) the pic in your id and altering let me to that conclusion...guess i was thinking of clothes...... :)

  22. @Mr."J":

    Spill BEER!!!!!!!
    GROSS Wastage ..
    no way!!
    nahi yaar!! just that the tilt was probably giving a good effect

  23. @ Vishvesh:
    Oh Ok
    no sirjee!!
    its just says.. :no lifeguard on duty"

  24. oo pot@ Keshi:
    UH !

    I missed the "N"
    The Loo Pot!!

  25. ... aww what a yummy brownie there and u can cook huh? that's cool!! ^_~

    and hey welcome here Abhi.... hope to know u more! see ya around!


  26. Hi Abhi...Welcome!!
    Thats one very interesting and colorful intro...and an equally interesting recipe :p

  27. @ Lil Kath:
    Thank you so much!!

    I Am begining to believe that I shoudl not be multi lingual in my posts...

    or i think i will have to try and read quite a few other completely unknown languages!!

  28. @ Switch blade:
    Yeah buddy it sure is pretty drool!!

  29. hey Abhi its ok... i luv to learn hindi more... me fellow Indian dear, though only 30% na ^_~ my grand grand father is an Indian, Mom and Dad a mixed filipino-spanish but i can say im 80% Indian at heart lol! coz mostly my friends are. ^_^

    ... and now m married to a japanese and m livin here in Japan so i share here usually about japan! so chill... we can talk in many different languages u want hehe... kiddin'!

    see ya around!


  30. ur certainly not a loo pot!


  31. welcome aboard dude...
    and ur chocolate brownie sure does look tasty... **licking lips here**
    i gotta find something in the refrigerator now... its 2:30 in the night here ;)

  32. hello abhishek,
    such a mouth watering recipe.. sounds soo yummy n simple.. will surely try it out..

  33. omg u dunno how much u have impressed me by ur photographs esp :P

    i was talkin abt the walnut brownie ones and .. ;p