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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Elina AKA Thumbelina AKA Thumbee..

Hi everyone! I was browsing through one of my blog mate's blog & realised there is this wonderful blog she has joined. Being curious, i went into this blog & began reading the entries. It sure feels different here, until other blogs. Everyone is being themselves in this blog, no 2-headed snakes, no back-stabbers but only TRUE FRIENDS :)

Anyway, my name is Elina. I started to blog all of a sudden just last year, but my blog has more than 230 entries already :) Crazy blogger huh? I blog almost everyday unless i am sick or have no access to the computer. In my blog, i list down my daily life. All the yummy food i eat, all the wonderful places I've been, about my little cousin Shyen, all the photos i have taken......are all in my blog. Feel free to drop by my blog & remember to leave a "Friend Paw Print" in my Cbox to let me know u've been there ^o^

10 Things About me....

1. I love my boyfriend very very much! We have been together since 2000 until now :) Tat makes it almost 7 years! We have been through alot together & helped each other out through all the difficult times. We have broken up a couple of times before but still got together eventually. After all the ups & downs, our relationship has gotten much stronger than before. to make things even better, our anniversary, which was the first day we met, is on 24 Dec 2000! Christmas Eve... :)

2. I love my little cousin, Shyen, so much! She is very adorable & a very very quick learner too. Only 2 years old & she's full of tricks up her tiny sleeves until all of us can't stop laughing at the things she actually do. At first, all of us will be very mad at her but thinking back on wat she did, just brings in all the smiles & we'll also think back, where did she learn all those noti tricks from.. HaHa..

3. Weekends! I always look forward to weekends. Why? I finally get to spend quality time with my DearDear after our hectic working days from Mon - Fri. Even though sometimes he has to work on Saturdays, he would still bring me out to movies, shopping (window or real), have a nice meal outside.... :)

4. I hate my current job! anyway, i have already resigned and my last day would be the end of this month. I, being the only sole staff in the company, has to handle every single thing in the office. From reception to clerk, to operations, to warehousing, to admin, to accounts, to purchasing, to HR, to payroll! Even the pantry is 'dry', i gotta go & but the things all by myself. Excuse me.. I am a normal human being with only a pair of eyes, a pair of hands, a pair of legs, 1 nose, 1 mouth, a pair of ears & 1 BRAIN! I couldn't tolerate much longer due to added problems, tats why i tendered. My salary got delayed... My CPF hasn't been contributed into my account for months... **Sigh** now u know why i hate my job?

5. I love shopping! Be it window shopping or real shopping, i still love it loads! Window shopping - I get to compare & check out the new items & also the price... When it come to real shopping, then I'll know whether it is on "sale" or not. cos most of the times, it seems like the "Sale" is ongoing forever.. HaHa..

6. I love my family. Although we always bicker, think of each other as enemies, nag at one another... Family is Family. Nothing can change it, right? :) Blood is always thicker than water BUT........ There are also some things which one has to think over properly before doing it to prevent causing hurt to others even if its ur parents asking u to do it. Right?

7. I love music... I love to sing.. In secondary school, i was in the choir.. Without music, the whole place seems totally lifeless.. It becomes so quiet & it feels creepy... No matter where i am, there will always be music. Even when I'm cycling in the park or running on the tracks, I'll play songs from my HP to keep myself entertained. Now, as i am writing this blog, I'm listening to a song too.. Title: Reflection - Christina Aguilera

8. I hate back-stabbers. Esp when you really treat them as a true good friend from the bottom of ur heart & they come to back you from behind. It hurts really bad.

9. I tend to fall sick quiet easily. I also dunno how come. I often get migraines, gastric & diarrhoea.. Even now as I'm typing this entry, I'm actually on MC.. Yesterday i had a pretty high fever, almost 40 Degrees Celsius. Sickly girl huh?

10. I'm sort of a introvert. I tend to keep things to myself & not share them with others. I will only open up to a handful of ppl whom i can trust. I love to help ppl & sometimes duno how to reject ppl...

Tats all about me, i guess..

See ya around!


  1. WC Thumbee HUGGGGGGGZ! Lovely to see ya here.

    I told u long time ago to quit that job and get a new one. So why r u still in it?

    U look lovely in all the pics and I love ur lil cuzn. SO CUTE!


  2. hi Thumbee

    Glab to see you hear and to know you more now ;)) The pictures are really cute.

    I love my little cousin, Shyen...awwww she is o cute and adorable :))

    I hate my current job! - Good you are quiting!! Bad Boss huh

    8 and 10 - I am just like that :))

    So happy to see you here:))

    Huggsssss Beautiful, Keep Smiling always :))

    Get well soon :))

  3. ellooo!

    what an amazing effevesant post!!
    you like those bubbly people who just cant be shhhh-ed!!

    very cute cousin !!
    and she sure looks pretty Notti!!

  4. Hello Elina.

    Welcome to between Friends.:)

    Thats a cute picky of ya niece. She is cute. I share the same thign with u when it comes to still finding them adorable after all that notti litte things they do. :)

    And Wish ya all the best in ya next job. :) Its only till end of this month. so woot! woot! :D And thats a nice nick Thumbelina.:)

    Rock on!

    ~Jewel Rays.

  5. WC thumbee :)

    congrats for the new job..

    cute snap of ur niece v.cuteeeeeee

    welcome onboard!!

  6. hey tumbelina... welcome aboard... nice cute pic... :)))

  7. welcome to the blog Elina! :)

    this was a nice and interesting read! and luvd the pics....u r so cute!!!:)

    and ur niece is adorable!!....very sweet indeed!

    7 years is a long time indeed...wishin u both see many more years of togetherness and luv...:)

    aah good u quit that job...that was one crazy plc to be! have u got sumthin new now? wishin u all d best..

    u must sing us a song in the Voice msging box ok :)...

    and tk care of ur health dear....

    I hope u meet and make good frenz here @ between friends and u have a memorable time blogging here:)

  8. Welcome to the club. Hope your stay here will be a nice and a pleasant one :P


  9. Thumbee to Keshi -

    Dun be mad at me.. :( I have tendered my resignation letter but still gotta serve a month's notice tats why i m still there..


    Thumbee to Poo-

    Thank u! I am getting better :)

    Thumbee to Altering Abshishek-

    Thank u!

    Thumbee to Jewel Rays-

    Thank u! I like this name Thumbelina cos it hides my name in it :)


    Thumbee to Uttara-

    Thank u!


    Thumbee to Messy Musings-

    Thank u!


    Thumbee to Ishita-

    Thank u! I have an interview tml morning but am feeling kinda worried cos of my sore throat. Hope i won't spread germs to the interviewer.. HeHe..

    Its great to knew so many of u ppl on my first entry! Its like first day orientation in school :)


    Thumbee to Mr J -

    Thank u!


  10. u have had so many people welcoming could i stay behind...Welcome on board and enjoy ur blogging experience...and dont u worry u will crack the of luck...

  11. all mostall the bloggers started blogging out of the blue...itt is too addictive i get to be close to sooooo many people....all with brains too ..unlike orkut...but 230 entries ..?? you are missing 135...sick for 135days??

    i don't know i hate window shopping....if i go for a shop then i need to get something....

    not sharing things isn't a crime.....since no one bothers to do long as you help ppl who are close to your heart no props....

  12. Good on ya Thumbee! :)


  13. Thumbee to Rajiv-

    Thanks alot!

    In fact, i just came back from an interview :)

    So far so good..


    Thumbee to Vishesi-

    I started blogging in October 2006... 230+ entries, i think its alot.. HeHe..

    On some days, i can actually put up to 3 posts.. M i crazy or wat? HeHe..

    *if i go for a shop then i need to get something....

    - Last time i was like tat, i would just get something to tell myself, i've gone shopping. HaHa..

    *as long as you help ppl who are close to your heart no props....

    - I agree!


  14. hey welcome here Thumbee (cute name)... and what a lovely pics. there! cutee lil cousin too, give my hug to her!

    ** I blog almost everyday unless i am sick or have no access to the computer. **

    whoaa! u blog everyday? i envy u sweetie... ^_~

    ... u sounds interesting, looking forward to know u more! see ya around!


  15. Hey Thumbelina...Welcome aboard.
    230 posts in a year!! That's what I call a dedicated blogger!

    PS - Ur cousin is a real doll!

  16. welcome aboard...
    enjoy ur journey with everyone here... :)

  17. hello tumbellina,
    nice name.. n i know its fun with tiny totts.. i enjoy their company a lot too..