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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Introduction to Miss Obnoxious(Michelle)

I stumbled upon Betweenusfriends and I thought it was a wonderful idea and I got to hand it to everyone that has played a role in keeping it so systematic!

I started blogging two years ago and its really amusing to read all my posts from the time I began to now...part of me feels so great to read certain things and another part really makes me want to guffaw about how silly I used to be.

Anyway, I'm 17 years old and I'm currently on vacation(Whoop pee da dee doo) awaiting my 12th results :-S.

Well, I could go on and on AND ON but i guess the topic will pretty much say it all about me

10 Things About Moi(it would cause you to call a fire brigade if I could cook)

1.I am quite the extrovert(or so I think) but yes I love being around people.I love talking to different people and I love meeting new people(provided they aren't crazy psychopaths that would want me to join some cult and then eventually kill me)

2.I love languages.I'm quite fluent in french and am currently learning Japanese, which I must say is my weekend treat(seriously).

3.I always end up being the ''teacher's pet''(not the annoying know-it-all type though)...which is why people tend to hate me during classes.*Evil laugh*

4.I am so punctual its not funny.I will be there before time but I will never be late for any kind of rendezvous or class or gym or even a lecture(yes, I need therapy)

5.I am a total fitness freak(wow, I'm the extremes of everything :P).I love gymming and I am super weight conscious which is why I hate people with a high metabolic rate.I ate only celery for a whole week to lose my last kilo :P

6.I live for music.Name a song, I've heard it(including russian, japanese and french)

7.I love adventure but I like my life/routine to be predictable at the same time.

8.I love to write.The way I write always depends on my mood though(currently-sarcastic)

9.I love experimenting-be it food(sigh...), music or clothes...One day you'll find me dressed all retro and next minute I'm feeling boho!

10.I love talking.I might be shy at first but once you know me really well, its jabber jabber jabber :P

So, enough about you doin'? ;-)


  1. Welcome on board Michelle. At 17 I guess this makes you the youngest on this blog.

    I live for music Your music mania sure seconds that ;)

    Looking forward for many more posts and hope to see you active on this blog.


  2. Welcome onboard fisshhy....:)

    yo! u forgot to mention so many imp facts abt u...
    -u r in the shower atleast 10 times in a day...:D

  3. @Mich: Hey! You certainly do seem to be at the extremes of everything...

    PS - I was a teacher's pet too...blame it on the dimples :)

  4. rajbir -
    haha well thats reduced to twice a day now :P no time ;-)

    switchblade -
    hahah wut shud i blame it on? :P

  5. "Name a song, I've heard it(including russian, japanese and french)"
    -- have you heard the songs of the *superhit* bhojpuri movie "kab hoyee gawna humaar"? :D:D

    welcome on board Ms (Jabber)^3

  6. ***how you doin?
    - should we read this in joey accent?

    welcome aboard....

  7. awww look who's here???? gorgeous Mich hows u?? nice to see u here sweetie muaahh!!

    ... hey lookin' forward to talk to u in japanese only hehe lol!! i know u can speak a lot now... woww and u can speak french too?? whoaaa... that's cool!!

    ... gambatte ne!

    ... music freak?? hehe yeah, yeah i know that even before ^_~ any japs song u can sing for me now sweetie?? ^_^

    enjoy and catch u around!


  8. ooooooooooooh mah michhh izzzzzz here

  9. hey michelle:)...welcome!! and m glad u chose to do "10 things" well wid the intro!!:) there u have kathy here all excited and lukin forward to sum chit chat in japanese:))...!

    teacher's pet...ohkkk:)...and not annoying??! brilliant :P

    "I love adventure but I like my life/routine to be predictable at the same time...One day you'll find me dressed all retro and next minute I'm feeling boho!...I might be shy at first but once you know me really well, its jabber jabber jabber :P" ....!! Interestingggg :))... contradictory things there... and i luv that in ppl...makes them all the more fun to know:)

    I hope u'll have a fun time here in between frenz....enjoy!

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  11. =>jitendra - lol bhojpuriii???? :O all i know bout bhojpuri is that it is a very very sweet language :P

    =>dj - u betcha!

    =>kathy - hehehe heyy i listen to a lotta japanese songs...and they r pretty good @ hip hop!so desu ne? anata wa kire kute kawaii desu :P hope i got tht right hehe

    =>vipz - ello vipziee

    =>ishi - haha i love talking in annoys my mom tho cuz i sit jabbering to myself in japanese and i try not to be the annoying teacher's pet :P thanks a lot!

  12. Welcome Abroad Michelle. You sound like a great personality!!:D Awesome. Some more spice into the blog has been added. :P

    You sound like real interesting gurl over there. Hope to get to know u alittle more as time goes on.:)

    And hey hey looking good in that pic there ..;)

    ***I live for music.Name a song, I've heard it

    Now i knoq u are eligible to be a Dj anytime anywhere.;)

    Rock on!

    ~Jewel Rays

  13. okay i ate up my 'a'

    ***You sound like real interesting gurl over there.

    You sound like a real intresting gurl over there.


  14. welcomeeeeeeeeeeeee aboard

  15. -jewel
    thanks amy! yeah the dj thing is still on my to do list :P

    thank you!!

  16. heyyyyyyy welcomeeeee... hows u girl? nice to see u around :)))

    never knew u were learning japanese!... thats cool...

  17. I love that pic of ur's Michi!

    btw Im gonna test ur Music knowledge now that u asked us to :)

    Have u heard of the group Fine Young Canibals?


  18. a ha look who is here

    welcomes with loads of flowers n chocolates .. n umm pizzas n pink tee n levis jeans.. n some music ;)


    i know u love all the above n more :p

    yes u are toooooooooooooooo extrovert :p

    thats nice teach me now :p

    how cuteee .. u r sweet so u tend to be :p

    thats good please teach me.. i always end up late :( no matter what i do .. :(

    now i have too joined the club ;) so please welcome me :D

    yeah the whole world knows this :d



    u do write well.. :)

    hahahha thats cute

    we all know this as well.. heheh


    huggggggggggz michhyyyyyyyyyyy

  19. Hey Michelle

    Welcome dear and you are beautiful :))

  20. =>messy - im good messy thanks!

    =>keshi - of course lol! i love british bands!

    =>utuu - welcomes with loads of flowers n chocolates .. n umm pizzas n pink tee n levis jeans.. n some music ;)

    wowzerzzz that is EXACTLY wut i love lolll thanks soo much uttu!!

    =>rajiv - thanks rajiv!

    =>poo - aww thank you :)

  21. wow

    so many tie-ps( types) of Moozik!!
    send me some russian, JAPANESE music..
    i wanna hear!!

  22. hey.. luks lyk u r one ummm.... systematic person!! hmmm...... u knw wot, one of my fav pastimes is to throw such ppl totally out of gear..... love irritating, u c!! :P
    nice to know u michelle....
    so "how u doin'?"

  23. -keshi - ;D

    -sam - lol! we'll have a competition to throw one another outta gear...wut say?