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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Spiderman 3 Movie Review (Switchblade)

Movie: Spiderman 3
Directed and Written by: Sam Raimi
*ing: Tobey Maguire,Kirsten Dunst,James Franco,Thomas Haden Church,Topher Grace

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Its been a while since I've written a review on any movie...and this movie in partcular is one that I've been waiting to see for nearly about a year now...yeah thats right... a whole year!

As I sat through the movie last night I thought to crap!! The movie is a classic case of too much turning out to be not really enough... Handling a project with an emotional superhero is one thing but its a whole different ballgame if you got 3 supervillians to boot. Sadly director Sam Raimi wasn't able to delve into each of the villians well enough which resulted in a shallow character build-up.

The love triangle between Peter Parker, Mary-Jane Watson and Harry Osbourne (Green Goblin Jr.) seemed to be the major part of the storyline with the Sandman and Venom taking a backseat. Venom infact isnt seen until well into the second half of the film. The special effects are the saving factor of the movie with the fight sequences bigger and better than ever before...especially the four way finale which is a complete brawl between the four super-powered humans and Mary Jane hanging in the balance like the proverbial damsel in distress for the third time in the row..(she played in a very similar part in the previous two installments of the series)

So go watch this movie if you are a true marvel fan...if it anyway for the special effects. Afterall how can you miss a summer blockbuster? However those who are Spidey fans to the core might be left a bit disappointed coz of the high expectations that this movie has to live up to.

Amazing special effects and fight sequences.
3 supervillains for Spidey to handle.
Gwen Stacey looks really good :)
Brilliant performances by Topher Grace(Eddy Brock/Venom) and James Franco (Harry Osbourbe/Goblin Jr.)
Hilarious cameo by Bruce Campbell of Evil Dead fame.

Shallow character development.
Spidey crying his eyes out like a third standard girl in a pink frock.
Sam Raimi taking a bit too much liberty with the comic sequences involving Spidey (You'll know what i mean if you watch the movie)
Kirsten Dunst's (Mary Jane Watson) sub-standard performance.

Overall Rating: 6/10

Pop Quiz!

Spidey does one of the following in the movie...guess what it is??
(This is for those who havent seen the movie)

a. Steals a lollipop from a small girl
b. Plays the piano and does an impromptu salsa dance at a jazz bar
c. Goes out web-slinging completely naked and flashes the public

PS - If ur watching the movie make sure you catch the last scene where they show Mary Jane's hands close-up....someone forgot to wax! XD



  1. Saw the trailers and couple of pirated scenes. it looks ok to me. Soundtrack listing isn't impressive either.

    But I totally dig the dark spidey suit.

    And hey, spoiler/plot ending... everyone knows Spidey will win in the end.. if he doesn't then it's sure gonna be a huge flop. ;)

    Nice review there.

  2. hahaha @ mj needs to wax :S well m seein it this monday...frnds have told me its a total drag...but hey, its spiderman!

  3. @J: The black suit is awesome!! Spidey should stick with that one comparison I find the red suit a bit gay :)

    @Michelle: Worst case may find it a drag too...atleast the hairy hands will keep you attentive til the end!

  4. ... not seein' the movie yet but its showing here now in movie theaters (Tokyo)... will try to download from bitcomet lol!! hate to go on crowds! ;)

    nice review dear!! thanx for sharin'!


  5. ahaa....i saw the movie before reading ur review here :P

    and this review gives a rather a clear picture of what to expect!...

    I luvd spidey's black suit too....he lukd gooooddddd ;-)

    I hated the fact that harry had to go... :((( ... i thot he overshadowed spidey in dis!

    but watching the movie at IMAX was WOW...coz that screen does total justice to the action scenes...thrilllinggggggggggg stuff! .... !!!

    now abt u take up "movie reviews" as ur special feature here?? a review every week/fortnight/month? pick ur frequency and lemme know? :)

  6. okay, now I can safely go watch the movie. :)

  7. @ishi: Thats a neat idea...I'd like that...but I ust warn you i dont watch too many hindi movies...its mostly Angrezi for me.

  8. Would really like it if the answer is (B) for the pop quiz.

    Well after reading the review, i would say. THE DVD Sounds good. Though i have to confess that the black spidey suit arouse my curiousity greatly.


  9. switchblade..:D

    i saw this movie b4 reading this.. n i hated this movie like anything it was sooo boring n longggg.. n we also noticed the unwaxed MJ heheheh

    good work
    but i loveddd the grapics thats awesome!!

    i want the original spiderman :(

    tc n thanx

  10. Good review here...

    Must tell u just how disgusted ishi was when harry died... I think she's giving up the "spiderman" series forever!!

    I agree the best part was watching the movie at IMAX. Did full justice to the action scenes.

  11. I got bored watching SpiderMan3..the first and second part was more intereting than this one.

    Over all Okish :)