This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Eternal sunshine....Deepthi

There are people who mind their own business,there are few who mind others too.I belong to both the functions.So,I am the loner mixed with people around me.I love to entertain and to get entertained on everyday basis.Cannot think of starting a day without a hot cuppa filter kapi.You will find a book,a toothbrush,a camera and an opener and a bottle of water in my bag(my survival kit).You can find me in this coffee shop readin a book or cachin up with friends on a weekend.

I am a single mom,have a (Calvin for kid)his name is Akshat.Love the time we spend togehter.Being a single mom is great and I recco it to anyone.I work as a BPI lead for an MNC and want to turn into a proffessional photographer in another 2 years.Have plans to get into this school in Ooty by next year.

I am very short tempered.If i see injustice at home or on the street I voice my opinon.Keep getting into trouble on streets.If I see a guy teasing a girl on road,i will walk upto him and thrash the hell out of him.If I see an old lady being treated bad,I will ensure she gets treated like a queen.So,that gives u a peep into my side of Mind.

Read a lot,I am alomost done with few short stories and hope some agent gets them published :).

As you see i am not doing a great job writing bout myself.So,hope my posts do the talking....


  1. wow! i love photography...ur definitely what girl power is all about deepthi!

  2. Looking at that pic of urs gives me an idea of forming a band named betweenusfriends in future, u r looking pretty comfy with that drumset, i'll get on with the guitar and we hv amy who's a nice singer....who knows in future we get members who can take on with the rest of the instruments...:)

  3. Wow..Hi Deepthi.

    Ya Intro left me in awe. I am pretty admirable of the lady you have presented in ya intro.:))

    And that pic with ya snapping with the drums and the fact that u are into music is A.W.E.S.O.M.E. attrative i must say..:D

    Hope to get to know u more!!

    ~Jewel Rays

  4. @ Southpaw

    lol Southpaw..Good idea..:)

    And would u know i have got a nice voice without hearing me sing..:P:P:P

    hahahaha..:P Someday aites.

    And if i am not wrong..John can sing too?
    ~Jewel Rays.

    Rock on man!

  5. @Jewel rays
    Performing on stage is not a joke, u must know what u r doing and u did that last week right, so lets come up with a band in future pretty girl...whata say?:D

  6. thnx for the rocking welcome peole.
    @michelle- thnx for the complimento on the pic...and i am just another sodding soul,who lives by her rules.

    @southpaw - thnx for the welcome note.and yes we will start the band and perform all over the world.and your take on future members lol on that one....

    @Jewel rays - :) i was kinda not sure wht to write in my i wrote wht i could do best and was honest...hoping to cht with ya soon..that pic hols great memories,it was clicked on easter at a frnds plc and that was one hellava day..will write a post on that on my blog soon..

  7. ooooooooooooh nice pic really inspiring
    and welcome abroad we got a nice photographer in here now hehe

  8. hi deepthi:)...good u finally made it! and this intro made a very interesting read indeed...can't wait to get to know u btr:)...and more mommy on board!:)...that makes 3 of us here...the other two bein kathy and i :)

    and that's sumthin i'd luv to learn too...fascinating...u must share pics u've taken here...

    lukin forward to ur posts .. have a gud evening:)...!

  9. welcome to betweenusfriends, Deepthi. Simply love the kind of persons you have described yourself to be.
    will look forward to your posts..

  10. Hey Deepthi...welcome!!
    You seem like a very interesting person...would like to see you inaction on the streets...we definitely need more people like you around! Respect!

    Waiting to hear more from you...
    PS - A lady with a drumset....NICE!

  11. Deeps... welcome aboard.. from that infamous mutiny we led at work to the cuppa teas we had and cab rides early in the mornings.... good to see you in a common place.

    Keep rocking!!

  12. @ Southpaw

    *** so lets come up with a band in future pretty girl...whata say?:D

    All of us has to cross boundaries to make happen.:)

    @ Deepthi

    ***..that pic hols great memories,it was clicked on easter at a frnds plc and that was one hellava day..will write a post on that on my blog soon..

    Will look up for it.


  13. @Jewelrays
    But it wud be worth doing that, m sure abt that...:)

  14. @vipul - thnx for the warm welcome,lets rock sometime :)

    @ Jewel - will write one for sure on that in a week

    @ishita - thnx girl,and me glad that mommy brigade is on roll.i am really gttng lazy on that click bit,got to bring the camera in frnt soon.

    @mala - thx mala,i am looking forward for yours too.

    @switchblade - hmm i am boring man too boring,just laze around the whole day with books,camera and thinkin :) and thnx the drumset was the only one for 8 of us

    @John - boy thnx for getting me here and get back soon.

  15. welcome aboard...
    looking forward to read ur short stories... :)

  16. hey welcome aboard:) and You sound like an interesting person:)

  17. welocme deepthi to this club..

    n its nice knowing ur bindaas attitude :)

    n as rajbir said u guys can surely form a band "betweenusfriends" ;) me n ishi will be on side dancing on the nos. lolzz

    n hey raj we have DJ who plays the piano ( i guess) he wrote this on his intro post. .:)

    chow guys!

  18. Hi Deepthi...

    Welcome to the blog and looking forward to getting to know u better!

    Wow...I think I can know call u "Jhansi ki Rani" ... I like that attitude in you @ "If i see injustice at home or on the street I voice my opinon.Keep getting into trouble on streets. .. Keep it going!

  19. Hello Deepthi

    I like ur attitude ..You rock !!

    cheers :))

  20. @ Dj,yahsita,uttara,rajiv and Poo - thnx a ton guys for that great no rani nothing :).me just another soul,who would want to live and let live i guess.i am getting to knw you guys by reading your posts and blogs...and boy me glad....

  21. hey deepthi,

    i did all that you said and now i am out of it well almost :)

    thanks for the comment....

  22. oye hoye!!
    Ok I will..not repeat the well come......

    COz i came fater you!!

    but great to see and now know and amazing strong persona!!

    and the BAND( No Baja) is a great idea..
    I dun sing or dance or play..
    but sure can do some odd thing to be on the band!!

    but the drummer pic is really good
    who took it???

  23. WOW thats u Deepthi, lovely! WC aboard girl.

    Ur a single mum and ur enjoying it so much. GIRL POWER yeyyyyyyyyyyy! I admire ya n I think ur a very strong woman. Lovely to know u more.


  24. hey Deepthi... glad to see u here ^_~ its nice to have 3 super mom's on BUF... hope to know u more sweetie! see ya around!

    ... Happy Mother's Day!