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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Astral Indeed (Suchi)

This may really come as a surprise element as I was just not keen on writing about the ten things about me. I was all set to put up the post on my favorite recipe, which I still may do in case I can manage some time. Cooking does not particularly synonym with my name but I do manage some good fluke cuisines.

But what made me write about ten things about me??? Hmmm, it was my name. My name has 10 alphabets, which motivated me to write ten things about myself, so here I flow…

S - Sweet, yes I know I am pretty sweet as a person and to look at also… ha ha ha that’s called conceit. Anyway, that is me :)

U - What do I say maybe unique – GOD broke the mould after he created me… cheeky, ain’t that? Ok, I would go with Ultra-sensitive. I am, seriously, as a person very very sensitive. Smallest of things hurt me and the biggest of them just go unnoticed by me. Even a rude comment or a joke at my expense coming from someone who even means a bit to me, can tear me apart. However, the reaction solely depends on the relationship (close/ distant) I share with that person.

C - Chirpy – yes, that is surely me. Except for some phases where I have always been down, but I missed my own chirp chirp. I love being happy, small things can delight.

H – Honest – I am very honest. Down to the core, hate hypocrisy and just cannot be a diplomat [though I am taking classes from Ishi on that :)]. Well on a more serious note I just straight on your face kind of a person. Do not expect backbiting or backstabbing from me.

I – Intelligent - research has proven that I am very intelligent, well goes with the community I hail from. I am a bong remember? :) I love to my grey cells doing the overtime.

S – Sincere – I am very sincere to my relationships, my work, my GOD, to things that I do.

M - Maternal, Magnanimous – please do not wonder why there are two words here. I am presently undergoing an official training and I asked some people for a word with the alphabet ‘M’ that would describe me and this is what they had to say. I am maternal especially with the smallest bit of things like if everyone has had food, not/ not letting someone else either to polish off all the biscuits from the plate, taking care of younger people, taking care of colleagues and likes.

Our trainer named me Magnanimous, wonder if my weight had a hand in that even though he assured it did not. He he he!!!

I – Irritating – this is an absolute honest confession! See I told I am very honest. I do get pretty much on people’s nerves with my advises, thoughts, feelings etc. etc. Working on improving that trait.

T – Torrential – I flow pretty violently. I would always take that extra step and go that extra mile for people I care. My emotions, passions, jubilations, frustrations everything flow. In a way, it is good as I can vent out the negative feelings in me and get inflow of positive thoughts.

A – Aggressive – This is my perfect synonym. This is the first compliment I get from people. However, isn’t this what a Tigress should have??? Royal Bengal Tigress to be precise!

Overall, I am a brilliantly terrific person to know, if you get to know me at all. Even people around and close to me cannot claim that they know me well. I may come across as an open book but that is a perception and may not be so true.

I believe in living life passionately even though there is only one passion to be passionate about……Try it my way; I am sure you will like it too.

Ps: Asked ishi to pick a song for me...something she thinks would remind her of me and below is her music choice. Enjoy :)

Eagle by ABBA :-)


  1. me firstttttttttttttttt

    ab main aati hu padhke :D


  2. lol uttsy... lemme say something before u do... welcome in suchi... :))

  3. i love the way u put the things about urself across...was very different and loved reading bout u...i love ur glares hot!

  4. @ suchi..

    u r indeed swet like the ice creams n chocolates.. heheh


    u r wayy to unique and sensitive...
    but u r too nice hun.. dont let things affect u ... :)

    oh yeah,, ekdam chirpy :p

    honesty is the best policy.. hehhe u say wat u feel straight on face.. " absolutely "

    "jhoot bole kawwa kaateee..."

    kidding... aakhir main meri friend jo hai .. hona hi

    true.. :)


    yeah ask me abt it.. u r way tooo caring :D :P

    ( bhaagti hu ab.. )

    na u aint.. huggz..

    muaah choo chweet of u.. :D


    amma hai sabki tigress se kam nahi hai.. ishi ki bhi maa ho aap

    u r in short cute/ lovable/ sweet/ beautiful/

    love u hun!!


  5. @neha...

    she is here already baba... y u welcoming her:p

  6. innovative way of telling us about urself :)

  7. lol :) you sound like a cancer..??

    maybe you should write about diet sweets or something??

  8. okk...don even ask what i went thru to get this post in!!!! :P

    anyway will fill u in wid details when u get home :)... one crazy day I had tdy such...crazy bad happy fun..sadd...everythinggg!

    you are all the things u've listed and a lot more! and i know that best of all....and if i get down to writing about u, forget this comment or a new post, i'd need a whole new BLOG!!!!!! :P :)))

    @ vishesh ... definitely no where close to a cancerian!!! will let her reply to ur commen...just had to forewarn u here :P

  9. Hey hey goodlookin' whatcha cookin ;)

    Apart from Ishita you have no clue how traumatised I was and actually was relieved when this post got published.

    It has truly been a blog experience that I won't forget in a long time to come.

  10. :)
    What ascintilating pic!!
    ek shades ke peeche kya chupa rahien hai jee!!

    and Mr."J".. thoda light dalein on you kriptic messages..

  11. hi Suchi.:)

    Looking good in those glasses.cute pic.:)

    Interesting characteristic Suchi. An impressive and attractive tigeress indeed.hehe..:D

    i love S - Sweet.:)

    Hope to get to know u better.:)


  12. suchi tussi achcha to likhte hi thei par aisa maine nahi socha tha...cha gayee ho...aise hi likhte raho achcha lagta hai....take care and keep writing

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  14. Sorry abt the first comment, there was typo error.


    Wow.. Wat a new way to say 10 things about yourself :)

    i can't do tat cos my name only has 5 letters (ELINA) LOL!

    Maybe i could use my nick, Thumbelina.. :)


  15. @ishita:ok...the lamb can see the knife getting sharpened...

    gulp gulp.......

  16. hey pretty eagle hows u? Lovely pic there!

    I can be quite aggressive but in a very passive way.

    Nice list there girl.


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  18. hey lovely pic. there Suchi! ^_~

    ** am pretty sweet as a person and to look at also… ha ha ha that’s called conceit. Anyway, that is me :)

    ... yeah, u look and sound sweet always ... i can say that by ur words, i remember ur scraps on orkut, ur soo sweet! btw... its been a while ,i haven't seen u there?

    nice post! glad to know few things about u! muahh!


  19. phuntastic way to write in a post.. i cant even think of words for the letters of my name.. bleh!!

    missed meetign u in m'bai warna pataa lagta kitna sach aur kitna jhoot likha hain :P