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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Ishq Vishq Pyaar Vyaar ;-) (Ishita)

A lot of gyaan has been shared on dating fundas….Can I add more? Nope coz everyone’s covered most of the points anyway! But okk lets go ahead and make this post a little different :). I’m going to talk about dating but NOT first dates….

But before I do that I have to say I think the most vital point made in most posts is being “comfortable” with yourself and with your date. It’s obvious we’re on a date with X Y Z coz he/she is interesting to us and we want to get to know them better. And he/she agreed to be with us coz well the same thought was running in his/her head….so why try and be something we’re not?

Back to the kind of dates I’d be happiest in … not first dates but with someone I may have been with for sometime…

Of course presuming the guy is my dream guy ;-) … yeah he could be as real as my hubby or as unreal as the dreamiest guy ever born! Mera choice hai bhai…

I’d luv a date which would last through the day and ummm…yeah the night. And if alls going perect...I'd want it forever! Doing all the mundane things like making……good conversation (get that look off your face heh!), having nice meals…one definitely a home cooked one (I guess that would ideally be dinner *ahem*)…music is an integral part of a home date…so that’s gotta play in the background….soft and soothing :)

Well, cooking together can be crazily romantic and more so if both share the same passion for food as much as they do for each other! So pick out some recipes to try out…

Watching a good movie (a common choice) together is a fun thing to do too…arguing over which one to watch can be fun too esp. when u get to make up soon after…

Ever tried reading a book together? :) It’s the most relaxing thing to do and one can that sometimes lead u to some of your most satisfying conversations…debating the merits or demerits of books and movies is a nice way to even check out how alike you are or not! :P

Hmmmm…or you could try dancing together :)

Did I mention you should try and turn off your cell phone?!? Or keep it on silent? :) Now that’s a big turn off @ receiving a call in the middle of a nice dinner, movie, conversation and err… everything else u might be indulging in :)

I guess the point I am trying to make here is the kind of time you spend with your date. By that I essentially mean quality time. One can stay busy at work through the week….work can overwhelm us but when you do get that time with your special one, make it truly memorable. One can shut out work for a while…I am sure :)

If time permits, get away for couple of days. There’s nothing more romantic than being with someone in an unfamiliar but beautiful place…two’s always company with a couple who’ve been dating for a while and three’s always a crowd! The “meet in an open place” works well in first dates but is a total NO in the kind of date I’m talking about :) …we certainly don’t want any company!

I prefer the quiet kind of getaways…where I can do most of the things I mentioned above. Ok maybe not cook but order room service instead :P … but for some people, getaways could involve a lot of outdoor activities too….adventure sports, trekking/biking together…anything works so long as it leaves you with memories to cherish!

The whole point is doing things together. And sometimes just being together and not doing anything at all…have u ever shared each other’s silence? Where you know you’re just happy being there and ditto for him/her… it's bliss :-)…

I guess when u follow all the dating advice given for the first dates…in the previous posts and you do end up with that special someone, my points would work for u guys/girls too :-) ...If you were to ask me how to define a perfect date? I'd say it's perfect when at the end of it, I wanna be with the person again...and again....and again ;-)

That’s it for now…long post I know! :P… But I’m off for the 3 day weekend so I won’t be getting here till Monday! Enjoy your holidays ppl :-)


  1. *smiles* Coming from a lady who has walked throught he path. I have to say i am very much drawn to your post and agree with almost all the parts. Its magical.

    Thanks for this one.

    Cheers! enjoy the trip aites..

  2. Ishi this is really cute...:) In this post sound like a 16yr old girl excited by all the dating fun...I wanna feel that way right I'll be bak with my post soon :):)

    **And sometimes just being together and not doing anything at all

    yeah...I love that. w.o. all the fuss and anxiety...just be. Thats the BEST.

    HUGGGGGGGGZ I missed ya!

  3. so beautifully written... n so much more fun.. the silent walks.. the playing with hands... the talking of eyes... not something for a first date... this is for some mature relationship.. :)

  4. ... awww soo sweet but still theres a mature part there... that's lovely lady Ish, like for always muaahh!

    ** I’d luv a date which would last through the day and ummm…yeah the night. ** awwwww... haan!! *wink* ^_~

    enjoy weekend!