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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Dating Fundas (Pavan)

First of all guys, I just wanna say Im sorry for not being around since the inception of our little group. I was involved in a car accident with a drunk driver and it took time to get over all the injuries and all the other things which came along with it. but I am back now.

To start it off, the topic of dating fundas came one year late for me i guess because I met my fiance just a year ago, I could have used this a couple of years back. I like the suggestions that many of you have given. However now let me give some of my own.

I am in total agreement that one either guy or girl should be confident of who they are when they are out on a date. I feel its ok to be diverse in who we might choose to date, but ultimately if you cant see yourself with that person, then dont waste your time and theirs by going out on a date. If you are in the setting, its understood that you have some amount of attraction to them, and they to you. A mistake I have made in the past is I have tried to become the person that I think the girl would like and that isnt beneficial to either of you. It might sound like a cliche but just be yourself. The goal of any date, but especially the first date is to impress, but not to show off. Too much bragging about anything can quickly become a turn off.

As far as dressing up goes, I think one should be dressed decently but try not overdoing it, just enough cologne or perfume where it can be sensed, but to the point where the other is thinking about. Another main point is avoid coming on too strong. Guage the way the other person is feeling by looking for body language and mannerisms, being respectful will score you a lot of points whether the date becomes a relationship or not.

In choosing a place to go, I think a neutral setting works best. A nice and public place wont intimidate the other. If things go well it is not difficult to retreat to a more private setting. These are just some of the things I have come across in my life, and reflective of my opinion only. Hope some of them help.


  1. omg..hope you are recovering well.

    dating tips were to-the-point..I hope the guys pay heed :P

  2. ya post..:) I totally agree with it.:D

    And also congratulations on finding ya special one .

    And glad you are hear you are recovering from the accident.

    U take care there..

    Cheers & Thanks!:D

  3. Hello Pavanu... I totally agree both the guy/girl shud just be what they are are......NO hanky panky :))

    Have a nice day ;)

  4. Pavan yeah I'd like the guy to smell good...some deo and some Listerine b4 leaving home is another tip for the guys :)


  5. hey Pavan u said it right... Too much bragging about anything can quickly become a turn off...just BE YOURSELF!!
    ... totally agreed!

    ... sorry to hear about the accident, hope ur well now!!