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Thursday, April 5, 2007

50 First Dates (Keshi)

The title of this post is a name of a movie. Why I chose that is cos each new date (whether it's with the same person or not) should be fresh and feel like your very first date...don't you think so guys and gals? Ok now I have been on few dates myself and to be honest I had so much fun whether the relationship blossomed or not later on. My idea of a first date is to HAVE FUN. Alot of guys and gals go on a date picturing a wedding some day, a white picket fence, babies, changing nappies, growing old together and retiring with that person. Well it's great if you find a partner like that but lets just not have too much hopes in the first date itself. As men and women, we need each others' company and it's great to just enjoy the few moments without bearing too much hope and expectations. Well that's my idea of a first date anyways. If things go well, then let's get on the second date. If not, well it's great we met and had some fun!

Some thoughts to ponder upon:

1. Girls just dress to the occasion and place. If your date is a dinner date at a fancy restaurant, then dress elegantly (not over the top though). If you're date is a movie date, then casuals. If it's a bike-riding date, then shorts and sneakers ofcourse. Do not over/under-dress. It's very important, unless ofcourse the guy is a loner with a mortifying dress sense!

2. How do you choose where/what to do on your first date? Well if you were given the honors, then select a low-key activity as the first date. Even a simple walk or a coffee date would do for starters. Don't go to an expensive and heavy Opera night on your first date itself unless ofcourse you want to bore the dude to death.

3. Who spends on what? Well I guess alot of us keep thinking about that. It aint the money but there's something call dating etiquette. So I'd say, if the date involves expenses, then share the costs. Go fifity-fifty. Don't sit there and expect the guy to pay for you (those days are gone). Show that you're aware of that thing called 'sharing' and being 'independent'. it aint only about that, it's also about being fair.

4. Do I kiss him or do I wait for him to kiss me? First of all, did you have a shower and brush before you left home? If the answer is YES, ah ah you aint allowed to kiss him yet. Cos do we even know if he showered and brushed before he left? LOL you can't ask him that, but when you look at him and talk to him, I'm sure you can tell. I'm an old-fashioned girl. I like to take it slow. So unless I'm in some lusty period of the month and wanna grope him like a tigress, I'd wait for a few more dates to be kissed. But that's just me :). By all means go for it if you think it's right for you. But whatever you do, please don't sleep on your first date, eeeeks!

I'd have to stop it here before I end up writing an epic on Dates. So guys and gals, the idea is just have fun, enjoy each others' company and take it slow. Guys, you don't have to pretend to be a manly MAN and girls you don't have to pretend to be a womanly WOMAN. Just be yourselves. There's nothing more attractive than being the individual that you are. See yous laterz!


  1. Oooh La La

    Keshi sounding all so keshilicious from inside out.

    Hey sweets..

    ***50 First Dates..

    I love the movie..And adam Sandler he was such a sweetheart in there..Gosh remember the song he played on that guitar that cutie Drewberry . Gosh i could go on and on..:) really nice..!! hehe..

    Nice post as usual. :D And great stuff.. I enjoyed reading it and surely did crack up at few parts...

    Totally agree on the kissing part..

    Only after a few days and if he is worth the trust.

    Keep Rocking lady!

  2. have fun... so true.. that shud b the funda for first dates.. not showing off!!.. hope ur fine now.. hugss

  3. "unless I'm in some lusty period of the month and wanna grope him like a tigress"

    now THAT is one thing i didnt know. A girl grabbing my ass and kissing me on the very first date (or for that matter 2nd/3rd date).. sounds like phoolan-devi-in-mallika-mode ;)

  4. Sandler is a darling isnt he Amy!

    ty sweetie.


    Spot on m000nie HUGGGGGGZ n tnxxx!


    hey Jit!

    ** sounds like phoolan-devi-in-mallika-mode

    LOL that was soo funny.

    Does it surprise u that a good girl would really do that? Well there's a chance of it...though it all depends on the guy. ;-)


  5. "...though it all depends on the guy. ;-)"

    so what does a guy need to do to convert a normal girl into a phoolan-mallika-hybrid?..ok lemme take a guess..adding aphrodisiacs in the girl's meal?[;)]

  6. ***Sandler is a darling isnt he Amy!

    Indeeds..:D He is cute in a silly way and somehow the look on his face just makes u wanna go aww..sometimes..haha. those blink blink..i am innocent look..


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  8. awww just lookin' at the title... mades me smile sweetie muaahh! ^_~
    and m simply luvvvvin that movie, i luv Drew and yeah Sandler too of course hehe!!

    ** unless I'm in some lusty period of the month and wanna grope him like a tigress, I'd wait for a few more dates to be kissed. But that's just me :). ** awww thats truly Keshi i know...

    ... for me its ok to be kissed but the guy shud know if i want to... i mean u can know if the gal looks like she want to be kissed or not hehe ^_^... coz surely gals acts aloof if she dun want to so expect slap on ur face if u do so, guys shud learn to read gals face expression na ^_~ ... and NEVER NEVER ask the gal if she want kiss?? urghhh!! thats BIG turn-off ;(;( no second date for me lol!!!hehe...

    enjoy weekend babe muaahh!


  9. heyy Jit :)

    **adding aphrodisiacs in the girl's meal

    nah...just by being a walking aphrodiasiac LOL! Only very few guys can be that and also attract the girl at the same time :)


    true Amy :) he's a cutey!


    LOL Kath @slap!

    yeah the guy should be able to read the girl's mind. If not he's not worth it :)


  10. hi sweets ...

    ****brush before you left home*** i cracked up so badly ...good one sweety

    Take care

  11. Glad to make u smile Poo. :)


  12. I've been meaning to comment on this post for a while now and i better do it right now!!

    I agree....the whole idea is to HAVE FUN! :) and the less expectations the better....just go wid an open mind and no crazy pre concieved notions of what next :P

    going dutch is the right way...50-50 @ expenses!

    the kiss in d first date or the first couple of dates thing is matter of debate na? :) i dunno why tho....just do what comes naturally...and hell sumtimes the attraction just takes u beyond that too soooo well I'd say if it feels right...just go ahead and don't think much :)...that's if u're ready to face the fact that this cld just last till d date and tmrw may not hold out a promise forever!

    nice post kesh...:)

  13. ty Ish :)

    I'd kiss if the guy is worth it LOL!