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Saturday, September 6, 2008

September Topics Suggestions(AmitL)

Hi,'s 'Come September', a month we look forward to in Dubai,courtesy, it signals the end of the summer heat n humidity, towards the third week. Let's hope there's no postponement of good weather. How about the following topics, if everyone concurs:(Ishi, I wish you'd return soon..besides your posts(of course), the top bar needs to be changed(still shows May topics)

1) Continued from last month: An update on my life

2) My life after the advent of the internet(Thanks, Keshi)

3) Topics(Thanks,again, Keshi)

(I know you said the third one was just a joke, Keshi,but,seriously, think over it. 'Topics' as a topic in itself has so many possibilities. I can think of a nice post or two on it, definitely. And,I'm sure other BUFers will,as well!!
Let's make a slight change,this month. The honour of writing the first post, goes to the one who first suggested these, over to you, Keshi, for topics 2 and 3.:)(Topic 1 is a carryover from last time.heh heh). And, the rest of us,duly inspired,will follow!!:)hehe!!


  1. ha interesting topics...:) lets see...:P

  2. Amit ur so bad lol! u want me to start all the time. Am I an engine? hahahaha!

    alright then...let me come back on it tmrw ok....I promise :)

    tnxx for this post!


  3. wow I actually like the topic Topics.

  4. hmm interesting... and to think i got a post for each and every topic!! :P
    am ready to shoot... but ladies first!! Keshi.... post!! :D

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  6. OH MY GOODNESS!!! i have been faithfully checking your other blog and thought you had stopped blogging and i was just about to delete your link when i clicked on THIS !!!!!