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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

On-and-off hookup with the popular iPhone (Amrita)

[I didn't suggest this topic for the month just because I will get to flaunt my iPhone ;) lol]
I got an iPhone around January 2008. It's been about 7 months and I'm in a love-hate relationship with it. I never seriously coveted the gadget may be because I never realised its impact on the people, just happened to buy it this because someone needed my old phone and I ended up having a new one. When I started using it, though, I felt power-packed. Even in New York City where every other person has it, still makes you feel good when you carry it around. Agreed the size is too big to fit in a girl's palm, but then again don't we make fashion statement with huge handbags (which are too big even for the maximum stuff we girls might want to carry)? When a friend had flaunted his gadget by showing me a YouTube video in Central Park, I had thought, "I dont need it, I need to infact stay away from so much internet and technology so I can give some time to actually looking at trees/nature or people-watching than staring at a techie hand-held." The surge of happiness I felt when I actually heard "ye jeena hain" from Khatta Meetha on my phone on the bus to my college: all thanks to the makers - Apple!

There is an easy access 'weather' feature which is really important a deal when it comes to dressing up for the day, so I just check it on the phone. There's 8 GB for my songs, so I don't have to carry an ipod along. There is internet, calender, thousands of photos (from my last india trip saved on my phone!) and the very cool Maps feature. Last time I took my mom to the Flushing temple, I had forgotten to take directions online, so I took them from the phone. Now, which other thing has ever impressed moms so much after spending $400 on them?

Though, about the 'hate' part, there are too many things like you cannot forward an SMS (which is so important for the desi mentality because we need to share cool jokes thru sms, even if it charges you!) How else are you going to cheat on an open-book exam in-class if not with fwding each other the answers? The camera quality is good, but it will not zoom in! And I miss the girlyness of my red colored Blackberry Pearl. It was so systematic, and it has a to-do list feature which kept me happy. The reminders were easier to set and it never gave any trouble. I've had to take this phone to Apple when the screen had jammed and wouldn't move. Apple refused to give me any service from my warranty because there was a slight scratch on the back of the phone. Its the kind of back it is, no matter what, it will definitely have scratches - you need to buy a cover, which makes it even bigger to handle!!

Phones of my past: I only had a basic Motorola in my 11th and 12th class in India (which was handed down to me from an uncle). It wasn't very expensive, but it was so elegant that I didn't feel too awkward to keep it on the table while out with friends, unlike the temporary very basic Nokia made me feel. It may not matter to us, but the onlookers, these college kids they have so much competition for rich gadgets and stuff.


  1. Vishesh, where are you! I got to post before you!!! lol..

  2. Hi,'ve convinced me-I won't covet an iphone.:)I don't have the patience you have,to go to Apple when the screen jams,or,if there's a scratch,or,as many people write about,when the phone gets locked.And,no sms?I can't imagine the phone becoming too popular in India,except as a status symbol.

    Re. your 11th and 12th class phone,wow-a Motorola..:)We were happy in college,if we had a landline at home.:)

  3. And,hehe to your comment to Vishesh-indeed,Vishesh,now,the month's nearly over,and,you didn't post??Come on-you have one day!!:)

  4. Well in India Iphone is a pretty useless stuff, more of an ostentatious property so I personally preferred to buy Itouch so that I can satiate my gadget ego :)