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Thursday, June 12, 2008

I wish was there.... (Sam)

When talking about holidays, one thing which i repent the most despite having toured many a places, when I think back I always claim I don't know that place. This is something which I feel is so necessary. But then, when travellin or on vacation one has to think about budgets and other timelines... reminder of the life that you are taking a break from.
Anywyz, here is a list of the places I wanna visit again... (and yes!! I loved all of those places) coz, simply I wanna know them better.
1. Rajasthan: Nothing beats the style and oppulence of the Rajputs. The history of the land is laced with blood and passion. The house of Mewar being most prominent. How many can forget the battle of Haldighati, between Maharana Pratap and Akbar?? The sheer architectural beauty that you get to see in the darkest of its alleys.
Having stayed in Jaipur for a year, I daresay I do have a feel of the land. Visited Udaipur, Ajmer, Pushkar, Mt. Abu, Chittor, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer during the stay. Sadly though, Bikaner, Bundi and other such spots were missed out.
Should step into those magnificient havelis and palaces you could feel history weighing down upon you. Walk through those passages and you might actually imagine the Queen rushing through to greet the King, you might sit the Meera temple adn imagine how Meera would have sung hundreds of years ago in that very complex, or how Allaudin Khilji would have stolen that fateful glance at Rani Padmini which led to Chittor's downfall, or just how Rani Padmini and a thousand ladies committed "jauhar", or may be imagine an army 13000 horsemen trotting through teh 12 gates of Chittor to battle they knew they'd never return from and yet laugh all teh way to death.... History seeps from its walls... Honour and loyalty before anything... Death by glory!!
If you escape the magic of Rajasthan, do let me know.. and I'll tell you about Rajasthan!!
2. Sikkim: Spent 4 years there pursuing my graduation and yet there remain mountians to explore, rivers to see, falls to bathe in. An amazing land for flora and fauna. There are numerous places to visit there. One needs around two weeks to really go around without missing a beat and even that may nto be enough!! :)
The nearest airport to Sikkim is Bagdogra, and station is at New Jalpaiguri. One can travel via Kolkata or take a train to Guwahati which would stop at NJP.

3. Kalimpong: a quaint little hill-town off the NH-31A. A must visit if one happens to visit this part of the country. The cheese here is quite famous.
4. Goa: Though I spent sometime there, I would have loved a little more to soak into the culture there not as a tourist but as a local guy.
5. Singapore: Somehow I feel the trip there was a bit hurried. Just when the city was beginning to sink in, we had left. Needed some more time there.
6. Bangkok: Again a city which has a lot of history behind it. a little more than a day is not enough. Rushed through most of the spots in the city, but then the soul remains unstatisfied.
Places I want to visit:
1. Assam
2. Andaman and Nicobar Islands
3. Lakshwadeep
4. Kerala
5. Ladakh
6. Egypt
7. Greece
8. Italy
9. Austria
10. Berlin
11. France
12. UK
.. OK... I would like to be a globe-trotter?? Does that suffice?? :D
PS: This one is really hurried, so couldn't upload pics or links, will update on that later!! :)


  1. awesome list

    should i come along for company???

  2. Hi,Sam...great list,there...and, my favourite state,Rajasthan,right on

    Well,I've been to Jaipur,Udaipur,Ajmer,Pushkar,etc..and,would love to visit them again.:)

    More in my post on the topic,coming up shortly.

  3. seems like Australia is not on ur list..


  4. wow u have been to some amazing places in india.....i have always felt there is so much to explore here...i envy you for having experience of living in so many gorgeous places
    i wanna b a globe trotter too :)

  5. @jyoti: sure!! lemme knw wen u can join... its a long journey!!!

    @amit: i'm so with you on this... amazing state!!

    @keshi: nopes its not.. coz i wud luv to live in sydney.. and not just visit it!! :D

    @ranjana: don't!! just join me!! :)