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Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Loony :) (uttara)


a reason to celebrate..
a reason to smile...
a reason to party...
a reason to be happy...

Today is our dearest loony's birthday :)

Wishing you a happy birthday cheesy aka loony aka ummmm ( i donno how many nick's you have) :p

Some secrets about her *winks*
Here i go :D....
She is smart, honest, sweet, blunt, caring, loving, emotional, intelligent, sexy, hot, ummm bitchy ( i donno :P) beautiful, honest, wise, freak at times *winks*, loves to pose n pose n pose.. ;), cute, kiddish, loves pizzas, chocolates, clothes,she has a fetish for shoes, bags, accessories, etc etc... It seems she is short tempered... ( she said so ) but what the heck she is still a darling who makes everyone smile and laugh..:)

So let's wish the GORGEOUS girl a very HaPpY BiRtHdAy and loads and loads of luck..

loony: pst pst ... Apunko pizza treat mangta hai kya :p

PS: Ishi ain't ard and I took the honor of putting this post for our lovely lady out here.. *smiles*


  1. Uttararaa! thanks A TON!!!
    Am so glad you remembered :)


    Thanks Vishesh :)

  2. happy birthday
    it is my gift to you

  3. Hi,Loon Gal...Many Many Happy Returns of the Day!!And, many more to come.Ishi,Uttara-a suggestion-can we have a link to a bday list of all the BUFers?:)

  4. i just wanna know what u wore for ur birthday and the things u im pretti sure id hate u for it all :P hope u had an awesomee time!! oldieee! hehehe xoxo

  5. I rem'd loony and I wished ya in ur blog :) MWAH! Hope u had a blast!

    Uttsy nice job hun. HUGZ!


  6. Hey loony.... belated happy birthday!!!
    want any gifts from India?? ;)

  7. amit i don't have the list ...

    It's just that i rem few b'days / anniversaries...thats it..:)

    i will send u the list whicheva i know...

    i just saw the SB it was Jitendra's budday on 14th ( i didn't know )

  8. @ call for coexistence

    thank you :)

    @ hemanth

    thank you so much :)

    @ amitl

    thanks amit! :D
    yeah i agree there should be a list somewhere here :D

    @ michelle

    mmmuah! lol yeah i did loads of shopping again!
    wore = nuttin special ... but bought some formals and sexay rings and shoes :D
    how u been hun?

    @ keshurr

    thanks a LOT hun! :D

    @ sam

    thanks so much :D
    nahi meet me .. that'll be my gift :D

    @ uttaraaa

    once again thanks a TON! mmmmuuuahhh! xxxx