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Thursday, May 15, 2008

IM ME ASAP! (Michelle)

I have always been a huge instant messenger user.My loyalties shifted to MSN a very long time ago because most of my friends use that but now you can add people on YAHOO! on your MSN which is very cool.That way, I get to keep in touch with everybody! There was a point when I was completely addicted to IM-ing.It was the phase where I had to burn the midnight oil and ''study'' for my boards but I was too busy learning new IM words.

I remember using shortforms was totally in vogue at one point.A person was considered super cool...or should I say -''kewl'' (I never understood the use of this one.It sounds so silly!) if they knew all the shortforms to words.

I remember I had sent my friend a text message once and she sent me a reply saying ''Michelle, I did not understand a word of what you typed, how about typing it in english?" I have to admit, it was quite hard typing the entire word!

We're living in such a fast-paced world now, everyone is in a hurry.We don't even have time to write entire sentences!

I think the word that has become universally put to use is LOL.If you really think about it, saying ''laugh out loud'' to something that isn't that funny, is pretty stupid...but I use it anyway! Of course, it is also a very handy acronym as Loon Gal pointed out- you can use it when you have nothing better to say! So, now you know why I ''LOL'' so much ;-)



  1. Mich,I almost said LOL,but,since I have something better to say,I'm skipping it.:)
    You're so right.We ARE living in a fast-paced world,so,ppl dun wrte whl sntncs ethr.

    Who knows, tomorrow,Random House and Webster dictionaries might actually make these words as part of their list of words.(Or,have they already?Will check..perhaps that'll be part II of my post on IMing.)

    Note:No LOL at end of comment,also.

  2. aww Im such a 'LOL' chick u hv no idea! Absolutely loving LOL.

    Even in my today's post there's a LOL attached to my pic. LOL u see!


  3. these days they have added one modification to the list: LMFAO.

    IMing has in a way confirmed my hypothesis that English is a weirdly funny language. How else can one explain the connection between one's laughing and his/her ass. Next, we might hear, CMTO (crying my thighs off).

  4. jeez! CMTO lol !!

    I soo knw what u mean!

    Somehow even I never got the 'kewl' one .. i guess its infl;uenced by the kiwis perhaps loll

    and aren't we all so good at LOL'ing!

  5. vishesh,

    LOL indeed!


    haha amit i won be surprised if those dictionaries come up with the full forms of these words for reference!


    haha i have a frnd tht says LOL out loud! its really funny!


    i did plan on putting LMFAO at the end but i decided to censor it hehee...n CMTO thats jokes..


    lol i cud say thts a 'word' i use a LOT~!