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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I am IMin'!(vishesh)

lol :)
brb in 2.....
am back :)

ha,yes i have been chatting for the past three years or sumthin'.it all started of with yahoo! from then on...i have had a lot of interesting chats with a lot of people...have fought with a lot ...have forgiven and become frnds...but of late i have shifted more to goggle..have lost touch with the yahoo...too many memories and too boring....

but more than chatting it has been blogging of late for me....but chatting is spl in't's own sense..whenever you need a phone no...or say info...just catch someone can't call a person at 11 for fun...but if they are on you can buzz ' can also send 'em links and all and get face bk has added a chat and am going to get to that...

so anyway gtg :)
catch ya later :)
tc :)


  1. hehe Vish I hate u, I used to do it for like 3months and then I got sooo bored with it. Im like that. But the funny thing is now I hv been Blogging for 3.5yrs or so and I still hvnt run out of fuel :) d u think I'll get bored of it too, some day?

    Im worried lol!


  2. @keshi; i doubt blogging is different :)

  3. oh I wish I stopped chatting a lot. Coz it would ve helped me concentrate on study more :P.... I was addicted to FB a lot, then I deactivated my account for sometime... I try to avoid FB and chat both now..

  4. yeah Vish..I guess Blogging is more 'intelligent' than Chatting. LOL! so yeah, I dun think I'll wear off it that easily.


  5. Haha..Vishesh,V gt ur pt @ IM.(Imagine showing such sentences to our English teachers from school days.They'd be stunned).
    I'd say chatting's the easiest and the most economical way to stay in touch with friends and relatives round the world.But,not the most economical timewise,coz u tend to spend 2 hrs discussing what u'd discuss in 10 mins on the phone.LOL. Nice post.

  6. Yeah thats something I love about chatting too! There's always someone available! :D :D :D

    I absolutely love it ... but do get bored of it at times ... so .. sounding a bit selfish .. i use it for my own convenience ;p