This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Good and the Bad.... (Ishita)

::: Hey Amit… I know you had a post ready for today but I’ll be off again till next week, so here’s one from me :)

A few lines about BUF before I get on with my choice of topic!

Once upon a time there was a blog with a whole lot of faces – familiar and new. With bloggers who wanted to share and be part of a group with a common love for writing and expressing their views. Some were old friends, some didn’t really see eye to eye. What seemed like a successful idea then turned ugly when opinions clashed and personalities overshadowed the basic premise of friendship. Bruised egos walked away and some who simply didn’t get involved but despised the constant bickering, preferred to stay away. What remains now are a handful (?) of people genuinely interested in the idea of keeping a space called “Between Friends” and some who silently stay on for they feel walking away would seem so frivolous and probably they feel their non involvement is a way to keep out of unnecessary conflict.

Anyway… every time I ge
t back to do a post here on BUF, I can’t help but make an observation on the rather dismal state of the blog and us who seem to be waging a losing battle to keep it going….as they say *sigh*…

So if you’ve managed to read through the last tw
o paragraphs without rolling your eyes and going “not againnnn ishiii!!”, here’s my take on one of the several interesting topics put up by Amit :)

I’ll write about the first one “Compliments and Brickbats” but in a different context. I’m simply going to narrate two instances here in blogsville where I felt really good and one which made me think about what could be termed as an observation that made me look within and change myself.

The first one is rather easy and has to do with a random comment I received for one of my blog posts where a guy had put up one of my posts (in fact my only attempt at writing a story) in his blog and spoke of how reading it had inspired him to take up blogging too. Coming from a complete stranger, this one instance gave me a whole new high :) and of course a lot more confidence in my ability to express myself in words! It made me believe that through my words I can make a difference…

The second instance of a negative situation has a lot to do with the way I handled BUF and still do. And here is where I have learnt a lot about myself and my sensitivity to issues which at times I should have simply let be. To get so passionately involved in a diverse group is bound to give rise to some unpleasant situations and put us in situations where we find ourselves making difficult choices or forcing others to do the same. It took me time to learn to think and not to simply feel… or should I say use my head and not my heart to define my equations with people. That I guess saves us from a lot of emotional upheavals and constant hurt.

Either instance – positive and negative – worked towards making me a better individual. I may never be satisfied enough to say I am happy with the kind of person I am but I know that IF I am constantly learning and getting better, I think that’s more than enough to keep me feeling positive and hopeful about each new day!!

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

- Maya Angelou quotes


  1. well i still don't know what went wrong...i like this place...i am still waiting for others to post,before i post...have something in my mind...when someone gets atleast close i will post :)

  2. Hey Ishita,

    how are you? Read this post and relaised how much I missed your writing and your blog. what's up these days? :)

  3. @ Vishesh :) ... m sure sum BUFers will post and I luk forward to reading one from u for sure!!

  4. @ yashita :)... oh gr8 to c u here!! and I miss getting around to ur blog as often as I did :( ... but m glad u still write albeit occasionally...

    life's going fine with me...will fill u in with details if i catch u on msn sumtime :)

  5. Hi,Ishi..good to see your post here..(I wasn't able to complete my post yesterday..heh heh)I could almost feel your deep emotions for BUF(And,believe me,they do echo mine,too,even though I'm relatively new here)'s a place where I wish more and more people,and the existing ones too,would visit more often.
    The compliments part..How nice-you inspired someone to take up,I totally agree-one can make a difference through one's fact,it reminded me of 2-3 people who got inspired to begin writing letters to the editor,courtesy my letters,a decade back.One of them still continues.:)

    The brickbats part-can imagine the situation..yes,the learning from that,as you mentioned,to use one's head rather than one's heart,is a somewhat harsh but true fact..applies in all spheres of life,I'd say,not just BUF.Why?Because that's the way the world wants us to be.

  6. Ish its great to read ur posts again. Ur posts always TAKE ME HOME. I get that feeling somehow. Cos u write from the heart.

    Im still here...tho I got upset several times over the lack of BUFers interest in this space. But nah I didnt hv the heart to leave..and I dun think I'll ever leave.

    The Compliment was a very nice one! to hv inspired someone in that manner is truly GREAT Ish.

    The Brickbats is a usual thing in Blogville..and we do learn alot from such experiences. and thats what learn from it all.

    Im learning such things in real life too...even right now at home. I got so pissed but I had to swallow my pride n keep quiet. Yes I hv alot on my plate at home too, tho I dun talk abt it.

    TC n HUGZ!


  7. Nice one Ishi! Your posts contain no pretence and thats the best thing about you! You're someone who writes from her heart and are a very honest person. I admire you for this and for the gem of a person that you are. I still go back and read your mail and it induces the positivity back into me :)
    Just be the way you are!
    And take care of yourself :)