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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hello:Part II: AmitL

This one is one Hello incident I can never forget. And,that's because the shop where it took place, comes on the route of my evening walk,and the honourable gentleman who made it so memorable, can be seen from the outside, if I glance in(And, I can't resist it, you'll see why) while passing by.

It was at the time of shifting the flat(Believe me,it's tiring!),earlier this year. There's a showcase I wanted to get dismantled and reassembled. Someone recommended this carpentry shop to me,and said 'just meet the Sardarji there'.

So, I went there.

Scene 1: 3 Sardars working on a piece of wood look up.

I enter: (All three Sardarjis working):
Me: Hellow.
*I explain the requirement for five minutes to them, they nod their head in agreement. *So, I ask’ When can you come?’. The answer:’ Oh, for that you have to meet the Boss upstairs.’

So, I go up the stairs, to a small cabin. And, there’s this Senior Sardarji who gives me a big smile and switches on the Airconditioner for me:

Him: Hello, Aaiye, Aaiye. Kaise hain aap? (Hello,Come in come in. How are you?)

Me: (Pleasantly surprised): Bilkul Theek. Aap kaise hain?(I’m fine. How’re you?)

Him: Bilkul theek. Bataaiye, kya seva karen? (I’m fine. What can I do for you?)

Me: Aaj ek Showcase dismantle karwa ke reassemble karvaana hai, next building mein. (I need a showcase to be dismantled and reassembled at another place, today.)

Him: Bilkul karvaa denge. (Of course we’ll do it)

Me: Kya charge hoga?( What’ll be the charge?)

Him: Aap kya denge? (What’ll you give?)

Me: 10-20 dirham ke beech mein. (Between ten to twenty dirhams).

Him: (wide eyes): Mein to 5 dirhams se zyaada nahin loon. Koi us se zyaada maange to who chor hoga (I wouldn’t ask for more than 5 dirhams. Anyone who asks for more would be a crook).

Me: Sahi hai. Lekin urgency mujhe hai. Kaam aadhe ghante se zyaada ka nahin hai.
(True. The work is not more than half an hour).

Him: Aapko kaise pata? Aap carpenter to nahin lagte hain, to aap samay kaise bata sakte hain?. (How do you know? You don’t look like a carpenter, and if so, you cannot judge the time)

Me: (Grinning): Nahin- Main apne past experience ki baat kar raha hoon. Aapke hisaab se kitna time lagega? (No, I am not, I’m just telling my experience from the previous shifting I did. How much time do you think it will take?)

Him: Aadha Ghanta (Half an hour).
(Remark: I thought such a dialogue happened only in jokes)

Me(Concluding): To kab tak aadmi aayega? (When will the man come?)

Him: Aapka number deejiye. Mein aapko call karoonga. Aap mujhe call nahin karenge.( Give me your number. I will give you a call. You don’t call me).

Me: Haan, lekin ek time bataaiye. Us time ke baad mujhe koi aur dhoondhna padega, kyonki mujhe aaj flat waapas dena hai real estate waale ko. (Yes, but, tell me what time. After that time, if your man doesn’t come , I’ll have to look for someone else because I have to handover the flat to the Real Estate Agent)

Him: Dekhiye, aaj to nahin, kal bhi nahin, parson bhi nahin – hamaare paas Jebel Ali ka kaam hai . To teen din baad main aapko phone karoonga.(You see, it won’t be today, tomorrow or the day after. We have work from Jebel Ali. So, I will call you after three days).

(Aarghhh, I went, internally- was I speaking Hebrew all this while, when I said I wanted to get the work done today?).

Me: Oh, koi chance nahin?(Oh, no chance ?)

Him: Nahin…teen din tak bilkul nahin (No..not for three days).

Me: Theek hai. (Ok)

Him: Achcha ji…aap phone zaroor karma. (Ok…please do call.)

Me: Kyon?( For what?)

Him: Aap mujhe bataana aapne kitne mein kaam karaaya. (You tell me how much you paid to get the work done).

Me: (Smiling externally, wanting to commit murder otherwise): Bilkul, bilkul. (Sure, sure).
*I run down the narrow creaky stairs, not knowing whether to laugh or to cry in annoyance*

Scene 2: Then, I climb down the stairs, and one of the Sardarjis there goes’ Hellooo- Pssst- take this’. And, he hands me a folded cut piece of paper, to be read outside the shop. I walk a few steps and open the meticulous folds. It has a number and says (Reproduced ad verbatim):

“ Thes Nobar coll ne. AFTAR Dis Kis.”

I went off to the barber shop(Needed a haircut, pondering over the note and whether it was some special Sardarji code. Inspiration dawned suddenly- I’m sure you all must have guessed what the note meant???



  1. Keshi,thank you..But, this really happened-it isn't a figment of my fertile imagination.

    BTW, did you guess what the secret code meant??

  2. lolzz.... this was hilarious!! but den wots teh code abt???
    it asks u to call at dat number.. but after wot??

  3. Hi,Sam..tks.Re.the code,you guessed it partly..let's see if someone comes up with the full answer.If not,I'll tell.

  4. Joh bole sonihaal.. Satsriyakaal.>!!

    Maare pale te kuch nai pada paaji...

    tusi jawab de hi do!!!

    Pura scene toh mazedaar tha.. par note code ... shoaib paaji de yorker jaise bold kar diya si... lol


  5. man.. u had patience to stand them all i must say ;)

  6. **“ Thes Nobar coll ne. AFTAR Dis Kis.”

    u mean this? Is that even a code. Anyways I dun get that at all. This wud be my DB Moment #3456782. LOL!


  7. u mean After calling that number, KISS? lolz!


  8. Hi,Darsh..that was some nice Punjabi..:)u didn't get the 'code'??

    Re. the patience- well,when you're desperate to get something done,you have to have patience,na?

  9. ROFL-Keshi,let me redirect your comment to you- you're too funny...:):):)

    Why'd a Sardar want to kiss me,anyway??LOL.

  10. **Why'd a Sardar want to kiss me,anyway??

    cos he thought u were 'Kismat'? LOL!


  11. ROFL.*And the punster of the year award goes to*... Keshi...*drumroll*.

  12. Decrypting the text from my IT Security assignment was becoming a headache already and after reading this post I think am going to go crazy! And you're saying this is punjabi!! this is a shame on my part coz am a punjabi and I still can't understand it! And curiosity kills the cat! You HAVE to tell me now ..!!

  13. oh and btw .. lol the post was hilarious! i think sardars are very nice ppl ... very very good at heart ... nahi toh who wud ask for 5 Dhs . .when you offered to give 10-20!
    Just that he ignored what he shouldnt have lol

  14. Hi,Loon Gal...haha...that message is nowhere close to cryptic,and,it's not in Punjabi-it's in English...with that hint,I guess you can guess??

    Glad you liked the post-you know,when such incidents occur,I feel wild,but,when I look back at them,I realize how hilarious they were...nice way to do away with anger,na?And,yes,the guy was nice to say that he'd ask for just Dh 5.LOL..out here,whenever someone's not giving something from or taking something in one's own pocket, they're always this generous.:)

  15. Oh no i still cant make no sense out of it! :O

  16. Hi,Loon Gal..give it one more day...I'm hoping Ishi will decipher it..if not,then,answer on Tuesday..:)

  17. Hi, those curious,the words were:

    This number call me after discuss.

    What he wanted to say was,'Call me on this number afterwards to discuss'. He wanted to make a bit of money on the side without bossman knowing.:)