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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dreams or Decisions (Puja)

Sometimes they come in two. Three. Four. Five. Unlimited numbers. At times one is much better than the others. Often, they all seem the same. As bad, as good, as the others.

I'm not a person who is too fond of deciding things and taking control of it, rather leave for others. I'm always afraid--what if I make a mistake? What if I choose a lousy option? I suppose, I'm afraid of decisions because I don't really want to be in control. Yet when you grow up, you have decide how you want to live your life. Alone? With a partner? Do you want to get married? Have kids? What kind of job do you want to do? How do you want to fill your days, your spare time?

We all deal with decisions and choices daily. Do you know how to decide what is right n wrong?

I was thinking...people are always searching for a meaning to there life, always unfulfilled. I figured out the answer to the meaning of life.

Its called desire to go after you dreams


  1. Poo baby, talking so wise! Shaadi se pahle achaanak se itni maturity!

    Hugs. May your dreams fulfill your desires. :)

  2. Hi,Poo-that was a nice conclusion-the meaning of life-desire to go after your dreams.Wow..quite deep.*muses*.

    Decision-making-believe me,once you begin to make them,you'll find your confidence level shooting up.Only the first time,it's the proverbial'how will I bell the cat' decision that needs to be taken-to take a decision,of course.*smiles*

  3. hey Poo WB!

    ** always unfulfilled

    true..we r always unfulfilled no matter what. And imagine wasting our whole life chasing after a dream everyday of our life. I prefer to live in the moment...which is the real dream.


  4. Uncertainity is what adds excitement to my life. If we knew everything, don't you think it would be tooo boring??

    Just wondering, if you're doing okay because such a post out of nowhere is a little worrying.

  5. "We all deal with decisions and choices daily. Do you know how to decide what is right n wrong? "

    well i guess i do to some extent...but still i have that 1% of uncomfortability...wat if its not the right one! :P

    but cant help it...we just need to take responsibility for the decisions that we have taken and move on!