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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Fresh - A feeling (Ishita)

"Fresh is a feeling
a feeling divine
a new begining
a new bottle but old wine :)

Fresh is a feeling
a sweet and pure fragrance
leaves me smiling
the aroma of our friendship
untouched by pretense..."

Ps: I got a word list from Keshi. If others have any ideas, please email. Will start a new word if the pace of the blog slows down...ok? :)


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  2. love the freshness of this post altogether! I felt so divine n pure reading this verse...tnxx Ish!

    **aroma of our friendship
    untouched by pretense

    Loved that line alot!

    Now I want a fresh BF...LOL!


  3. Hi,Ishi..that's another nice post related to 'fresh'..'friendship untouched by pretense'-*muses over that line-a rarity,these days?*smile.

    Ah,Keshi beat me to it- we were talking about sending you a word list-will email one today,too!

    Have a nice day.

  4. Amit u know Im quite a fast car LOL!


  5. ishiii ye ekdam types hai :D

    beuatifull.. :)

  6. @ loony - thanks :)

    @ keshi - thanks :) ... have this up in my blog too and that's my fav line too (if i can pick out favs in what i write :P)

    lol...fresh bf? singles listening?? ;))

    @ amit - rarity indeed but i guess i got lucky with the friends I have :) ... thnx fr the list...

    @ messy - thanks :) *hugzz* back at ya :))

    @ uttara - lol kabhi kabhi i suffer from bouts of creativity eh :P