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Friday, August 10, 2007

a lesson (vishesh)

this is going to be real short ;)

a lesson-after a long time thanks to so many different things,i learnt,we are humans and it is our nature,to be careful and try and hide.When we hide we need to fear,and fear leads to so many things.So it is better not to hide anything,just say everything,and there is nothing-no fear,just knowing things.....


  1. But then, curiosity killed the cat!!

  2. hmmmm...but sometimes we cant help in few things and we need to hide them.

  3. I agree - though there are times when this rule does not apply.

    The Goddess In You

  4. true, but sometimes, you gotta hide certain things so that people you care about don't get hurt but i agree you should never have anything to hide about in the first least the things u can control :)

  5. its rather.. try not to hide things... sometimes we have to do it.. for the good of others.. or for selfish reasons so we dont hurt others...

  6. some very wise advice here Vish!

    there's a spiritual quote I know. It goes like this:

    Untruth shivers. Truth has no fear.


  7. yeps...
    i just read somewhere "speak the truth and you will not need to remember anything at all"