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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Crushed Trust (Michelle)

We all have our flaws.

My biggest flaw is to trust people at the drop of a hat.I let them in to such an extent that they hold immense power.Power over my feelings, power to make me grateful, happy, loved but sadly also depressed.

I know thats a very bad thing, and have often been advised to change.But, somehow, the forgiving and forgetting policy is the one I always adopt.I don't learn from my mistakes and still go on, trusting blindly, being completely oblivious to what the real intentions are.Its happened to me so many times.But just sometime back was the last straw.It reduced me to nothing.I hated myself for trusting and caring so much only to get something I do not deserve in return.Betrayl.Cold hearted betrayl.

I really don't get why such things happen sometimes.When you go all out to help people you care about and make sure they don't get hurt, they have been sharpening a knife to stab you in the mean while.

But now, things are a bit different.I care and I love the same...but I can never trust as much as I did before...even though those that did hurt me apologised endlessly and stated how ashamed they were.It just isn't the same.

p.s-Sorry for getting all emotional.


  1. this post touched my soul..well written!

    it aint ur fault that u trust people so easily..tis their fault that they dont see the person inside u...u do ur best..den u shudnt worry bout nethin far as gettin betrayed is concerned, that is how life goes and u should be ready to face as many betrayals as u can, only then can u learn frm them..

    not that m speaking cuz ive heard bout it frm some ppl, but cuz i myself hv been betrayed a lot of times..


  2. aww michy .. thats coz u're a very innocent person urself ... everyone learns from experience so will u ... and there will soon be a day when those who hurt u will themselves realise how shameless they have been!


  3. such, as the cliche goes, is life.
    and one of my fav quotes in such situations is: "as long as no one dies, nothing is a disaster...its all a learning experience." :)

  4. oh i know how it feels.. im the same when it comes to trusting people...

  5. wacko,

    thanks...that is a positive way to look at it thanks...and yeah you do get to learn a lot...not only about others, but about yourself as well...and i guess just like you, and by all others that feel betrayed or have been betrayed, ill learn to cope with it and become more immune and stronger the next time


    lol yes, when it comes to these matters i am pathetically i really wish i was one of those people that can not be affected by such things and yes, i'm witnessing karma...i'm seeing bad things happen to them but part of me feels like they know its happening to them cuz they deserve it...maybe they do...i actually feel sorry for them...which is even more pathetic on my part.


    i'll keep that one in mind..i really like it :)


    i hope you've read what the above have written cause its some pretty good advice i feel so much better and hope u will too messy!

  6. HUGGGGGZ Michi awww...

    Im really with u on this one. I dun trust ppl easily anymore. Like u, I used to do this mistake again n again. But now, I dunno if my heart has hardened, but I dun trust ppl straight may be my shield of protection and Im safer now.


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  8. Take a moment, and look back. Beneath the tears that you have cried over trust that you lost,
    Beneath the shards and shrapnels of betrayal,
    You never lost faith, you just went on being stronger.
    Time, it is said, is the strictest teacher and experience its hardest lesson.

    Keep the Faith.

  9. dd,

    then i can truly say 'i know how u feel'


    better to be safe than sorry right? :)


    thanks aakash...thats so sweet and so true!

  10. voww michelle...thats excellent lesson learnt hardway! way to go !

  11. I dnt knew how to say whats thr in my heart .... But can be thru a poem ....

    Scared to trust

    Im scared to trust now.
    I had my trust broken many times before.
    I was left a broken girl.
    I still am broken inside.

    I simply cannot trust.
    My trust cant be broken again.

    So dont ask me to trust
    Cos I cant do itn get hurt.
    Im to scared to trust

  12. poo,

    that poem spoke my mind poo!



  13. very true that it hurts a lot...
    am getting over those things now...
    if allowed to speak, that was precisely my reason of absence from BUF...
    i was thinking of quitting all blogs... :)
    time is the best healer, though being an ugly beautician...

  14. time is the best healer...but the scar always remains

  15. Hey Michelle, I think trust is something we all invariably have and we never think about it too much until the time we get hurt.

    Time is the best healer and one you will trust again :)