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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The Saturday(Puja)

Waited n Waited but the there was no call. Yet another Saturday at home, alone. I couldn't’t remember the last time I had gone out. I mean, I had friends. I was invited places all the time. But I never went. I just wasn’t the kind of girl that hung out at the mall, or went out to lunch over the weekend

I don’t know what made me say "Yes" to going out that day. I guess something deep inside of me was ready for a change. So instead of being at home, I found myself scrunched in the back seat of a car between some people that I knew, but wasn't very close to.

"Where are we going exactly?" I asked Tom.

"We’re meeting some other people over at Terry’s house. It’s just a little
get-together. You know."

"Oh," I said quietly, trying desperately to remember who Terry was. I was becoming more and more uncomfortable. I mean, here I was, sandwiched between two guys I barely knew and on my way to some stranger’s house. Now I knew exactly why I hadn’t gone out in a long time.

I guess the boy beside, who I am guessing was named Jack, noticed that I was feeling shy. He pulled lightly at the end of my ponytail. "What’s the matter? Come on, it’ll be fun!"

"It’s really hot in there, you know?" I finally said.

I heard Jack clearing his throat. "Hey Daniella?" he said.

"Yeah?" "Do you like me?"

Oh my gosh, I’m going to have a heart attack.

I almost screamed out loud. How could he ask me that kind of question? I felt like the skin was going to melt off of my cheeks. I stayed silent.

"Daniella?" Jack shouted!!!


  1. Interesting turn Poo, i am waiting to see where it goes next.

    So who will be the next one?

  2. this is getting interesting!!!

  3. HEya!@

    You changed from third person to first person!!!



  4. a lil bit of criticism: as abhi pointed out, a paradigm shift has occured.

    the high point, well etched... the situation has been put up in a ncie manner....

  5. @ Aakash

    Thanks Dear :))

    @ Michelle


    @ Abhi and Sam

    "I changed from third person to first" Nahi samjh mein aaya what are you guys trying to say. I am sorry for lacking definite shape, form, or character..... Please feel free to edit my post.

    ""the situation has been put up in a ncie manner"" Thank you Sam

    TC :))

  6. WOW Poo nice TWIST to the story! I like how u took it and made it really interesting.

    Well-done girl!

  7. Got it Abhi-SHAKE :)) and thanks

    Keshi ...thank you sweetheart :))