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Sunday, July 15, 2007

The other side of my Life (Wacko)

Having traveled literally the whole of my life, I have my real life friends scattered everywhere. I keep making good friends but as soon as I start getting close to them, it is time to get transferred to some place else. This is the harsh reality as far as my life is concerned. Befriending with virtual (read real) people is the only constructive thing I’ve ever done online. At least they travel with me wherever I go ;) I was first introduced to this side of the world (the Virtual World) when I had completed my 12th grade and had nothing to do. I was frustrated to the core and pissed off with the worldly things then. The only pastime I had was my computer. I was fascinated by the way my elder sisters used to talk to their friends via YM. Yahoo Messenger became an instant hit with me. I started hopping around the chat rooms because I needed friends to hangout with. And then started this other side of my life---the life am still living and the life which I truly cherish!! (Though I no longer am desperate looking for people in chat rooms).

I managed to create some ids. Guy ones when I wanted to be normal and girly ones when I felt being notorious :P. Series of conversations which included some never-seen words like asl, gtg and brb swept away my time. I was addicted to it.

Months passed by and by the time I was ready to pursue engineering, I managed to make some of the best friends I’ve had my entire life. In between all the misunderstandings and betrayals happening just like in the real world, friends kept coming and going. As I already introduced Priyanka in my previous posts, I wouldn’t want to go much into her. But, one person who I would like to tell about is Anna aka cheesy or loon gal as you all know. I can proudly say that she's the oldest and the only virtual friend I still know today. All thanks to BUF. I’ve been out of touch with most of the other friends due to some or the other reasons. Yeahhh annie, this post is dedicated to u baby. I still remember her id--kga787. I remember talking to her for hours and hours at a stretch. I started feeling for her. I still remember how she used to get back from her school and we used to voice chat. She used to tell me about her crush and how she was just not able to confess her feelings. I remember I taught her how to connect headphones. Unfortunately, she moved on and so did I. I haven’t changed though annie. It is still a misunderstanding which I am so bound to fall prey to. I am sorry if I hurt you.

I’ve had some good and bad relationships thereafter. I felt I could actually share my feelings much better online than I could have otherwise. I really don’t consider relationships as in virtual or for real. They are meant to last and it is the warmth, affection, love and care that one gets which is so enchanting about it. I really like the way the whole concept of BUF has evolved. It has infact changed the whole thinking of virtuality with BUFers meeting and coming so close to each other within a short span of time. I’ve spent not more than 1 month with you guys, but it seems as if I already got some ever lasting friends who are more worthy than any other people. Thanks everyone for being there with me. I am really looking forward to meet each and everyone of you.



  1. I can feel u wacko...

  2. wacko...

    cheer up buddy ... :)thats called life.. move on ..

  3. @raj
    can u?? ;)

    yeahh..moving on is the only thng ive been doing all this while...if i wudnt hv moved on..i wudnt have been here...:)

  4. uffo i told u my real name 100 times alrdy ;p

    anyway thanks a lot for the post ... am like really surprised u dedictaed it to me :)

    thanks mate!! i hvnt read it very properly yet bt cudnt resist commenting ,,, n yeah dont get my name out here lol

    i'll b bck here!


  5. "They are meant to last and it is the warmth, affection, love and care that one gets which is so enchanting about it."
    That's the most beautiful thing that you cud have said.... so true... and yet so many chose to.. ah well!! that's life.. "chak de fatte" lol.. dats my policy!!
    abt loon gal... well... she's a lively gal!! really good to knw, you knw her for so long...
    as for the nomadic.. can read your thoughts clearly on this.. at times it hits, dat we have very few frnds who lasted from childhood to our present day!! isn't it?

  6. @loon
    i dunno ur real name it seems..lemme knw asap!

    yeah d word "dedicated" was meant to get ur attention to it :p kiddin k

    u sure u dint read it properly..i thot u did! newas y u suddenly so scared f me callin wid ur REAL name?? security reasons hain toh lemme knw..k

  7. yeah sam...i so get jealous sometimes seeing my friends gettin back to their hometowns and hangin out wid chaddi friends...

  8. we look forward to meet you too.........nice post!!!!!!

  9. i've answered all ur questions alrdy .. and all misunderstandings have been sorted out too ...

    thanks a lot again for writin about me ... it feels really good to be written about :)

    i cherish those days too .. and yeah the headfone days too LOL ... was real fun then :( anyway ...

  10. o those chat room days :) I can rem I first started chatting on IndiaTimes ID was always Keshi...except when I played tricks on my friends LOL!

    o well we have all had our share of net crushes....this was a sweet story Wacko. I hope u meet her again some day. It shows how REAL emotions r, NET or NOT.


  11. HANG TEN! so that was Cheesy? LOL awwwwwwwww.....

    She's a ROCKER!

  12. oh ho ...""i’ve had some good and bad relationships ""

    Everybody will have exp in thr life .... Just move on babezzzz

    chalo hasoon aab aap :))