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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

me,myself and shooting star (Sushmita)

It was matter of chance that i came across this blog and was cool....i have been blogging for a year now and it was been an immensly enjoyable to share that excitement and joy with like minded souls is even more joyful.......

about me.....i am typical the extent i think myself as two persons..rather 3 since i started blogging........i love to travel..which is my passion in life.........and ............hope to enjoy a lot here.....!!!!!

10 things about me...

1. I love to travel

2. I am a vegetarian bengali

3. I always start reading newspapers,magazines from reverse (i.e. start from last page)

4. I wear green contact lenses(which scare the shit out of a lot of people..especially at nite!!!!)

5. I am obsessed with tattoos(currently got 3 tattoos and planning many more)

6. I love black metal/death metal music

7. I love to walk...and spend many a evenings walking in my beloved lodhi gardens

8. I hate egoists, find ego to be a malady.......and think all egoistic people should be sent to Indian Military Academy for treatment of the disease

9. I love bikes and biking....

10. I absolutely hate it when men get emotional......coz i think either they are fibbing or they are sissies when they do that...both of which are highly intolerable for me


  1. heyy welcome aboard girl... could i hitch a ride on a bike with u??? :D

    sounds fun :)

  2. hey sush:) welcome and verry interesting read here I must say...welll I guess that's coz the person writing this very interesting indeed!!

    a veggie fish ever??? wow!

    and besides the b'day we also have the luv of travel as a common factor!

    i read the supplements and then the main paper :)

    green...ohk...i can imagine how spooky they'd luk at nite! why green??

    tattoo's...alrite! we have rajbir (southpaw) here who has that cool lukin 'tiger" tattoo in his display pic...did u check that out? m wunderin wat urs luk like...!'s going to interesting to watch how we manage the b'day music dedications...considerin u luv black/death metal and i have limited knowledge of that genre!!! :P

    ahaa...lodhi gardens...i spent many mornings walking there when i lived that side of town. Haven;t been there in years now...

    ego is a malady .. I have to agree! effective is the IMA cure?? :D

    ok...i must've been on a bike like just thrice in my life so like messy here, i wanna ride on a bike wid u too!!

    ummm...errr....anyone getting emotional in extremes is a prob i guess but I'd say it's good if men are sensitive enough to understand women....which sadly...they rarely ever are ...

    lukin forward to reading more from u and hoping u get to make sum good frenz here...:)

  3. Welcome on board....another Jhansi ki Rani (after deepthi)...i like u mam...keep it up....have fun here and keep writing i would love to see ur post....

  4. ~*~ I hate egoists, find ego to be a malady ~*~

    Hey Sushmita I ditto that... nice post :) liked ur style and u r so candid dudette.

    Your name is so similar to mine and u share my best frnd's bday....deadly! LOL

  5. a bong who does not eat fish!!
    that is definately a "first" !!
    but frankly , with no offence meant, your pic makes me feel, you are just angry or something..
    coming to hit!!

    hee hee..
    Welcome !!
    Beet-ween friends!!
    dun hit me..

  6. Hey Sush :)) Welcome

    I absolutely hate it when men get emotional....hahah thats cool :))

    Ur Picture shows that ur not in a good mood!! huh Kisi ko marna hai tho let me know, Hum sab milke marenge :))

    Nice to know you more :))

  7. Hey..thanks all the people for their comments….i really feel I’ve been here long time…certainly not like a newcomer….well ill try to answer all ur queries at one go…
    First of all am not angry or anything ..its just the winter sun falling directly at my face...and my eyes are crinkling up…..why green eyes????? Well I always wanted/wished to have green hair and red eyes……since I wasn’t born with the next best thing..was to aquire them artificially...hehe….(and am happy to say now I do have green eyes and red hair)…my tattoos…I got one on my right shoulder blade which is of a the grim reaper..and two stars on my left ankle (just got them done last Sunday so they r still hurting…!!!!)..will sure post photos of them……my cure for Ego…well my brother is in IMA …and I have seen and heard the kind of things they make guys do there….its a sure cure……anyone with ego or for that matter anger management problems..will be thankful for all the things that life gets them thereafter…..and birthday dedications..anything by ozzy will do..he’s my GOD!!!!!!.....

  8. Hello Fellow gemini.:)

    ***I always start reading newspapers,magazines from reverse (i.e. start from last page)

    For some reason, i do that but not everytime though. Now i am trying to get in the habit of getting right to the front before the back side shows up.:)

    I found it fun actually . haha.


  9. sushmita...

    welcome aboard lady :)

    i too love tattoos but none on my body :D

  10. WC Sush! Love ur pic.

    Ur vegetarian? WOW I wonder how u do it. Gimme some tips cos I really am thinking abt being a Vegetarian....

    I dun mind guys being emotional but not overly. Also I dun like a guy who cant show emotions...those all too rough n tough kinda blokes. Cos I'd like to see that a guy can feel too.

    Great to get to know ya girl. Interesting list.


  11. hi Sushmita ^_~ welcome here.. u sounds interesting... hope to know u more!!

    see ya around!

  12. first off, welcome aboard...

    ***I always start reading newspapers,magazines from reverse (i.e. start from last page)

    even i read newspapers such way... :)