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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Kanda-Pohe & Engagements (Sudeep)

In Maharashtrian families generally when a boy goes to a girl’s house or vice-versa with a marriage proposal (yeah if you are into arranged marriages) the simplest food item prepared is kanda-pohe (literally onion-flattened rice flakes). I am trying to improve my cooking skills which were sadly limited to making tea/coffee and Maggi noodles (and an occasional pizza) so I learnt this simple and tasty dish some 2-3 weeks ago and have been preparing and eating this quite often as mom has gone out of town. So now having a command on preparing kanda-pohe I can start inviting girls over.. err I mean share the recipe with you ;). I have not put in the measurements coz really I don’t know the measurements of each ingredient. I just go on adding them till I smell, see or feel from heart that this is ok.. he he.

Ingredients: (Preparation might be for one person)
Medium sized onion – finely chopped
Poha – soaked
Small potato – minced
Mustard seeds, Cumin seeds, Turmeric powder, Salt & Curry leaves
Coriander leaves – garnishing
Curd (optional)

Put a small amount of oil into a kadai (wok) and let it heat for a while. I guess you know that the oil won’t get hot in the kadai by itself so you got to use it on a kitchen stove :P (I am not sure about making it in microwave). Once the oil gets heated put in the mustard seeds, cumin seeds, curry leaves, chopped onion and minced potato (this is generally not used but is my favourite) and stir until the onions are reddish-brown. Till that time the dry poha flakes should be soaked. Soaked term here is that you wet it well and drain off the water and not keep it soaked in water. Sprinkle turmeric powder on the poha and pour this in the kadai. Stir well after putting in salt (swadanusar :D) and let it cook for 5-6 minutes. Garnish it with chopped coriander leaves and serve hot with curd on it.

This is not my favourite recipe but the only one I know so it can be considered valid for the topic :). Today I learnt preparing aamras (if Keshi remembers I had promised to treat her this) so a few experiments on it and I might add another feather to my cap.. well dish to my list at least.

Sorry for not heeding to the 'x' posts a day rule. A very happy b'day in advance to Vipul and Royston.


  1. i love poha =) my mom makes amazing poha

  2. arrey wah!!
    kamaal hai!!

    Super kool
    EVen I love the dish..

    we do a modification of
    putting some "ALOO Bhujia"
    as topping
    mast che!!
    ho jata hai!!

  3. I think it's called Poha where I come from.. and boy I love to eat it for breakfast lunch & dinner.

    Hmmm another dish that goes into my list when I head home.

  4. so Sudeep ur planning to make this very soon? :)

    Been missin ya...


  5. Interesting. The picture does look appetizing.:)

    Does "Poha" means Rice?

    Thanks for sharing Sudeep.:)

    ~Jewel Rays

  6. OH MY GOD :) U can actually cook :) We all know what a great 'crook' you are:) and now a cook too :P
    nice...the recipe is perfect:)Pic looks good too:) must come over to try Kanda-pohe :)

  7. ... whoaa someone's cookin' and all??? awww!.... didn't know u can cook... ^_^ the only thing i know is that ur good in cookin' maggie hehehe ^_^ ... lol! dun kill me, just kiddin! :P

    ... but pic.looks yummy and preparin seems easy , will try it at home! thanx for sharin'! ^_~


  8. in bengal they call it chida pulao and mom wld make this for b'fast often....there is another variation she makes without haldi but with sliced onions, ginger and potatoes which is also yummm!

    Thank you Sudeep:) for getting back here and posting it!:)