This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Monday, April 2, 2007

messy is here!!! (Neha)

yeah right... im here (thanx to ishi)... n here to stay... new horizons to achieve... new friends to make... new people to blabber with... new hearts to break (winks).... so here i am...

this is me... totally faltu... i don't work... i don't earn my bread and butter... i blow up money... i shop... i blog... i chat... i eat... i drink (sometimes)... i smile... i laugh... i sing... i dance... and the best part... i love to hassle my husband... (he's given up on me after almost 6 yrs of marriage... lol)


and then if u ask me, "hey neha whats up?"
my standard answer would be, "oh crap! im so busy! no time!"

so what do i do all day??

nothing much!

i cook... i look after my home... i blog... i teach (it's more of a hobby than a profession)... and just throw my attitude on anyone and everyone... (hubby darling inclusive)

so thats not really much that i do... but yeah i still don't have time... sigh!

now for those who don't know much about me...

name : neha
age : 31
education : commerce graduate
city : mumbai
people call me : messy (short for my nik mesmerising-eyes)
'between us friends' blogger i have met personally : arz000n, mala, uttara, puneet
those i want to meet : keshi (im coming to sydney someday girl!) and ishi (missed meeting her the last time she was here!)

my latest funda in life : no one's a virgin in this world... coz life f**ks us all! (very inspirational... makes me smile and go on with the crap life throws at me!)

ps: this pic was taken when fairy was in town... at mochas... the reason why i have put this picture up is coz of arz000n... he hasn't clicked my pic... he was focusing on me with the intention of clicking the pic of the guy behind me... reason??... oh naah don't u get the wrong idea!!... the only reason was that he thought the guy was a terrorist or a kidnapper coz he was staring at all of us for half an hour without blinking!... good job arz000n... so if any of us is ever kidnapped u guys know who to look for!!

laterzzzz all!!


  1. Hi :) and welcome neha! :)...

    I hope u enjoy blogging here and get to share sum memorable times with us all:)

    Looking forward to ur posts...and esp. getting to know ur "dating fundas" :P .... :)

    cute pic!

    u and i have a lot in common and by that i am referring to the second para of ur intro :P hehe

    keep blogging here...enjoy!

  2. hello hai, Neha!

    and welcome bhi hai! :)

  3. Hey... welcome on board and hope you have a pleasant stay :P

    Oh and you sure you're 31??

  4. Hello There..

    Welcome..Nice pic for sure..:)


  5. hey welcome :) and yea, are u sure you are 31?:)

  6. *ishi

    welcome to the group of housewives who dont work.. heheh.. n ty for the warm welcome


    hey ty for the welcome... liked ur pic there :).. grooving haan..

    *Mr j

    oh thank you for the wishes... n yeah i guess i shud b 31 as my mom told me i was born in 1976 :p

    *jewel rays

    thank you jewel... :)


    thank u to u too... n yeah im 31... n tell u what.. its good no ones yet asked if the pic was clicked some yrs back.. id have been heart broken... heheh

  7. welcome messy ;)) and thats a cute pic, you dont look like 31 may be 25 or 26.

    Keep smilings :))

  8. hello Neha ^_^ welcome dear.... and yeah i'm also one of ** the group of housewives who dont work ..** but still i'm busy hehe... ^_~

    ... lookin' forward to know u more!


  9. welcome to the club....

  10. a ha..
    look who is here?
    weby lady! :)


  11. aila..aap kab aaye :D
    ab aa hi gayein hain toh bethiye...paani shaani peejeye

  12. read the blog guyz... take my words..... she is always busy... lol......... ;)

    hey wonder lady... wasssup

  13. U look GORGEOUS! WC m000nie I missed u here...HUGGGGGGGGGGZ!


  14. Hi! Messy,

    Came upon your friendly neighbourhood blog by accident and was quiet hooked to the idea of a single blog shared by so many.

    Beautiful thing guys keep at it.

    The reason am writing to you is I saw in your last post a mention of Matheran am planning to go there ideally visit the Verandha (Neemrana Properties) any suggestions on other places and things to do?
    Am new to mumbai so havent got many people to ask for advice.

    Hope you revert,

  15. @ pinku.. hi and thanks for visiting the blog:)...messy's on a trip to matheran for a couple of days but m sure when she gets back, she'll help u out wid what u wanted to know:)!

  16. hi neha,
    i get the feeling of not havng enuf time too.. even though i am not working he he.. n hey ur lifes funda is super cool.. ;) n nice pic..

  17. nce pic, nice intro.. short and crisp!! i lyk dat..... and i def agree wid ur funda...
    btw, which mocha was it??