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Monday, July 14, 2008

10 things I'd like to do in this lifetime: AmitL

Hi,all. A very cheerful week to everyone!!
This is a 'June topic' which only Mich touched upon last month,and very nicely,too!I hope everyone read it. (Though, I see only a few comments)
It’s a topic I did want to write about. After all, wish lists are always nice, na? Of course, I’m not too much into the ‘Moh Maaya’(materialistic things) kind of stuff, so, let’s see how many I can think of. (They are not in 1 to 10 order)

(1)Attend a Filmfare awards nite. Only the front row seats, please, so that I get the best view. Take this time, with SRK and Saif as the comperes. Both these stars are always hilarious , especially this time, with their take in blue towels, on ‘piya piya oh piya piya’. Also lively are the dance performances, every year. Now, this one shouldn’t be too difficult to attend, as long as I’m earning in Dubai dirhams, should it? (I mean, the *into 12* phenomenon is always nice, when worked the other way round, na?like, 12000 Rs is just 1000 Dirhams.LOL)

(2)Have my own successfully running bookshop, a la Crossword. Sheer bliss. No more headaches of the Contracting line. I’d, of course, probably be the highest spender at the shop every month.

(3)Visit Holland again, in the Oct- Dec period, which, I feel is the best travel period. ( I didn’t mention Matheran and Kodaikanal, my other two favourite places, since I know I’ll visit them, sooner or later)

(4)Write a novel about a blogger(But,of course!!), with Amrita and Keshi being assistant ghost-writers. *Sudden brilliant idea*-We’ll compile a lot of it from Keshi’s blog and the zillion comments which appear there. If Keshi doesn't mind, of course.(Would you mind,Keshi??)

(5)Compile a joke book and see if I can find a publisher who’d stop laughing after reading the first few pages. (Perhaps that’s why I’ve been adding on to my jokes blog since ages)

(6)Go ‘Around the world in 8(0) days.

(7)Meet Kitu Gidwani(Those who don’t know the lil lady, kindly go to google images)

(8)Meet members of the BUF team, preferably at a BUF Meet where everyone’s present, or, individually,like, Ishi in Delhi,Keshi in Australia,Amrita in NY/Nasik,Sam in Pune(Am I right, Sam?), coz I doubt that we all could congregate together at one place at the same time.

(9)Travel on a private jet, just to see what personalized service is all about.

(10)Spend my last moments lying down with a serene smile on my face, contented that I’ve seen what I wanted to see, I’ve done what I wanted to do.*wink wink- please don’t ask ‘what’?*.

Whew-that was tougher than I thought!!!


  1. lolnice list there....and i hope everyone has smile on their face :)

  2. I have so many questions for you after reading this post! Why Kitu Gidwani!!? And are you sure it takes only a 1000 Dirhams to get a seat among the stars? What are you waiting for? Oh yeah write a book on me or Keshi :D And the wish about a Crossword, waah, aapne toh mere muh ki baat cheen lee!!

  3. Hi,Vishesh,tks..yep,even I hope everyone has a smile on their faces.

  4. Hi, many need part 2 of the post,I think.

    Why KG?Well...will answer that some other day.
    Arre,1000 dirhams kam hain kya?

    Book:-I meant,write a book with you and Keshi..not 'on'you or Keshi.:)

    Crossword: So,how about a joint venture??:)