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Friday, June 27, 2008

10 Things I'd Like To Do In This Lifetime (Michelle)

Wow.So many BUF-ers born in June! Hope all you guys had amazing birthdays!

Anyway, 10 is too small a number to compress the stuff I want to do in this lifetime.Then again, 100 is too big a number :P

1. Steal all of Sarah Jessica Parker's clothes and shoes

I will not rest till i own either more or all of the clothes she does because having that much of amazing fashion in one wardrobe is just not fair to the world!

2. Have photographer Nigel Barker click my pictures

He could make a monkey with constipation look gorgeous! It would be the best day of my life if he made me do all kinds of things with 'props' and used all those amazing effects! :D

3. Do all the possible adventure sports

Bunjee jumping, white water rafting, skiing, scuba diving etc etc.Hopefully come out alive though.

4. Run the amazing race!!

That would be a total rush!! Taking in the customs and culture of soo many countries whilst managing a tight budget is something I really need!

5. Own a Porsche, Lexus, Mercedes and customise it to being SUPER GIRLY!! Interiors et al!

6. Act in an action comedy and kick the bad guys' asses :P

This was inspired by watching 'Get Smart' and seeing Anne Hathaway in super ass kicking mode and looking hot at the same time! I know that would never happen in real life cause there would be a bullet hole in my Burberry trench coat.

7. Meet Russel Peters

Just to tell him that even though his jokes slay me, he needs to come up with more cause listening to the same stuff gets a little annoying

8. To be able to finish a big Burger King burger! :P

Till date I have never been able to finish one entirely

9. Buy my Mom a house

Dont go 'aww' cause I know right now our house is a compilation of all family members' ideas and my mom hasn't got her way with everything :P so I would like to buy one for her so that she can decorate it as she pleases ;-)

10. Headbutt Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt

We don't need more posers.


  1. Hi Keshi,really interesting to read your 10 wishes:))))))))

    thanks for dropping by:)

  2. headbutt heidi ahaha!so are you on LC's side...what do u think of, do u think the hills sis a reality show in the most part?as obviously some mments may be a little discussed before hand what's your take?

  3. hey keshi!
    hope ur wishes cum true
    but yes let dere b sumthin left so dat u can again chase ur wishes
    life bcums saturated sumtimes wen we hav evrytihin!!

    al d bst

  4. ok, people...this is michelle's post not keshi's :) but i am honoured to sound like her :P :P

  5. How come everyone's calling u Keshi? LOL!

    ppl this is MICHELLE's post!!

    And Michi u forgot to wish me on my bday...yes Im mad abt it. LOL!


  6. Cute list Michi.

    U dun hv to steal SJP's clothes n shoes...when u work some day, buy em urself. :) HUGZ!


  7. well.. i can reason dat out maybe..
    if anyone has noticed.. michelle and keshi do have a facial resemblance.. and do a great extent behavorial.. its like siblings separated by a few years!! or was i hallucianting?? :O
    good list mich!!
    in case you own those cars.. will you let me test drive them??? please!!!!

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  9. wow cool list....i had one in common meetin rusell petrs..that guy is totally cool..:)


  10. Hi,Mich-that's one neat list..especially the 'buy my Mom a house' and doing all adventure sports..whew..I'm sure at least half of these will be achievable by you..hope to read about it from you in BUF,maybe 10 years later?:)

  11. keshi,

    if i have a gazillion dollars someday i totally will...hehe and i DID SEND U AN E CARD!!! :( :( din u get it on ur hotmail?


    haha sam, ur the second person t say tht...uttara told me tht on facebook too...but i told her tht im much more of a drama queen... :P and if i do have the money to buy those cars someday, ill gladly gift u one :P


    wow! he he id love to meet him some day!


    hopefully 5 ;) :) :)

  12. nope i didnt get it :( awww...

    But tnxx Michi HUGZ!


  13. "Have photographer Nigel Barker click my pictures"

    interesting :)

  14. keshi,

    ok my net sucks!!!


    lol...wud be more interesting if u were frnds wit him!! :P