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Sunday, May 18, 2008


The first thoughts that come to my mind, when I see the word 'Race':

Life in this world. It’s a race. A mad race. It reminds me of the craziness depicted in ‘It’s a mad, mad,mad, mad world’ , where people go nuts trying to outsmart each other, in the belief that they are going to be the only ones to unearth a hidden treasure trove of USD 350,000/-. (Should I have said ‘Cash’, to cover the other topic?*muses*)

Isn’t it the same situation wherever you turn? Someone’s hurrying down the street, late for an appointment, someone else is shouting down the cell-phone at his subordinate, someone else is rushing to keep an appointment with his GF(Or, the other way round), someone doesn’t know why he’s rushing but, he keeps glancing at his watch to show how busy he is.. ..everyone's part of a race.

Forget that, even when people are out for their morning walk/jog, they have to act like they're in a race. At 6 AM, they carry their cellphones with them, they run for some time, then they keep staring at them every 10 minutes as if the phone's gone mad. The most unique,of course, was the guy standing outside a cafeteria,a cuppa tea in one hand,a banana in another and a ciggie in his mouth. And,trying to finish all three together. Hope he succeeded in his race.
So, who do we all participate in this mad race which ultimately leads to nowhere?(From ashes to ashes, dust to dust, as the saying goes). Khaali Haath aaye the hum, khaali haath jaayenge hum, as the song goes.(We came empty-handed,we will go empty-handed..translated for Keshi's benefit)? Perhaps it's our forever competitive natures,perhaps it's the challenge of taking part and coming first in the race,or,perhaps it's just the 'bhed chaal'(herd mentality)-everyone's racing,so let me also race,why should I be left behind?

The way some people are constantly in a 'state of race', though, does make me feel sure that they’re sure that they will be taking all their valuables with them, when they 'race up to God'. So, they’re busy bargaining to the point where the trader says his chaddi-baniyaan is also gone and he cannot discount any further, they’re busy fighting with the rickshawalla for charging a rupee extra, they’re taking change back from the beggars bowl in a hurry, since they do not want to be so compassionate.
Perhaps what they say in the first lines of title song of our very own Bollywood movie, Race, says it all ?It goes:
Race Saanson ki (Race of the breath)
Race chahat ki (Race of liking)
Race Dhadkan ki (Race of heartbeats)
My heart is racing on!
(Sounds really funny,when translated,na?)
Till part II of this post,it's Byeeee!


  1. yeah we r all in a constant RACE. Nicely put Amit :)


  2. oh we all race....
    i mena, take a look... people are racing against time, for what they want. they want it all... and are racing along as fast as they can lest they lose out on what they want!!
    its maddening!!! and but then one's gotta play teh game!!

  3. forgot ppl refreshing their blog every five minutes to check the hits :P

    ya people keep racing that the human race might get erased..

  4. Hi,Keshi...constant race-what a nice figure of speech that is!!Tks.
    Hi,Sam...yeh,finally,I guess we all take part,willingly or unwillingly,in the race.
    LOL...Vishesh,that's a good point.:)
    Twisting the word a bit,I'd say,the human race might get 'e'raced'

  5. long live bollywood ;) i love that song :D

  6. Hi,Red..same here...I luv the song too.A very lively beat and lyrics.:)

  7. complete the remainder of the song amit. that would be funner. ;)

  8. LOL...Jitendra-I'll leave you to do the honours-your post on the topic is pending,after all.:)