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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Moliere (2007) Movie review by Red Soul

I just saw Moliere (2007). Didn't know it was a French movie.. I was expecting English dubbing at least. This was my second French pick-up after La Dolce Vita, which was also picked up by mistake. I didnt finish watching La Dolce.. but I enjoyed Moliere, even in French. Well I did have english subtitles.

I always wanted to read the French playwright's other works after I studied his "The Misanthrope" in my Art of Drama class. He wrote comedies and farces. In this movie, he wants to write a tragedy, but the strange events lead up the way how Moliere became what he became, the master at comedy!
The plot is a fictional account of his disappearance for a while from the public society. The time when he was away from his acting troupe, is what is the movie about. He meets people who later form characters in his plays. The movie is filled with sweet dialogue, picturesque scenes, and sensible acting. My favorite part was when Moliere, played by Romain Duris, acts out three different horses to teach acting. He says "acting is more about feeling than appearances" to teach a very shallow guy Mr. Jordain. This Mr. Jordain is so awkward, totally tactless. Even the villain was great.

I totally loved watching it. Couldn't help myself but watch the making of it too on DVD. Makes me want to learn french right now so that I wont have to rely on subtitles for other such movies.


  1. I said it once,I'll say it again,Amrita-you write lovely,precise reviews..I'm sure I'll see Moliere,sooner or later...perhaps in Baroda,if it's available there.Tks !!

    When you want to begin French,let me know-I'd like to learn it,too!:)

  2. i love french...know quite a bit...maybe i should get hold of this movie...sounds interesting!

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  4. saw the movie after reading this post!!! it is a nice one!!

    keep posting :)

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  6. nefarious outlook, glad you liked the movie. :) n u saw it after reading my review! How cute :)