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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Anniversary Joy (Ishita)

Happy Anniversary Amit & Arti

8th Dec

"Your anniversary is a time
For sharing your affection;
It’s obvious the two of you
Have quite a deep connection!

We send glad congratulations
And heartfelt wishes, too,
For joyful happiness and love
In everything you do."

By Joanna Fuchs

Ps: I'm really sorry I missed this Amit! :( ... I misplaced the anniversaries/b'day list but I hope you and Arti had a beautiful day :) and have many more lovely years of togetherness!!


  1. :O I didnt have an idea that Amit was married!!

    oh btw .. happy belated anniversary! Hope u guys rocked it! So how many yrs?

  2. Same here Cheesy. I didnt know Amit was married?

    Amit u never told us anything abt ur come? :)



  3. Happy anniversary...:)God bless u both...:)

  4. Belated Wishes Amit! And all the lovely ladies are complaining you never told them. Magic haan?

  5. Hi,Ishi-thanks so much for the dedication.Yes,the day went off nicely,particularly since we were together on this day for the first time after year 2001.:)(Will explain that in a post,shortly)

  6. Hi,Loon Gal-well,that's me-always full of surprises..haha(Or,should I say ho ho,in keeping with the spirit of the season?)

    Tks for the wishes.As for how many years,take a guess??

  7. Hi,Keshi,yep,surprise,surprise.:)Why I didn't write about wifey?Err,well,err,....*muses,thinking up suitable excuses*.:)

  8. Hi,Jyoti..tks for the wishes.:)

  9. Hi,Aakash..tks for the wishes..a big smile at the *magic haan* comment.:)

  10. Amit no excuses at all :) I was truly surprised that all the while I was thinking u were single. Not that it matters, but it's strange that u NEVER mentioned her. Any reasons? U dun hv to ans if u dun wanna. If I sound like Im too demanding with qns abt ur personal life, just ignore me ok :) and Im sorry.


  11. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY AMIT SIRJI... Hope you had a wonderful time...

    Waise surprise package kaafi stunning hai.. lol

    See you got 2 girls already wondering why they were'nt told u r married...

    *** TOD DIYA DIL *** haha...

    Congrats anyways buddy.. how many years of struggle has it been :)


  12. LOL darsh its not that its a crime not to reveal ur marital status. Was just a big surprise to me..thats all hehe.

    Maybe others knew it and its only me and Cheesy who didnt know :)


  13. Hi,Keshi..LOL..I just knew people'd be surprised-that's why,on the spur of the moment,I sent wife's name to Ishi.

    I've been wondering,also,why I never mentioned wifey earlier-it's probably coz I always treated my writing hobby as something only I can understand..she's not much into net-surfing or blogging.:)

    But,yes,a post's coming up shortly...wait for it-perhaps later in the day today.:)

  14. LOL...Darsh,yes,we had a nice time,especially since it was the first time we were together on this day,since 2001.:)

    How many years of struggle??hahaha..keep guessing.

  15. Haha..Keshi..yep,it's not a crime..and,let me put it this way-you and Loon Gal were probably the first bloggers(From those I've not met yet),after Ishi to know about this...err,does this make my 'trouble' lesser?:)

  16. where in the world is ur wife rite now? in India? wow! And how long were ya married for? And who is she? And can I see a pic of her? Does she hv a blog? Does she read ur blog? Does she know me?

    LOL Im such a curious female poodle!


  17. Congrats Amit!!!
    Hmmm... playing secrets here??? :D
    Rock on you two!!!

    @Keshi: phew!!! so many questions??? are u sure u a techie and not a cop??? :P

  18. LOL Sam I got Cop-blood in dad was a Police officer. U tracked that well! :)


  19. And Im a sniffer-dog sometimes :):)


  20. ROFL..Keshi,I feel like I'm in an interrogation room at police HQ..well,let's see your questions,now:

    Q: where in the world is ur wife rite now? in India? wow!
    A: No,in Dubai,since April

    Q: And how long were ya married for?
    A: Answer will come some other day.

    Q:And who is she?
    A:Question not clear.:)

    Q:And can I see a pic of her?
    Will email you,one of these days.:)

    Q: Does she hv a blog?
    A: No.

    Q:Does she read ur blog?
    A: No.She's not in love with the net like I am,yet.

    Q:Does she know me?
    A: No,not yet.But,a few more questions like these,and,she might,if I show the questions.*winks*.

    Q:LOL Im such a curious female poodle!
    A: Yes,that's why u're so cute...err,that wasn't a question,I guess.

  21. Hi,Sam..tks...:)what secrets??LOL.

  22. LOL..Keshi-yes,you are a good sniffer-can sniff out mysteries easily.*smiles*

  23. tnxx Amit :)

    but one more!

    why didnt u tell us abt her b4?


  24. Hi, reason,as I said..I just never thought of mentioning my family in my posts,till now.But,now that I did,I see some interesting posts coming up..haha.:)

  25. k no worries Amit. :) tnxx and Im sorry if this sounded like a criminal inquiry LOL!


  26. worries,Keshi-I was just kidding-it was fun answering your queries.:)